Some customer comments from June 2004 - April 2005


"Hi there, I know you probably won't remember me but a while ago you made me some costumes - Squall Leonhart, Inuyasha and Aya Fujimiya's coat. First of all, I just want to tell you that they all went down a treat at the con. Everyone loved them. Especially Aya *sweatdrop* I got glomped by so many fangirls walking around as him I could barely walk three feet without someone attacking me or taking my photo. Eep ^__^ Anywho, since you did such a nice job with those costumes, I was wondering if you could help me with something else now... PS: I've been back to look at the site again and I'm very impressed with how your collection of costumes is growing so quickly. And they never lack in quality either! Who says quality and quantity can't come at the same time? They obviously never met you ^^"
~Ryuen N.

"[Edward Elric costume was] So awesome! Thanks very much. The X-men books were so sweet XD"
~Kathryn C.

"Hey Chloe,
Sorry I didn't get back to you sooner. I received the [Frodo Baggins] Party outfit on time and it was GORGEOUS! Thank you soooooooooo much for your time and effort! It was a true hit at the con! I'm sending you a pic of me"
~Freya aka Alison C.

"Hello Setsunakou!  =)
I recieved Hiten [11" VOLKS of Japan Doll] in the mail today, he's perfect, I luv him!  =)  Thank you so much!  I'll definetly buy dolls from you in the future.  Thanks again!  Take care!  =)   hugs"
~Cassie H.

"Hi there! I just wanted you to know I got my [Super Saiyan Goku] costume yesterday and it looks
really nice. Thanks for all the hard work."
~Ben W.

I just wanted to tell you I received the mercury [11" VOLKS of Japan] doll.  Hehehee. She is
soooo kawaii!!!! Tanya's going to flip. ^_^ Arigatou"
~Kelly P.

"AHHHH! I love him!! [Star Healer 11" VOLKS of Japan Doll] Thank you ::huggs:: I got him on Friday but I wanted to tell you online in person but you werent online all weekend so I will have to email you!  ^_^ SOOO cute!! thank you!!!  I am getting closer to an entire set of Volks dolls. "
~Tanya N.

"i did indeed get the present [Psylocke 7" UFO Plushie], and i LOVE IT SO MUCH! lol. i seriously am contemplating asking you guys to commission so many wonderful dollies for me because they just keep getting better and better. i adore psylocke, and she's sitting with dai!seiya and dai!noelle in my curio case downstairs. i should take a picture for you guys sometime!   i hope everything is well with you two. take care, and speak to you soon!"  
~ Diana K.

"Wow, that's great.  I'll try and pick it [Willie Wonka costume] up Monday and let you know
what I think then, but it looks great in the pictures.  Thanks so much
for doing this.  If I ever need anything like this again I'll definately
come to you.  I'm very impressed with the quality and speed of service
from you. Thanks again"
~Andrew D.

"I wanted to write and thank you for the great job you did on the [Willie Wonka] coat.
 It's exactly the way I hoped it would be."
~Andrew D.

"Wow, thank you both so much!! :) I love everything! My jaw dropped
when I saw the brides! They're gorgeous! [Marishka & Aleera 11" Volks of Japan Dolls] The [Kamui] costume fits great! I'll be sure to get lots of pictures from the convention! You should really consider touring to the different conventions and get a booth there! Its a great way to make some good money. :) I wish you were coming to Anime Boston. That would be too cool!! Keep checking my website for updates! I'm already gathering another round of "dolls I want" but I'm so fussy because I want everything. LOL I have to narrow
it down a bit. ^_^;;; Thanks again!"

"Wai!! Arigato!!  If you would like to post them [Utena Cosplay photos] on the site you may...what ever you'd like ^^ I do have the Utena [Costume] ones in!  and it's all thanks to you!
~Yuki F.

"I just recently looked at all of your FFX dolls and OH MY GOD, they were absolutely stunning. I was blown away at how intricately done the clothing on the dolls was, especially Yuna and Tidus! The patterns and everything!"
~Tiffanee N.

"Oh my god......!!!!! Those pictures were wonderful! This [Cain 11" from Nightwalker] doll you've made for me has to be the most impressive doll I've seen out of your entire collection! I am like totally speechless! The eyes and everything are PERFECT!!! I nearly died when I opened them. I sent the other email before I actually looked in case I was going to be booted offline! Oh my god!!!! It's just so beautiful!!!!! You both should put him in your miscalleneous dolls section. I bet other NightWaker fans might see it and want one, too?? Thanks sooooo much!"
~Tiffanee N. 

"Yes I am completely and so much more than merely impressed with the doll [Cain 11" VOLKS of Japan]. I would definitely refer you to anyone who wants a specialty doll. I almost cried. The clothing, the eyes the hair, it's all so perfect. This doll is going to be very special to me. I cannot thank you enough for it. I will email you immediately after receiving him."
~Tiffannee N.

">Thanks very much ^^ I actually called my aunt back home yesterday, who
lives down the street from me, and she said she has a package there for me and
the size sounds right so that'll be it. Looking forward to getting home to try it [Aya Fujimaya Costume] out. If it's even half as good as your previous work, it'll be great ^_^ Thanks again!"
~Ryuen N.

"Hello :) Thank you so much for doing the [Eternal Sailor Moon] costume.  It arrived last week.  I am sorry I did not contact you sooner, but I have been working on another costume for myself for Otakon.  It is taking forever, but I am so happy with the way it came out.  Anyway, thank you for everything. Maybe see you at Otakon!   Thanks"

"Hi there. sorry i took so long to reply ( had some computer trouble) but I did receive the [Battle Sango] costume. I love it! Thanks again!"
~ Porsha W.

"I am so sorry I had not responded to you sooner.  First it was a busy work schedule and then my computer crashed.  Better late than never huh?   I wanted to thank you so much for the fine detail of the [Utena Manga School Uniform] costume.  It is gorgeous.  The buttons alone got me excited!  You put real dedication into your work.  I love it.  Thank you so very much for your time and effort.  It was worth every penny.  I will definitely keep you in mind for my next cosplay!"
~ Samantha

"Greetings. I have received the [Naal Suul] plushie, she is quite cute. Thank you very much for
it, she can now throne with the 4 others."

"Evening Setsuna Chan! Me again...I got my package! You're right! Ichabod and Daniel [plushies] came out
PERFECT! ^_^ I love them so much, and Daniel has so many accessories, he'sso fun to play with...I think he's missing a patch, though. Yes, so I'm in love with my new little problem...Cat's [11" VOLKS of Japan Catalina doll] head was off her body when she arrived. I'm not quite sure I can put it back on. Um, can I send her back to you if I can't? To put her head back on? I'm already planning my next order, though I thought I had convinced myself to wait a while...few plushies I REALLY want. Hope you're doing well! I'll probably be writing again soon.
Hugs and Love^_~"
~Elaine H.

"I just thought I'd let you know, I recieved my [fan character plush] order today and am very
pleased with it. My thanks to you for a quality order and a great service.
Thanks again and good luck on your other orders."
~Duncan S.

"Anime Expo was a blast and your [Tea Gardner & Serenity Wheeler] costumes and [Plushie Yugioh & Plushie Joey & Plushie Tristan as Monkey Robot] dolls were a hit! ^_^
> Thank you sooooooooo much for making all the costumes and dolls for us!
You did such a wonderful job and we had a great time being the characters for
anime expo! As requested, here are some pictures of us for you.  Thank you again and
we look forward to doing more business with you in the future! Doomo arigatoo!!"
~Merry and Jill M. ^_^

"Chloe-san! You made my day! No week! I found it in the mail today! The [Tifa Advent Children Movie] costume! (<--- is very excited) I tried it on and it's fantastic! How did you make this so quickly!?     Thank you many times over for making this costume for me. ^_^ God bless!"
~Dara P.

"heya! Quick response! Sweet!  -- LOL, but you didn't tell me how you
managed to make it so quickly. ^_^ My mom liked it, btw. She was impressed
by the accuracy (I printed out some of the pictures I sent you for the
pricing for her to see) and said to thank you for making the [Tifa Advent Children Movie] costume. ^_^
Not that I needed to be told that. hehe About the picture I sent.... you can use it if you wish. ^_^;; Or I
can send you a different one if you want. I am willing to go with whatever you would like though. I owe you for the fantastic costume!!!!! Take care and thank you again! God Bless!"
~Dara P.

"We received the [Zidane Tribal] costume and she was thrilled! Thank you soooooooo incredibly much!"

"My [Thief Rikku] costume arrived today and it is MAGNIFICENT ======= again thank you so much for accommodating me.  I am just thrilled."
~Christine L.

"Hi! The Kumagoro [12" Poseable] plush arrived today ^--------------^ He is so cute! Thank you very much for taking the time to make him. I'm in love *_* Hope to do business with you again in the future! You are very talented!"

"I got my Cloud [Movie 12"] Plush. Wow! like always you guys rock! Will order from you again soon.   Thank You"
~Jennifer S.

"I just thought that I should tell you that the [Sailor Moon] wig came yesterday - much to my surprize since you told me it would not be here by Halloween. So arigatou gozaimasu!"
~Katherine F.

"Hey! I was planning on e-mailing you last week.  Not even a day after I e-mailed you the [J Rock Makoto 7"] plushie came in the mail.  How ironic, ne?  Thanks for responding back anyway.  You always do such nice work and I'm never disappointed.  Thanks again."
~Michele L.

"Hi SetsunaKou ^^ san. We received the Link costume in plenty of time to fully enjoy it.  Our grandson put in on immediately and got a great deal of pleasure from playing the character.  He won first prize for boy's best costume at a pre Halloween party.  It fits well and he wears it often.   Thanks for your quick response and quality product."
~Brian M.

"Hi!   I just received word from my friend, Jarvie, that the Sailor Mars Costume package has already arrived (today - November 19, 2004). Wow! I didn't expect it to be that fast, and according to Jarvie, in very excellent quality. You don't know how much it means to us, and for that we'd like to extend our deepest gratitude towards your craftsmanship and great understanding of our situation (EXTREME rush order, etc). We'd really love to leave a feedback/comment so that all of your would-be customers will not have the chance to have second thoughts, and go straight ahead and order/buy your craft. And rest assured, we will update you on November 24th or the 26th about the reaction of the bday celebrant. We're 100% sure that she will be pleased and very happy about the gift. Once again, thank you very much!"
~Arlene, Edna, Jarvie, Joy

"Hello! Its me, Lyn-san. I had to change my email address (darn spammers), hense why this is not my old one.  Due to x-mas money coming my way (and what is one to do with it?), I am curious of commissioning another coat from you. I love your work after all! Everyone believed I had bought the actual Marishka costume, when they were then shocked to hear it was made. You did so wonderfully on it! Thank you for your time!"
~Lyn C.

"Dear SetsunaKou, I just recieved the Misao Costume with wig(11/27/04).  It is so well done!  I love it!  It is so worth the wait.  It looks exactly like the picture I have in my bedroom.  I am soon going to order the Sango battle outfit you sell, so I hope it will be just as good.  Thank you very much!"
~Ashley P.

"Hello Mrs. Setsuna SAILOR PLUTO!!!: Word got around to me that you make cosplay costumes and I looked at your site. WOW! AWESOME! You have such a knack for detail! I am working on a Theif Rikku cosplay costume of my own and I am pondering about her scarf. I don't want to spend time on knitting, I don't even know how to knit... I don't own a knitting machine... and I cannot find a scarf long enough to dye. Is it possible that I may purchase just the scarf of the Theif Rikku costume from you? If so, how much would it be along with shipping? I also have a friend who is wanting to find someone willing to make a FFX-2 Paine costume for her. We looked at your site but did not find a Paine costume . . . *pout, pout* and it is very hard to find someone to make a cosplay Paine costume that would put in as much detail as you put into your work. She is plus sized and so she would need a little extra material to cover her. Would you be willing to make a FFX-2 Paine costume for her and ,if so, would you be able to give an estimate of a price range? It would be greatly appreciated. Please reply, Samantha P.S. Your detail is amazing!"
~Samantha C.

"Thank you so much for the [J-Rock] plush!!!! I love it! It came out so awesome!! My friend is gonna love it so much!!! (it's a xmas gift) She can hardly wait for it!!! Thank you again so much!!! After xmas, I will be ordering more plushes! So you can surely expect more business from me! Again, thank you!!!"
~Nikki N.

"hello^^ i just wanted to say thank you for the beautiful daxter [18"] plush you made me! he's so soft and cuddly! you are so creative and can make just about anything! thank you so much for your time and effort! weeeeee! i cant wait to start my jak cosplay! thnaks again!"
~Maggie B.

"Dear Chloe and Heidi : I just wanted to let you know that I received my riven [4"] plush in the mail and I would like to say that it was a pleasure doing business with you once again and I really loved the doll. Also thanks so much for the medalion necklace that you gave me as a present, I have gotten so many compliments on it. I will be preparing to send out the payment for my costume and doll. I look forward to hearing from you soon. Sincerely,"
~Sandy P.

"Hi, I have received the [Bridesmaid Pluto 11" BanDai & Human Diana 8" VOLKS] dolls and they are just beautiful! Thank you so much, my daughter will be delighted on Christmas morning! Have a very blessed Christmas!"
~Connie L.


"THANK YOU SO MUCH! I saw the [10 various 7" ufo] plushies and they look fantastic! You´re so talented and wonderful! Thank you so much! I can´t wait to see them! Take care and arigato! P.S. The Sweet Christmas MP3 that's on your website was wonderful! *o* So talented! Thank you for the wonderful song!!!"
~Luis O.

"Hello, I apologize for taking so very long to get back to you, but I wanted to inform you, firstly that I received my plushies from you.  The 2 Pharaoh Atemu 12" plush dolls, the Puchu 7" plush doll, and the Ghaleon 7' plush doll that you were all so kind to make for me. :)  They were such incredible gifts for me and for my friends! Thank you so very much!Secondly, I wanted to inform you that another reason I took so long to reply is because I wanted to complete something first.  I dedicated a new painting to you on deviantart!! Please go to this link to see it ^_^ I hope that you don't mind that I used your real names.  I wasn't even sure how many people were responsible for these plush dolls so I wanted to be safe and attempt to thank everyone. I hope that is all right. I did not mention the entire story about the plush dolls because one of my friends has not received her plush as a gift from me just yet (I will see and give her the plush next weekend).  Since I know she views my work on this site I did not want to spoil the surprise for her. However, I wanted to ask if I may mention your business on deviantart afterwards.  I think you would receive much more business if I do so, but I did not want to say anything without your permission first. I also wanted t use the image on your website with the Atemu plush doll that you made me.  Maybe I use it and post it on this site? Please let me know! Thank you again! Take good care now! Happy New Year to you and know that I appreciate all you have done! :) Sincerely,"
~Kathie S.

"Yey! THank you thank you. ^_^;! I like it [Cosmos wig], and it's here super early. =) Thank you for putting up with my slowness. u_u;"
~Manna P.

"Thank you so much for the [Yuna Songstress] costume. I received it today in the mail and immediately put it on. It fits perfectly and it's so like the one from the games. You did a really good job on it and I wanted to thank you. ^-^ *goes off dancing* Thanks again!"
~Deanna T.

"I was looking at your site and you have some of the most beautiful costumes I have seen, plus you are so affordable! I was thinking of buying two costumes (at least, maybe another one if I get paid in time). I was wondering about something though. When I submit my order do I put in my measurements in the order form under the additional comments or do just submit it and that comes later? Thank you so much!"
~Jessica H.

"I have been looking at your work and I have found many costumes I like. I also really like the quailty of your work. I was wondering do you do characters for Anime's not on your list? If you do please tell.   Thank you for you time."
~Kate T.

"Hello!    I just wanted to let you know that I received the [Gourry as Jellyfish 4"] plushie today & he is SO cute! ^_^ heehee Perfect job - as always! Thank you! ^_^"
~Kelly M.

"Hello! I just wanted to let you know that my [Shuichi 7", Ryuuichi 7" with bunny and Yuki Eiri 7"] dolls arrived last week and they are sooo cute!! I am so sorry I didn't email you before now, but I am unforgivably forgetful and am only now getting around to sending you this email. Thank you so so much for these dolls!!! I will cherish them for a long time to come!!! Sincerely"
~Jill E. ^_^x

"Hi! Thanks for the prompt reply! They [Boiled Spoons 7" UFO Plushies] were superb, I was mightily impressed! Okey dokey, I'll see how the finances hold out. I think I'll have to pay by a money order if that's OK. I will be telling people about your dolls at Aya con. In fact I've alredy mentioned them on the Aya forum: The Boiled Spoons website should be back up in a few weeks, would you like me to put a link to your site on it? Also if you want to say that the Boiled Spoons characters are "Officialy endorsed" or something like that, feel free ^_^ And for me to hear from you as well! Bye,"
~Carl D. (U.K.Creator of Boiled Spoons Manga/characters)

"Hello! Eek.. I'm sorry to bother you again with my silly inquiries.. I have purchased an Utena costume (that I LOVE) and asked about a Mana wig (that I ended up not buying T_T;;) from you in the past.. and to this day whenever someone asks me the best place to get costumes made, I always refer them to you. Your quality of work ASTOUNDS me- that Utena costume (which sadly doesn't fit me anymore >.<;;) is by far the best I've ever seen. I love looking at all your costumes. :D I am writing to you to ask you three questions! Question #1: I am definitely going to order the "Card Captor Sakura Angel Costume," but I'd like to lose some weight first. I will wear it to a con in May, so I think I have plenty of time before I need to purchase. How far in advance do you think I will need to place my order? And if I get too excited and order it now, how easy do you think it will be to take in? My mom is an okay seamstress, but if it'll be too difficult then I better wait. :-D Question #2: Your Lulu costume is soooooo incredible!! T_T Unfortunately, I am a student with just a part-time job, and I don't think I can afford $415.00. However, I already own a Lulu corset and the faux fur for the top. Would it be possible just to order the lower half (ie: the belted skirt?) How much would that cost? If and when I order this costume it will have to be for next year's con, since I plan on going as Card Captor Sakura Angel this year. XD;;; ehehehe.. Question #3: I don't know if you have heard of the Japanese band called BLOOD, but I'm a big fan of theirs. They're a visual kei band, so they've obviously got GREAT costumes. ^___^ They're going to be appearing at a con this November and I'd like to surprise the lead singer by cosplaying as him!! :-D I will send you the most detailed pictures I can find of his outfit. Right now I can tell you it's either mostly made out of PVC/vinyl or some kind of faux leather. This sounds expensive. T_T So I don't know if I'll be able to order it- it depends on the price! T_T Let me know if a custom order is a possibility, and I will send the pictures for an estimate. :-D Okay, that's it for now! Thank you so much for being so great and kind. Your costumes are a miracle for cosplayers everywhere! Thanks again! ^_^"
~Laurel Anne C.

"Dear SetsunaKou, The Takuya and Koji [7" Plushie] dolls from Digimon just arrived, they look great. The tags are a nice addition. The children will be very happy. Thank you very much. Have a great day. Sincerely"
~Richard P.

"Just got the {plushie] doll!! WOW!! What can I say, it's art! My little sister, who I bought that doll for, loves it more that I can put into words. Thank you so much!"
~ Lauren

"wow wow wow! I have seen the [Yohko Kurama 7" and Akamichi 7"] plush on your website and wow, they look amazing! :D thank you so much, they look wonderful and thank you for your time, i recomended you to a few people looking for plush as well. Thank you again."

"i just wanted to email you and say thank you so much for the [Yuna Gunner] costume i just got it the other day and i was just amazed by all the detail on it you guys sure did a great job thanks again."
~Tiffany W.

"Hellu! ^.^ I just got the '6'' Yu-Gi-Oh! Maximillion Pegasus7" plush' you made in the mail today! I must say, it's perfect! Every little detail is flawless, and it's so well sewn! ^.^ (( You even did the annoying little 'extras' I ranted about/asked for! ^^;; )) I just want to say that you've made my year - no, my lifetime! XD (( I've wanted a Pegasus plushie for the last three years, and this went beyond what I thought I would ever get. >>; )) and also that (( I love you. )) O_o; Er - that I'm going to recommend you to some of my friends, and people who are looking for custom plushies and such. ^^ *clings insanely to the plushie, and cries tears of joy* Thank you so very, very much!"

"SetsunaKou-- Thank you SO MUCH for the[Lulu FFX costume with wig; Dark Magician Girl Costume, Marik Hunter Cloak] costumes, they are absolutely gorgeous, as I'm sure you already know. The Yu-Gi-Oh costumes are beyond perfect, all of the costumes fit, and the Lulu costume is the best!!! Only one very very minor problem for future reference--probably not your fault, since I'm skinny with a J-Lo butt--the snap buttons on the back of the dress won't stay closed if I bend over, but I'll fix that with some hooks so it's all good. The details on the dress are better than I could have imagined, and the wig is an awesome touch. We are going to have so much fun, and I'll tell everyone about you! You did so great, especially with the small amount of time you had. You'll definitely be hearing from me again. Arigato from all of us!"
~Christine J.

"Dear Harukakou, I received  my millennium ring [cosplay] necklace today. it is awesome thank you so much. sincerely,"
~Ashley T.

"Hi! I just finished a look around your shoppe and I HAVE to say the work is Astounding! My current particular interest centers on the dolls and resin figures. When it comes to resin kits; for example, I'm afraid I don't have the careful patience and coordination to adequately complete one myself...let alone match the quality you have on display! The Sailor Pluto kits are especially gorgeous! As breathtaking as they are; however, I'm a devoted Jupiter FANATIC first and foremost! (She kinda looks like my first Girlfriend!...) So along those lines:        1) The figure of Lita in the bunny suit is very nice! (I'd never want a girl like her to feel she had to wear an outfit like that, but it DOES look nice!)        2) After seeing your Infinite Sailor Pluto...What does the Infinite Sailor Jupiter look like?        3) The kit I would most like to see (and purchase) is the one of Lita in the Rose Ball Gown, unfortunately I get a page cannot be found message when I click on the link. Is it still available?   I also saw in the doll section where it was stated that just about any character could be done in Gashapon style. This is of interest to me since "Tenchi Muyo" is my other favorite anime and I would really wish I could get gashapon type figures to go with my Sailor Moon gashapons. Especially the characters of Sasami Jurai (It's easy for me to picture her meeting Rini somewhere...or joining Lita in an "Iron Chef" tag team match.) and Kiyone Makibi. Could you do these characters...and for how much?   Final comments for now: Aargh!!! Too many wonderful choices here! I don't have the space for all the pieces that are just screaming for me to order!   I eagerly await your reply! Thanks!"

"Thankies! Hey, I just wanted to let you know that the [Full Moon & Shayla Shayla] costumes came and they are beautiful! I will be sure to send you pictures when we take them. So thank you very much and it was a pleasure to do business with you! Word has spread through my dorm about you and your business so there may be more people here from Willamette calling on you for all their costume needs! Thank you!"
~Katherine F.

"The [Alistair 7"] plushie came! He's just as cute as the picture depicted. =3 And so soft and cuddly! Thanks again, and God bless! =)"

"Received [the Kohta 7" J-Rock UFO]! Thanks so much, I love it ^_^!"

"^______^ Hey there. Just wanted to let you know that the [Robbie Rabbit 12" & Walter Sullivan 12"] plushies (and my strategy guide) arrived safely today, and that the dolls look great (as usual ^_~). They're so adorable! Thank you so much! When I get my paycheck next week, I just may order some more! I know that my money *should* be going towards my Moving Out Fund, but what can I say? I just can't help myself sometimes, and I may as well buy what I want when I can still afford it. One more thing. Should any of the plushies ever get dirty (not that any of them have, as I have treated them with the utmost care), how should I clean them? I mean, I'm afraid that they may be too delicate to put them in the washing machine (besides, many of them have small pieces that could come off). Take care"
~Tanya F.

"Hello SetsunaKou and HarukaKou! I have received my [Tohru Winter School] costume, and it fits perfectly and looks adorable!! You guys did such a great job! The shoes are a little big, but I have very small feet, so I can make do. ^^ The only thing I was a little disappointed about was the wig. I didn't expect it to be black... Do you have any brown ones that are the same style? Tohru's hair is brown, so I kinda wanted to stay with the character. Sorry to make a fuss, but I was just wondering... Thanks so much for everything!!"
~Amy C.

"heyas, i just recieved my mr. saturn [7"] plush. it;s great ^_^ thank you much, well laters ^_^"
~William M.

"Hi there! Just though I'd let you know that I recieved my order [2 fan character 7" UFO Plushies] this morning. Thanks again!"

"I have received [June Bridal doujinshi] it, thank you so much."
~Leona F.

"Hello,  I'm just writing to inform you that the [Tidus FFX] costume arrived today. I must say, I was a little shocked (in a VERY good way, lol) that it came in two weeks before I thought it would! So hurrah! ^_^ Thank you very much for your promptness. If only the guy who was going to get me the camera I was going to use for my film had been as prompt as you, then maybe I would be getting started a LOT sooner. x_x;       But yes, the costume is excellent! In fact, the only problem I have with it is the fact that I have to put it through so much wear (and, alas, possibly tear x_x) through the course of filming, because it's so nicely done that I want to keep it immaculate! My complements on the amazing job. ^_^ Also, if I'm fortunate enough to land the screenings I hope to for the film (much less get it done on time at this point, lol ^_^; ), I'm also going to give y'all a heads up, because I'd be honored if y'all could make it there to see your costume in action if I'm fortunate enough to show the film! ^_^       I'll try and update you whenever there is any news (positive or negative), but in any case, again, thank you very much for the wonderful costume and for the VERY prompt delivery of it.   Sincerely,"
~Mario B.

"The [Mini Moon] boots came in today and they are absolutely wonderful! I look forward doing future buisness with you seeing that you make very satisfying products. Thank you!"
~Laura O.

"Dear HarukaKou, I just wanted to say THANK YOU so much for the wonderful [Ranma-chan] costume you made
for Elizabeth on rush order.  She absolutely loves it! The blue fabrics are wonderful, and it fits PERFECTLY.
All the best to you and good luck with your business.  What other costumes or products do you specilize in?
~Katherine M.L.

"Konnichiwa! I received my Zelgadiss plushie yesterday and was absolutely amazed. It's so cute!! *dances around living room* Thank you! I'm saving up for a costume, next. Sincerely"
~Jessica d.R.

"Hello. I just wanted to tell you that I recieved the [plush] doll on Tuesday and I
once again, wanted to thank you for him. He's absolutely perfect; I couldn't
have asked for anything better! It was well worth the wait! He's out to meet
his actual owner now *though I sort of didn't want to give him up* and I
know it will truly make her birthday a great one. THANK YOU!!! :)"
~Samantha M.

"I got my Utena [Rose Bride] dress today and it is very lovely. However the top seems to be a little too small. Hopefully I can fix that by wearing a sports bra <at my mom's suggestion> . I don't know how that could have happened but I am pleased with the costume."

"Hiya hiya!! *hugs and squeezes* Sorry for the late reply, but I got the
[Lulu] costume and it was absolutely gorgeous! The pictures that were taken at the
convention vcame out a bit fuzzy, but I'm working on looking for some better
ones that you might be able to use. :)  I'll get a good description and
everything on my site soon too. :) Thanks sooo much and I hope to buy another costume again!!"

"Dear Setsuna-san and Haruka-san I just wanted to let you know that I received my Duo plushie promptly on
Friday, and he is GORGEOUS! I am extremely happy with how he turned out, and
I just wanted to let you guys know that you are VERY talented! I won't
hesitate to order from you again in the future, and also to let all my otaku
friends know how great your little business is! ^_^ Thank you so very much!
^_^ Sincerely,"
~Carly F.

"Hello!!! I just got some pictures of the Yuna costumes you made for me and my sister.  They were wonderful..and looked beautiful!  The summoner and the Songtress made their appearence at NDK 2004 on staurday, and in a Final Fantasy Photoshoot.  we would like to thank you again for your wonderful craftsmanship and talent, and hard work!  I will be sending some Utena Tenjou pictures as soon as I get them.  Until then, Here's Summoner and Songstress Yuna!!  Domo Arigatou!!   P.S.  My sister and I were called Yuna and Yuna..for we look alike..or so people think, and we were both Yuna ^^  Dai Suki,"
~Britt and Ally      

Hey there!!

I'm a little confused ^^; Did you say August 18th or June 24th for the
completion of the plushies? I seem to have received the Angel League
plushies in the post yesterday and i was wondering which of these is th
correct explanation for this!

1.    I have accidentally been trapped in some kind of suspended animation
device along with all the clocks and it actually IS mid-August and I'm just
not aware of it

2.     You somehow started work on them (I assume near-immediatly!) and sent
them really fast!

I think it's number 1...but it could be number 2 i suppose at a long shot?
Heh kidding ^^ I am just so absolutely amazed that they're here already! I
still keep having to look and poke them and check that I'm not hallucinating
because, well, I'm just so impressed! They're absolutely fantastic - so
accurate to the characters themselves and so very cute!! And the uniforms
are so accurate too!  Thank you so much! ^ _ ^  (Seriously, HAVE I been in
some kind of time warp device? ^^; )  The quality of them definitly deserves
a gift from Japan!  If you could let me know if there's anything you'd like
to get hold of that I might find there I will keep an eye out and see what i
can get! I'd also like to send you a copy of the manga that the characters
are from, it's going to be printed this summer so I will keep a copy to one
side and send it over.Although I hope I manage to keep hold of these plushies...there are already
a number of people who are trying to steal them from me O_O;   Out of
curiosity though, (and I am not the only one to think this!) did happen to
have a favourite of the three plushies? As we noticed that the
bishonen-levels on the Mark plushie were considerably higher - and it seems
that someone went an extra step in the detail on his face... ;)  If not then
maybe I am unfortunatly falling victim to the Mark-fandom out there ¬ _ ¬;;;
oh god no, give me Shannon any day! ^^I don't really think that this email would be complete without another
huuuuge THANKS!! One day maybe I will get over the shock of their early
arrival and hopefully put another order in for some more ^ _ ^
~-Helen S.

"We just wanted to say that the [3 fan character] plushie dolls you made went down so well at
Amecon! They really pulled people to our table and we sold out of issue 1 of
the Angel League manga in 4 hours O_O We're getting it reprinted at a better
printers though and I will send you a lovely shiny copy as thanks for
getting our plushies ready with so much time to spare. Speaking of which - they went down so well that we decided that before the next convention we'd like to get 3 more made if that's possible, 2 of new
characters (that are in the exact same Angel League uniform colour/design as
Shannon so you would really only have to re-use the body sewing pattern) to
sit on the stand and we were hoping to get an extra plushie made of Mark in
his assassin outfit to put in the charity auction, as even though we got
offers from people to buy the plushies (some even wanting to pay over $50
each!) Mark did get the most attention so we think he would raise the most
money for charity ^^ Of course we'd need to draw up more character design
sheets and tags etc in due course, which we can't do just yet because we're
a bit busy with a couple of other things right now, including an animation
commission for an anime tv advert in the UK) but if you could pencil us in
for some point as a future order then we'd be more than happy to commission
you for the next 3 plushies when they're required ^^ Also, we did a bit of advertising for you too, so you should be getting a request in from Andrew of the "Journey of Light" project in the UK, he
showed great interest in commissioning you as well for some of his own
plushies from his project. Thanks again, and i hope that you're able to make some more plushies for us
in the future ^^"
~Helen S.      

"Thanks! We recieved the [2 Digimon] jackets and gloves! They're awesome!!! We'll be
sure to send photos after the con! ^_^

"Hi. I have received the [11" VOLKS of Japan] dolls of Cassandra that you made for me. I really like them. They are very cute and they look just like her. I will be sure to let you know if I need anything else made in the future. Thank you so much."
~Pam G.

"Dear Setsuna-    Hello my name is Tara, nick name Leones, OMG I Seirously think I died and Went To Heaven!!!!!! I spent like the entire day on your website. NO LIE. Your website is THE ULTIMATE Sailor Moon Shoppe!!!!!! I'd  give you an A+++++++++++ For you website, a 100/10. It's beautiful, AWESOME and georgus music. You really do have a beautiful gift, And I'm so happy for you ^_^*!!!! But let me get to the chase, I don't think you want this to be a chapter book of an email. One is I was looking at your Princess Kakyuu ( Fire Ball) costume, just to ask and I don't want to put pressure on you... but do you think, that not only for me but for other Sailor Moon Fans, create her Sailor Scout Costume? Sailor Kinmoku I belive is her name, That would be AWESOME too!!! ^_^*!! Also, I  Have a HUGE question for you,. do you think that for in the future, you could please do a reque! st of a staff for me of my Sailor Scout, Eternal Sailor Leo? And MAYBE her Princess gown and Sailor Scout costume. I don't mean to be pressuring you but just as a question. If you could PLEASE get back to me on this A.S.A.P PLEASE that'd be AWESOME!!!!! I love you so much, u ARE THE COOLEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
~Leones  ~_^*

"I still really love they Shinji plushie you did for me 2002. When I brought him to a con last month eveyone wanted a picture of him. I love him very much and he's my most prized anime possession that I have. I just want to thank you forever because I love him so much and forever will. So once again thanks soooooo much."

"I received my Saturn [11.5" Irwin America] doll and I LIKE IT VERY MUCH!!!!! :D THANK YOU!!SHE'S
VERY BEAUTIFUL!!! I was never thinking to have this doll one day and you have realised one of
my dream!!!!THANK YOU! If i've bought a Sailor mars doll,i couln't never repainted her eyes,they
are well done and it's soo cute!!!I also like her purple hair!!!I like her
soo much!!!! :DI want to tell you something than i forgot to tell you,i wanna be a costume
maker,it looks very fun to do,well you costumes are really well done!Keep up
the good work! :)Oh,i want to ask you something,is it possible also to have a professor Tomoe
doll?(the irwin canada one).I never saw it in store than i know.And i don't
know where i could find it for a cheap price.Well,thank you very very very very very much again for the wonderful doll!!!
:DTake care!"
~Stefani R.

"Setsuna Kou, I just wanted to say....Thank you thank you thank you thank you!!!  Kamui [plush] is so cute!  Thanks for all your hard work!  My friend loved it!  ^_^  Until next time!
~Marie N.

"Hi, I received the plush doll you made for me, Tomo from Fushigi Yuugi, last week, thank you very much, he's gorgeous and I really love it.^___^  (My Nuriko plush loves him too. XD) I was so happy with him.  Keep up the good work and hope to do business with you again. Sincerely,"
~Mandy B.

"Hello, I just wanted to thank you for the excellent ufo catcher plushies I ordered (Android 17, Xelloss and Spike). Their adorable! ^_^ I will definately order all of my plushies and costumes (they look cool too ^_~) from you in the future.   Thanks again, ^_^"
~Kim J.

"Dear Haruka and Setsuna:  They're gorgeous! I just recieved my two 7" UFOs today of Psylocke and Archangel from "X-Men" and they are so beautiful! They're more dazzling  than I imaged! The wings on Archangel are extravagant  and Betsy's costume with psiblade are stunning. They are both magnificent! Now I can head off to college next week with these two eye-catching beauties in tow!   I'm also sending a hand-drawn card  (of Sailor Vesta!) as a small favor of my gratitude! I love your site and I am now a bigger fan than before. The site is so superb for anyone who wants a custom anime doll!   Thank you both so much again and God Bless!" 
~Jen B.

"Hello again, it's Amanda who received the beautiful Cardcaptor Sakura white star cosplay.  And here are some pictures I promised to send you of myself in the dress!  I was so incredibly happy to have the dress and I'm still eternally grateful for your wonderful work.  I just love your work and I know I can trust you with shipping and everything.  Thank you so much for everything!"

"Hi again!! I just received the Tidus costume, and I had to had to write to you right away to tell you how much I love it!!!  =D  THANK YOU SO MUCH for all the hard work I know it must have taken to create that beautiful costume!!  And don't be surprised if you get some more Chicago-land orders, because I'm recommending you to ALL my fellow cosplayers!! Well, once again, THANK YOU SO MUCH for taking so much time out of your summer to do this for me!!  I simply CANNOT wait to show it off at all my future conventions!! Kudos, and God bless!!! =D"
~Matt G.

"Hello!!! I was browsing your site, and couldn't help but fall in love!!! especially with the Tenchi Muyo costumes, and Tokyo Mew Mew Girls costumes. Every single costume that you have completed is gorgeous, and so detailed. I truly admire your work. Sincerely"  
~Heather C.

"Hi! I just wanted to let you know that I received the [Enterprise] costume today.  Actually, it arrived at the post office on Tuesday, but I wasn't able to pick it up until today.  I have to say that's it's fantastic and fits like a glove.  Thank you so much!  I promise to email pics as soon as I have them."
~Michelle T.

"Hi! I just wanted to let you know that I received my
[Auron 7" UFO] order. It's awesome!! ^_^ I absolutely love it, and
couldn't be happier. Thank you, and I look forward to
doing more business with you!
Thanks again,
~Lana R.

"The pleasure is all mine. It was great doing business with you. Some people, actually a lot of people, are really nasty but you are extremely nice and sweet. That makes a BIG difference in business, and it's a BIG help, too. I have one question...well, two. Do you do custome-made costumes? If so, can you make one for me? I'll give you all of the details. Thanks a lot!"

~ Yuki-chan ~

"Hi! Ash 2' UFO arrived just today. It's very, very, very good!
Thank you sooo~ much :D arigatou gozaimasu!!! I wish you a very nice summertime ( well here it's raining ^^" ). bye & thanks again"
~Benjamin S.

"Hello Setsuna, ust wanted to let you know I got the Tifa costume you made me in the mail the other day. Thank you so much, I really love it and it fits nicely. I'll send you pics as soon as I can. Thanks again, I love your work and will be ordering more from you in the future!<3 "

"Thank you very much for the Seto Kaiba 7" plushie! It just arrived the other day. I absolutely love it and I think you did a very nice job making it! Thank you, you are an excellent craftswoman!"
~Sarah G.

"Hello again, I just wanted to PRAISE you for the Rufus [FFVII] costume. It is absolutely GORGIOUS! I love it! I know my boyfriend will die when he receives it. You did an amazing job! I just had to email you to let you know how happy I am with it! Thank you SO much for making it!!!!"

"Got the [Thief Rikku] costume today, it looks absolutely awesome! Everything fits great! The panties are a little snug, but it's not like I'll be flashing anyone while at the con, lol. Hentai! W00t! =D ::Cough:: One of the earrings came apart at the silver part, but it's nothing we can't fix easily. Minor problems. Besides that, you did a very nice job, and I appreciate it a lot. Thanks again fellow otaku! Ja mata ne! ^-^"

"Hello!  I am writing to thank you for the absolutely beautiful work done on the 5 DBZ UFO catchers I had ordered in February. They arrived so much earlier than I had expected! I am just home from Japan or I would have written sooner to thank you. The figures are wonderful. The Bulma turned out even better than I could have ever hoped. I absolutely love the way the dress has the lines pleated into it. I am thrilled that you are now offering Bulma as a choice. You do beautiful work and should be proud of your talent. I, of course, saw 2 or more that I would love to own. If it is okay, may I write you after August 1st regarding them? I am very interested in Trunks (7 inch), Enishi from Rurouni Kenshin and your fantastic Tidus (the extra large one). I would order now but with Japan behind me and Otakon ahead, well, you know. Once again, thank you so very much!!!
~Amanda E.

"I just received my [Inu Yasha & Squall Leonhart] costumes in the mail and they're wonderful, everything
fits perfectly! There may be other Squall Leonharts there but I'll be the best ^^Thank you so much! If you like, I'll send you some pics from the convention ^^ Thanks again, I'll be recommending you to everybody!"
~Ryuen N.

"Thanks, you guys. Just wanted to let you know that the [SevenDust] plushies arrived today, and that they look even better than the originals that you made for me last year. Thank you so much,
TanyaI actually had to do a bit of redecorating (on my bed, at least) to make room
for the this case, moving my huge Invader Zim plushies that
have been on my bed for the past two years (seriously...they've been resting on
my pillows since June 2002), so now the two that you recently made for me have
their own place at the head of my bed. Anyway, I need to start saving up for the next two (maybe three) plushies
that I want to order. I'll let you know when I'm not quite as flat-busted (I'm
just an unemployed 20-year-old college girl...) as I am right now.
Take care,"
~Tanya F.

"Hello, How are you? I wanted to let you know that I received the [Dead or Alive Kasumi] costume in the mail and
that it looks beautiful! I'm very happy with your hard work. You may see Miyabi  wearing it in future AX2004 photos. :)
Thank you again,"
~Mahamari T.

"I just received my Duo Maxwell plushie a few days ago and wanted to thank
you so very much for getting him to me! He's perfect! I have already told
my friends about your site and I'm sure they will want plushies for
themselves now! Well, maybe we'll get to do business again soon!  Thanks
~Erica S./ Usagi ^^

"Hi Setsuna!
I just wanted to let you know that I got my Tiara [Shamanic Princess]costume today and I love it!! It's perfect! Thank you
so much! I can't wait to wear it to the convention! Thanks again! ^__^"

"Hi, Thank you! I just received my Lain's Bear PJ yesterday. It is so kawaii and well-made. I can't wait to wear it and show it off to my friends. But it's Summer now, and too hot, but I can wear it in an air-conditioned room! Thank you so much! The slippers are great too!"

"Thank you I got them [Yugioh & Yugi 12" UFOs] today. Wow love them thank you. Will order from you
again soon."

"My Anshi Rose Bride Dress:  Movie Version arrived a few days ago and I love it!  So does my "Utena."  I couldn't stop prancing around in it the detail was amazing.  Thanks so much."

"Just wanted to thank you for the Minmay [7" UFO] doll.  It looks pretty good.  I have
some other items that I may want to get made too."
~George C.

"Hi, I wanted to let you know that I recieved the [Akito Nadesico] costume and it fits like a
glove. Thanks, and I will let you know how it goes over at the con I am
going to next week."
-Troy M.

I just opened my Tama Chan plushie and I cannot thank
you enough for him! He looks FABULOUS. You even put a
strap on the Santa hat so I can take it off! I really
am very pleased with my purchase and hope to do
business with you in the future again. If anyone ever
needs anything of Anime in that nature, I'll be sure
to send them to you. Thank you again so very much and
I will be E-mailing you some pictures of when I take
him to Anime Expo with me this year! I'm cosplaying as
Narusegawa from the Christmas episode and this
completes the whole outfit! He's so cute! Anyhow,
sorry to ramble, I'm just very happy. Again my deepest
thanks and I know that you make all of your customers
as happy as I am. "Yours truly,
~Brittany W.

"Hello SetsunaKou, I just received my Shadow in the mail today, and am very pleased^^ Thank you very much! I also have a quick question. I saw in your UFO section a 12" Vash plush from Trigun, is that already made and for sale or would you have to make another one?   Thanks again!"

"Setsuna-san! I received my Ciel costume today. ^_^ Oh my GOODNESS! It's
absolutely -gorgeous-! Everything fits absolutely perfect. ^_^ Thank you SO
much! You're such a lifesaver, Setsuna-san! *BIG HUGS*"

"The mitsuki costume in "???????" is from "Fullmoon Wo Shogoshite"..You made that costume for my friend laura, and it looked so good! ^^ EVERYONE LOVED IT!!! thanks! And I'll probably end up getting a couple of costumes in the near future! ^^()"

"SetsunaKou, I got my Faen [7"] plushy yesterday and she is absolutely
adorable! I was wondering if you can make plushies of
real people from photos. If so how much would two
cost? I was thinking it would be cute to get one of me
and my husband-to-be. Thank you"

"I received my [Eternal Moon 11" doll] outfit,I LIKED IT! :D THANK YOU! ^_^Is it possible than i will buy you other products,but i don't know when. Thank you again for the package! ^_^ xxx"
~Stefani R.

"hey I got it [Dark Magician Girl Costume], and you done a great job! keep up the great work! ;) Also am
sure youll hear from me again, that I am highly recommanding people to your
site ;) thanks again!"
~Tina J.

"Setsuna-san: Greetings! My [SeraMyu] Neptune costume just arrived in the mail today, and I can't tell you how thrilled I
am with it! It's mind-bogglingly accurate and well-made, right down to the accessories! (I showed
it to my mother, and she especially loved the gloves.) Thank you so very much for this costume, and including the wig along with it. It's marvelous, and I can't wait until I order another! Sincerely,"
~Anne L.

"I'm sorry I haven't written sooner, but I wanted to let you know that I
recieved the Unico plushie you made for me and I love him! You did a great
job! Thank you so much for taking my commission ^.^"
~ Crystal aka childdoll

"*hops up and down with glee* I got my plushie yesterday...and I can only say...
Good night,"

"Hello, I'm just writing to confirm that I've just
received the [Zechs custom11" VOLKS of Japan] dollhead in the mail today. It looks
great, thanks. Hope to do business again with you in the future! Thanks again and best of luck."

"Thanks,I just got it [Sailor Moon wig] today! love"
~Sarah S.

"Hello. I just wanted to say my boyfriend and I wore your [Lucia & Hiro] costumes to Otakon, and everybody loved them. I got a lot of pictures. Again, thank you so much, and I am definately referring you to my friends. :D"

"First off let me thank you again for making my [Spike Spiegel] costume.  When i first got it i was very pleased on the quality of the costume as well as how authentic you got the spike costume to look (especially the jacket, that was my favorite part of the costume).  At the convention i was at, the costume was a huge success.  Everyone really liked the costume and they were taking pictures of me in my costume.  This was the first time i ever went to a con before and i think it will certainly remember it for a long time.  I have already told all my otaku friends about you and seeing my costume are really thinking about doing business again.  We all plan to go next year so i will be coming back to you again for another costume.  Thank you for your excellent costume making skills".  
~Sien R.

"I just wanted to say thank you for the making the
Sephiroth Kingdom hearts [VOLKS 11"] doll. Its my favorite doll in
the whole world. I just love him, you are wonderful
doll artists. Thank you so much"

"Hi! I'm Kyle Hebert, an anime voice actor with Funimation.  One of my friends, Melissa Abbott, recently had you guys do a custom plush doll of......ME.......and I wanted to let you know I think you did a FANTASTIC JOB!!!  She sent me a picture over email and will be sending the doll to me soon, but I went ahead and posted it on my website (  I didn't know who to credit the artist as though.  But please pass along my sincere gratitude on creating such a wonderful souvenir that I'll treasure forever!   All my best,"
~Kyle Hebert

"It's ok. ^_^ I will figure something out. I am just so excited to get
the Utena costume. I bet it will be great. I will make sure to take
pics for you. ^.^,v,, Anyway, I was wondering if you, being an anime
seamtress, ever go to the anime cons? Have you ever gone to one.
There are lots of people who own anime cosplay businesses who are
asked to be guests and I am sure you could be one someday if you
wanted to be. I would be so happy to meet you at one. I'd be
like "Can I have your autograph?" <lol> As far as I can see you are
as popular as the cosplayers in Japan. Lucky for you tho that there
is not a millon ppl takin your pic. Those ppl are nuts. ^.^ Well
thanks for everything. Bai bai for now ^.^"
~Laura G.

"Hi Setsuna, I just wanted to let you know that my [Gundam Wing] models arrived and the two that were
painted look beautiful. I'm very happy that I ordered them. Thanks so much!"
~Sharon E.