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Thank you both for the CD and card! I really mean it, the gift made me smile so much.

Thank you so much for your generous [20% Christmas] sale and high quality products for reasonable
prices. I’ve placed a [plushie] order with you almost every year since I found you several
years ago. Thank you and I look forward to seeing the results.
~ John B.


'Hey Setsuna!I got the costume, and it looks EXCELLENT! Thank you so much for all your work! I will be sure to send you a photo after the convention :) 
Hiya!  Hope all is well with you! Just wanted to let you know that Rob got the [Marty McFly] jacket yesterday.  Unfortunately... we broke up..  but, he still loves it a lot.  So thank you so much for your hard work.  He appreciates it. Hopefully one day I'll be able to commission you for another cosplay of my own again<3'
~Amanda R

'And yes, I did get a chance to look at the [Sesshoumaru, Rin, Seto, Mokuba] dolls that were sent!! :D Absolutely GORGEOUS, all of them!! I was honestly just staring at the craftsmanship of all of them for such a long time, all the gorgeous little details and everything, so amazing looking! *___* I am so happy with them! :D Everything down to Sesshoumaru's tiny claws is done with such precision and is so perfect! Uwahhh, just...words cannot express!'

'Yay, they came today!! :D You know that feeling when you're smiling so much you must look stupid but you can't stop? X3 That was totally and completely me! Oh my gosh, Setsuna they [Basara 4 doll 12" set] came out AMAZING!! *________* I can't even begin to tell you how incredible everything is!! Uwaaahhh SO GOOD!! I just...I genuinely do not have the words. They all came packed nice and tight, though I am going to have to ask you what hair colours you used so I can order some more. ^^ (Yukimura and the rest because I just like the colours XD) but Masamune seems to have had a minor accident! His head fell off (that sounds so strange ^^;; ) and I guess his helmet clipped/grabbed/sawed at his hair or something but a few plugs were kind of...sheared off? (Hard to explain and I tried to take a picture with my crappy camera to no avail!) So I need to place an order for some hair anyway so I figured I would just replace the plugs that got damaged since I'm buying a variety of brown/red hair anyway. :3 That was the only accident! (Well, that and Kojuurou's knee popped out but I fixed that right quick. XD) They are so amazing, I just...I cannot BEGIN to tell you how happy I am. <333 I am so, SO incredibly happy with them, you have no idea Setsuna!! :D I am just super in awe at everything, the craftsmanship, just....ahh, all of it is so awesome! So much love!'

'Just wanted to let you know that I received my Drizzt plush last week and he is perfect. Thank you so much. I hope you commission you again in the future.'
~Cassi S

`Good evening!I received the [Kamiya 7"] plushie an it's in great condition! Thank you so much! You guys are the best! My friend is going to love this when I give it to her :) ~Trisha G.'Hey Setsuna! I got the [Starman] costume, and it looks EXCELLENT! Thank you so much for all your work! I will be sure to send you a photo after the convention :)'
~Tabitha R.
'Hi Setsuna, I just wanted to write to you and tell you that I received the [ChibiUsa] costume.. and my heart is OVERFLOWING with joy. 
It is SO perfect. You have no idea how much I love it -- you helped make a dream come true for me! I actually got emotional opening the box and put it on immediately. Thank you, thank you, thank you and thank you. Also I didn't expect to get her cute little earrings but they made my WHOLE day. Now I just need to figure out a way to make her cute little socks and it will be perfect! You are incredible. Blessings to you.
~Ashley N  PS. I will be doing a few photoshoots the con weekend and everyone has been super complimentary on the costume!!! < If you wanted to see it all together. YOU ARE THE BEST. ::hugs:: 

'THANK YOU ONCE AGAIN! They [plushies] came in the mail yesterday,and the looked amazing! Thank you once again, I'm very happy on how they looked. You did a awesome job as usual.'
~Sincerely,William John H.

'Hello! It's Shannon again. I wanted to show you pictures of the beautiful Sailor Venus costume you made for my niece. It was a really hard and long wait but she absolutely loved it! Thank you so very much!!!! Y'all made her birthday super special!'
~Shannon H.

'Hello Setsuna,
[Prince] Diamond [7" Plush] just came in the mail.  He is in perfect shape and I love adorable little him so much! Thank you so much for making him! :D'
~Cheryl S.

'Hello,We love Jenny [the Robot 15" Plush]and I just wanted to let you know I have praised your work on my local fb!Thank you,'
~ Dagmara O.

'I wanted to let you know that I received the package today. The [3 11" Fan Chara] dolls are absolutely wonderful. Thank you so very much. :D I may have another request in the near future.'
~Matsuri H.

'Hello, I am very happy with my YuGi [5' Poseable plush].  I have one concern.  I would like to pose him in a seated position.   I tried to move his knee joint on the his left side and was not able to get  the joint to move. Is there a trick to adjusting his joints?   If posible Can you send a picture of the skeleton so I can see how the joints are able to move?'

' Hello Setsuna, I wanted to let you know that I received my [Corpse Bride] costume today and it is amazing as always.  The detail and craftsmanship is out of this world.  I actually didn't know you were sending stockings with half a skeleton leg so that was a great surprise.  The only thing that did not come was the white heels.  I'm not sure if I misunderstood and maybe you weren't making them.  I just wanted to double check.  I'm completely happy with the order.  I just wanted to check on that one thing.  Thank you so much again!  Oh, and one last thing.  I have a huge Halloween party that I am going to this weekend with a contest and I am very excited that I will get to wear my costume to the party.  Thank you for having it arrive earlier than I anticipated!'
<3 -Michelle M.

'Dear Setsuna, Thank you SO MUCH for making this beautiful [SeraMyu Eternal Sailor Moon] costume!! It fits like a glove and looks just as amazing in person as in your pics!!! :) I did have one question though, it appears that the wings rolled up while in the box and I was wondering what the best approach would be to straighten then out again. Thank you :)'
~Sincerely, Rosemari M
'Dear Setsuna,I just realized that I never sent any pictures of me sporting your magnificent [SeraMyu] Eternal Sailor Moon costume on Halloween. I apologize for the delay :) The costume was a huge hit!! Thank you again for creating such a beautiful outfit!!! :D'
Sincerely, Rosemari M.

Cheryl S.




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