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"Hello!.....We were enjoying Anime Vegas this past weekend.  Showing off your awesome
work with the costumes of course ;)  Which happened to win the best group
craftsmanship award, (Chrono and Rosette) which we gave credit to you ;) 
Did you guys have a good Halloween?  And being in Vegas, remember that Joey [plush]
doll you made for us with the Serenity costume?  I got to meet Joey's voice
actor, and he signed it.  He really loved the doll too! ^_^
Happy November!"
~ Merry and Jill - chan ^_^

"Hi there! Before I begin, I'd just like to say that things are progressing well with my film (which thus far is going to screen the first night of Anime Next in NJ and hopefully will at Otakon in MD as well), and the Tidus costume has been a major part of making that possible. ^_^ Also, I wore the costume to Anime Boston to try and do some recruiting for the last scene of my film, and the costume got so many complements and so much attention I could hardly even walk through rooms w/o being stopped! 0_0 So kudos to you for the excellent work!  So, on to the main part of this e-mail. Over the course of filming, the costume has encountered some very minor damage (as's a VERY rigorous shoot for the costume, lol), but I've apparently lost some of the missing pieces since they fell off at times when I was not aware of the damage. I was wondering if I can enclose pictures of the areas of damage, can possibly send replacements for them so I can patch up those areas? They're mainly button ornaments, but I wouldn't dare try to find replacements since I'm sure you have your own places to get those. And I wouldn't want to make the patchwork shoddy for the sake of continuity. :-P       Also, because, as anticipated, the costume was really good and I'm featuring it in the film which will give (hopefully) the costume more exposure, I wanted to know if maybe you had a business card or something that you could send me a stack of for when I next wear the costume so I could direct them to your site with ease. ^_^ Lastly, I want to give you a credit in the film, so I want to know what you would like me to put down for that.       If you could get back to me on all this ASAP, that would be most appreciated, since I only have a week's break in the filming before I need to utilize the damaged parts of the costume again. 0_0; Again, thank you very much for your time and the excellent costume! ^_^   Sincerely,"
~Mario B.

"Hello, This [Duo Maxwell 3ft Plush] doll is amazing as the others I have seen. Totally awesome."
~ Carol F.

"I received the [Yuki Eiri & Shuichi] plushies in the middle of the long weekend while attending an anime con last weekend. (AnimeFEST in Dallas, TX)   They are ADORABLE!   I have already posted photos of them on my blog and live journal to show them off!   It was SO tempting to take a set to the con and just carry them around but I needed both hands free for shopping in the dealers room and I did not want someone to knock me on the head and run off with them!  *laugh* THANK YOU so MUCH for all your hard work, attention to detail and effort on these boys - they are a treasure!   Much love!"


Sorry it's taken me so long to write, I was sick all weekend and I'm just
feeling better today. Joachim [11" Volks Doll] arrived in the mail on Saturday, but I didn't know it!  The post
office in my town is stupid, so they left the box inside the front door
without ringing the doorbell. *shakes fist*  I didn't know he was there
until I went out at 6pm that night! He's really adorable!  I love how his ears stick out through his hair.  And
you even painted his nails!  So much detail on such a little person!  It's
so creepy when the eyes catch and reflect the light, very realistic.  I
love the head, the shape of the nose and mouth are perfect, just a little
bit pouty but still serious!  The armor is insane, too!"
~ Jaime W.

"Ok, first let me pick my jaw up off the floor. He [Sephiroth 7" UFO] is sooo adorable! *huggles plushie* And the black vinyl boots were a nice touch. ^_^ My fellow Sephy lovers will be jealous! Thank you and keep up the excellent work!"
~Cherokee R.

"Hi! And THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THNAK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! I LOVE HIM [Kurt Wagner 18" UFO Plush] (HE'S SOOOOO CUTE)!  Yeall have got real talant, and thank you ever so much. Luv ya an take care"
~Lisa F.

"If you want to post them [Shayla Shayla, Full Moon costumes] on your website it is fine with me. I just added a few more pictures to the folder of the Shayla Shayla costume. I got a lot of compliments on the costumes so I was able to promote your services ^.^ I have a question, my roommate and I are planning on cosplay Hikaru and Umi for next year's Sakrua Con and we were wondering how much it would cost to have their second season school uniform-armor outfits..."
~Katherine F.

"I first stumbled upon your site way back in 2000, I was comparing a costume I had made to others online, and your designs were both faithful to Naoko's and original at the same time ( the new infinite sailors are gorgeous! ). It was when I saw that your Uranus costumes were yellow that I totally flipped, I have always thought of Haruka/Amara as being yellow and I happened to find your site as I had just completed a Yellow Uranus costume for myself and a Neptune costume for a good friend ( we went to a con together and everyone thought it was so great to see a male cos-playing Uranus ). It was then that I realized that you rock. Sadly  my family lost internet service for a long while and I sorta fell out of the Sailormoon community, and it is only now that I am rediscovering this thing that I loved so dearly. I was glad to rediscover your awesome, and very original site ( a rare thing in the sailormoon world ). I am so glad that in the time I was missing from the scene your site didn't disappear like many other great sites ( The Everchanging Sailormoon Gateway R.I.P. ). Only recently have I started to pursue the Sailor Musicals and I'm grateful that you provide copies at more than fair prices. You are boon to the community and a true original and I pray that you already know that you are one of the coolest people in the world. I will be doing business with you soon.You Rock,"
~David W.

"I got the dolls [David & Nani 6" Irwin Canada Dolls] in the mail today.They look great and they are so cute.I like the gardinia flower in Nani's hair.The Lilo and Stitch box was a nice added suprise.Next time I I would like a custom doll,I'll ask you.Mahalo and Doumo Arigatou from Michelle."
~Michelle I.

"Hello .The Black Rose costume you made arrived today, everything fits and it looks great! Thanks so much!  ^_^"
~Porsha W.

"I just recieved the [Ametaki] plush on sat! Thank you so much! And thank you for making it early! I appreciate it! My friend loved the plush so much! I'll be ordering another plush in the near future. Thank you much again! ^^"

"Hi! I'm Kyle Hebert, an anime voice actor with Funimation.  One of my friends, Melissa Abbott, recently had you guys do a custom plush doll of......ME.......and I wanted to let you know I think you did a FANTASTIC JOB!!!  She sent me a picture over email and will be sending the doll to me soon, but I went ahead and posted it on my website (  I didn't know who to credit the artist as though.  But please pass along my sincere gratitude on creating such a wonderful souvenir that I'll treasure forever!   All my best,"
~Kyle Hebert

"Hi again! :D Just wanted to drop a note and let you know I'm considering another cosplay costume for next year's convention! I'm probably going to go as Envy from "FullMetal Alchemist" and I was just curious as to what the cost would be so that I can go ahead and start saving up! (I can't imagine it being too expensive- there's, uh, not much to this costume... ^^;;) I'll probably order a 7-inch plush of him at the same time as when I do order the costume also, if that's okay! :) (It really surprises me how few Envy cosplayers are actually male... ^^;;; I think all of them I've heard of are female... *laughing*) Also, I got my Priss costume a couple of weeks ago, and I LOVE IT!! :D It fits wonderfully, I can't wait for the con so I can show it off! ^^ Thanks again! God bless! ^_^"
~Lindsay M.

"Hello HarukaKou (I'm not sure what to call you so I thought I'd just stick with the name you signed with)

     Sorry for taking so long to get back to you, but I wanted to first write you to thank you SO much for your wonderful [Yami] Bakura plushie that you sent me. ^_^ It's fabulous and I know it will make a great birthday gift for my friend. Thank you again! Secondly, I hope it's all right to ask you directly, but I was hoping that you could please make me one more plush doll.  I would appreciate it very very much.... Again provided that you agree to this. I'm very sorry for troubling you, especially since you've just finished another wonderful doll for me to give as a gift. But if you can do this for me, I would be very very happy!   Thank you very very much! Well, take good care now and I hope to hear from you soon! :D Thank you again!   Sincerely,"
~Kathie S.

"I have picked up the [Faye Valentine] costume [& Wig] and tried it on. OH MY GOODNESS ITS GREAT!!! ITS PERFECT! You are SOO talented! I Appreciate it SO much! THANK YOU! I am looking forward having you make my future costumes! (next time i will give proper notice)"  
~ jessi-chan

"OMG! WHAT CAN I SAY!!!! MY PLUSHIE IS AWSOME!!!!! i just want to let you know that ur awsome at making plushies i give u an A+++++++++++++++++++++++ HAHAHAHA but really i thank you very much and im thinking of ordering from u again later on the future THANXS SOOO MUCH!!!!"

"Hello!  I just got him [Kuronue 7" UFO Plushie] in the mail.  He is absoluetly adorable!  Thank you so much!"
~Becky S.

"Thank you. Hi. I got the Sumiyo plush doll in the mail a few days ago. :-) Thank you sooooo much! She's absolutely wonderful! It really made my day. I hope someday to commission you again. Thank you, thank you! ^_^"

"I just wanted to let you know I received my Anthy [Rose Bride] costume on Friday. It is BEAUTIFUL and fits perfectly. You do amazing work. I promise to keep you in mind for any future costuming and will spread to word to friends. Thank you so much."
~Michelle F.

"THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! For the Spike Spiegel [7"] plushie!!! He just arrived today.  And maybe someday, we can do business again!  Thanks again!!"
~Erin S.

"I recieved my Sesshomaru [11" Volks] doll today. He's beautiful! I just wanted to say thank you again."
~Susan B.

"Thank you for the costumes! Hello! My name is Kristy and I ordered the Yuri and Alice outfits from you recently. I Loved the detailing and the overall appearence. However my only concern is that the Alice wig was destroyed in shipping. Its okm cause i can buy another wig but just to let you know for future orders. C ant wait to get a new costume next year!   ^.^ PS My boyfriend loves his Yuri costume!"

"Hallo, how are you doing today? I just wanted to Email you on how impressed I am with your craftsmanship. I've ordered all of my cosplay costumes from you. And I still love them. People always tell me how they admire the craftsmanship that was put into the costumes. With a big smile on my face I let them know about you and your talent. Tehehe every now and then I'll look threw your site to see what new things you have created. You are not only quite lovely you are truly gifted too. tehehe you have it all. Looks, a perfect body,  talent in the arts and you are kind. A few of my friends have ordered things from you. And were VERY pleased.  I just wanted to let you know your work your talent just take my breath away. I really can't explain how amzeing I think your art is."
~Khtiya K~

"Thanks for you response. Duo [7" UFO Plush] arrived today! He's really cute."
~Patty C.

"Konnichiwa! My name is Tracey, I've ordered specialty plushies from you before ( a 2 foot Treize Khushrenada and 2 foot Hatake Kakshi). I'd first like to thank you for the Kakashi plushie, he's so cute! Arigatou! Now, I'm ready to order another one of your wonderfully crafted plush dolls. Is it possible that you could make me a 2 foot Darth Vader (from Star Wars) doll for me? I'd like him in his complete costume: including helmet, mask, cape, gloves, and even a removable lightsaber in one hand. If you need me to send pictures of him, just tell me. I'm a huge fan of Star Wars and Darth Vader is my favorite character. I'll be eager for your response! Thanks again for both my Treize and Kakashi dolls!                                   Sayonara!"
~Tracey S.

I hope I'm not taking up to much of your time.  I just wanted to say thank you.  I've ordered from you three times now, and have been satisfied with everything that I've recieved.  Especially my newest one (The Ichijouji Osamu doll from Digimon).  It takes a lot of talent, and a lot of patience to do the things that you do.  Just want to tell you you're appreciated :D   God Bless,"
~Erin M.

"I just got the [Shaari] costume yesterday- its perfect! It fits great and looks fantastic!! Thank you so much for all of your hard work! it is absolutely beautiful! thank you so much! Third costume and once again I'm more than satisfied! till next costume!"
~Andrea M.

"Thank you so much! Hi again! I recieved the [Yami Yugi 7" UFO] doll on thursday and i just wanted to say thanks so much I absolutely love it he is so adorable! By the way I had just sent in an order for another plush for a friend of mine but she changed her mind so ignore the order form. But anyway thank you so much you have a lot of patience and you do beautiful work. I hope to purchase from you again!! :)"
~Jennifer A.

"Thank you so very, VERY much for the Xelloss Costume. I am amazed at how you figured everything out. It fits well too. I can see all the work that you put into it. My boyfriend thinks I spent too much money on it, but I could have never made what you did. I don't have the time or the know-how, so I think it was worth every penny. I am amazed that you made the shoes as well. I am so glad that you are out there and able to make such fabulous costumes. Thank you very much. Sincerely,"
~Carolyn J.

"Setsuna, Oh my goodness..I cannot believe this. I just sent you the previous email couple of hours ago and now I just got the package with the [Eternal Sailor Pluto] costume in it. I almost kissed the mail man (I guess I would have kissed him, if it wasn't actually a woman...)! I tried it on already and it fits awesome. The boots actually fit too! It is so hard to find shoes for my feet size, so I am very grateful that you found them. I will take pictures later on and send them to you as well and if you want, you may use them on your website as well. As soon as I get back from Europe, I will probably order something else if, of course, I did not annoy you too much with all my excitement e mails ^_~ I hope that you have a great summer and keep up your wonderful work. A grateful customer of yours,"
~Alina B.


Just wanted to let you know that I recieved my Marik [7" UFO] plush this morning
(he's sitting in my lap as I write this), and I wanted to thank you for
doing such a fine job on him! ^_^ I was actually directed to your site
by a friend of mine, who's also a satisfied customer. I will most likely
be coming back to your site in the future!"
-Lisa J ^.^

"Hi! I recieved it [Eternal Sailor Neptune costume] yesterday, that was so fast! Thanks a lot, I'm very happy with it ^_^ If you're curious here's a picture of me in it, I don't have the shoes yet ^^; Looks like everyone really likes your work too! Thanks again,"
~Stacy B.

"Hey it's Sandy, how's everyone doing down there, I'm fine by the way. Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that I just recieved my Forte, Catnappe, Jun [UFO plushies] and Sailor Uranus Sword in the mail and one again and again you guys out did yourselves. I was a little worried about Catnappe since I had an extremely hard time finding any pictures at all of here let alone one that showed a fulll scale. Jun and Forte were absolutely beautiful. The Sailor Uranus sword was so perfect that no words can really describe it. I also wanted to tell you that I'm beginning to prepare to send out for the sailor uranus costume and and saturn glaive so you'll be getting them soon. By the way I was wondering what is the difference between a short skirt and a super short skirt in terms of the length because I am having a hard time in deciding which length to get(which one is better from you point of view). I have been wanting you get a sailor costume for quite some time but I could never decied on which scout to get. Well anyway I hope that you are all doing well and I look forward to hearing from you soon."
~Sandy P.

"Hi there! I just wanted to drop you a line and say that I got the [Jakotsu with wig, Jakotsu 2, Dilandau Wig] costumes. I did a while ago but it seems to slip my mind every time I get onto my email account. Gomen. They're great. I think the Jakotsu wig was a bit battered in the post but everything else is fantastic. Thank you very much, as always the costumes are top-notch ^__^ Regards,"

"Hey there, I was browsing your site today and noticed that you have a new plush in the "SeaQuest" section, but that character (Spike) is actually from the "Space Quest" series of computer games. I was the one who ordered him, so I thought you might like to know. Excellent job by the way! Thank you!"
~Shannon L.

"Hey Setsuna, It's me again. I'm kinda bored really, so I figured I'd write just to ask how things are going w/you and how far the Urd costume is along since it's nearing mid July. Also, I was looking on your non anime costumes page and the Wonka costume from Charlie and the chocolate factory is amazing. I just had to say that."
~Damaris S.

"OMG! Thank you! Hi Setsuna, Aiiiiiieee! It [Urd Vers 2 Costume] came in and it's perfect it's absolutely amazing! thank you so much. And I just finished getting any extera stuff for it today too! (Except for the wings I ordered from eBay, I'm still waiting on those) But seriously, thank you so much. The costume is incredible and I'll send you pictures when it's all complete. (which will be soon) I'm just debating whether or not I should wait for the wing before doing so, it just looks so damn good. Aaaand for future warning (hehheh) You've seriously impressed me. So what I'm basically saying is come wintertime expect a Lulu request ^_~ I'll e-mail you again with photos. Thank you for the amazing costume, you're an incredible costume designer."
~Damaris S.

"I saw the images of [Chibi Pink Dragon 4" UFO] on the UFO page. He's adorable!!! I love him so much! Can't wait till you mail him out to me! :) *hugs*
~Diane C.

"Greetings! It's Anne here. A long time since we've been in contact, but I've been enjoying my SeraMyu Neptune costume so much, I haven't had much to order from you as of late. I have to say, though, that everyone who sees my Neptune costume is sure it's official, straight from the real Myu. Your cosplay craftsmanship is second to none! I hope you've been doing well since the last time I talked with you. But now I have a request of a different sort for you. Inspired by your gorgeous work on custom VOLKS dolls, I've decided to start making my own. But the one thing I'm not confident enough to do on my own - yet - is rooting and styling hair. You do such a marvelous job, I was curious as to whether you'd be willing to take a commission of that sort. Thank you so much in advance! Hope to hear from you soon."
~Anne L.

"Hello, I just received the plush doll I ordered today, and I can't thank you enough. It came out wonderfully! I wasn't expecting it so soon, thank you so much. I really hope I can order from you again, it was perfect. Thank you! "

"Hey there,
       I haven't gotten a chance to get back to you, but I wanted to thank you for the wonderful Portia [7"] plushie that you made for my friend!  She absolutely loved it! Thank you SO much! You're plushies make such great gifts! They're so wonderful!! I'm so grateful for your help!  I'm going to send you something in the mail soon so be on the look out for it ok? ^__^ I also wanted to ask, though I don't have any other friend's birthdays coming up anytime soon, do you still continue with your plush making business?  I thought maybe in the future I could come back and request another doll.  Is that ok? Or no?  Please let me know ok? Thank you so much, for everything!"
~Kathie S.

"All dolls [Rin 8" VOLKS, Flea 11" Volks, Magus 11" VOLKS] received today, they're so cute! thankies :)"

"Oh.My.God. I got my Lucia costume today - 2 weeks early- AND I LOVE IT!!!  Thank you SOOOO much!  It's absolutely gorgeous and it's perfect!!! You are amazing! <3 <3 <3  I'm tellin all my friends to go to you and every time I need a costume, it's you guys first!!   Thank you so much!   I have a quick question~~ Do you know where I can get a nice blue wig?  I don't know of any places in my town that'll have any ^^;;"
~ Alayna

"Hello SetsunaKou,   I wanted to let you know i recieved my Hige UFO plush and I have to say that it is absolutely fantastic!!  It is so adorable.  It really turned out just perfect and I have to thank you for the wonderful job.  I will definitally come back to you if I want another plush made.  I have also referenced you to other friends of mine who have though about having a plush made of their favorite character.  I hope you site gets up and running soon!  I cannot wait to see what other projects you have just finish!  Please let me know when ur site is up and running again!  Once again thank you so much!  You are incredible."
~Lauren K.

"They're [Kurt Prom 12 & Amanda Prom 12" UFOs] gorgeous! Hey!  They'er Adorable AND Gorgeous!  Ohhhhhh, thankyouthankyouthankyouthankyouthankyouthankyouthankyouthankyouthanyou! Thank You Both So Much, And God Bless You, Lisa.(your loyal fan)"
~Lisa F.

" Hey again Setsuna, I just wanted to say that I went back to your website and looked and I noticed that you added my [Urd Vers 2] costume to the Oh my goddess costume section. And ahh it was just so cool. I just kinda pointed and was like "That is mine!" haha I just bring it up cuz when I was looking I was just kinda like, "Damn I hope I make it look that good too."     Anyway my wings are supposed to be shipped in this week, and I guess they'd show up at latest next week. (they better, or else I have to hunt down some ppl in Texas) Even so I'm specifically dressing as Urd on the second day of the convention, Saturday the 20th of August (b/c most ppl agreed with me that that is the day where the most people are out and around), so I'll have plenty of photos afterwards. Again, the costume is great, I love it. I'll e-mail you again w/ a few pics when the convention passes and as soon as I have the cash for it, it'll be Lulu time. ^ ^"  -Damaris S.

"Hi!!Thank you very much!! He [Toshiya 7" UFO] is so beautiful!!I love him!!He is more beautiful than I imagine!!!thank you!!Maybe one day I ask you for an other style of toshiya!!Not now I have no money for this but one day sure!!!thank you again I am very happy!!thanks!!"

"Thank you. Hello, I received the Rogue jacket in the mail today, and I'm very happy with it. Thank you, it looks great, and is exactly what I wanted. It came out really accurate, and looks a lot like my Rogue statue, which you said you used as a reference. ^_^ Thank you again!!"
~Mandy C.

"Thank you!!! Guys~  I just wanted to let you know I received my Alice Elliot (Shadow Hearts) costume & wig today... I love it, it looks great!!! I will definitely comission another costume from you guys next year. XD XD XD
Sincerely yours,"
~Sarah O.

"I love you guys!! I love the [Lucia] wig!! It's gorgeous!!  I just have a quick question, so I figured I'd talk to the pros- you guys!  Okay, I have *super* long hair that is also thick.... is there an easy way to fit it under a wig?  Like getting a scalp cap or something to put it under?  Or do you recommend braiding the hair and pinning it up or...?  Hehe, thanks !! Thank you guys so much,  I love my Lucia costume and wig!  You're the best!!!"
~ Alayna

"Hi! I'm sorry it has taken me this long to contact you, but I DID recieve these [Sasami 4" & Kiyone 4" Gashapon] figures and the quality is fantastic! You really sweat the details and it shows! Kiyone MUST be smiling that she finally got a figure worthy of her name!! You even managed to get Tsunami's mark perfect on Sasami's forehead! On the subject of other orders, It may take a little longer than I had hoped to be able to place an order for the "Infinite Jupiter" Resin statue, but I am still very much interested. Infact, I may need to order two of them and I also need to inquire about the possibility of an "Infinite Mars" Resin statue as well. Thanks!"
~Mark H.

"Hi Just wanted to let you know the Trowa [2' UFO] plush arrived and my friend loved it, she wanted to take him to work XD Great Job on the Trowa Plush He's awesome ^__^ Thank you & Have A Nice Day"
~Jayme K.

"Wow... Ummm. Wow wow wow!!! I am super impressed. It [Rogue Vers 2 coat] looks great! And I'm not sure if that is you or your helper in the jacket, but they look great too. I'm so excited to see it in person. I also will send complete costume pics just in case you want to advertise the coat on your site.. But the pictures with the "old Rogue" Look just fine.. Wow, I'm still in shock! Thanks again. Ps I will be sure to contact you in the future with any of my costuming needs, but they will not be short notice I promise!"
~Miracole W.

"Moowahahahahahhaha!!! I just received the Rogue [Vers 2] Jacket and IT’S THE COOLEST THING EVER!!! It fits perfectly, and the pattern cut is awesome! I can not wait to get home and put the whole costume on to see how it all looks! I will take pics and send them to you tomorrow (if I get the whole belt together, which I am planning on finishing tonight). I’m so excited right now you can not even imagine! The jacket tocks! Thanks again for latterly saving my butt! Thanks bunches,
~Miracole W.

"Hey, I got the Wicked Lady/Black Lady costume and wig, then when on vacation the next day so I'm just now able to let you know I got it ^^ It's awesome, thank you so much!! I tried it on, glanced at the mirror and jumped, thinking "omg it's Black Lady!!" Thanks again <3"
~Sara F.

"Costume quote! And a thank you! Firstly, I thank you for the Bridget yo-yo and shorts, both came out nicely, and will fit my favorite cosplay perfectly :)   Secondly, I would like to ask for a quote on two costumes from you. Thanks again!!!!"
~Brian V.

"Thanks for getting them [Harukanaru DVDs] done so quickly. I haven't had time to really watch them, but they look great so far. I'll let you know when I receive them and when I'm ready for more. ^^"
~Christine T.

"Hi! I love your stuff, just want to say. But, For awhile now, I have been after Dollfines and VOLKS. and so far, yours have been the cheapest. I was also wondering, do you take request on dolls? Cause, I wanted to know if you would ever do a Black Magician Girl (I think its dark magician girl) volks doll? cause, she is my favorite. Oh Speaking of which, I love that outfit you made of the Black Magician Girl! It was very beautiful! :) "
~Hakunio M.

"Hello, I received my package with the [Super Sailor Moon & Super Sailor Mini Moon 1/8] model kits 5 days ago and I was so impressed. You did a great jpb on them, they turned out so well. I especialy love Sailor Moon's and Chibi Moon's Eyes, they are so beautiful X3. Thank you so much, I really love them. About the face-thing you did a great job as well. I am afraid, I didn't know that the head wasn't the right one. I am wondering too how it happened that the wrong head was in the box. However, I bought that model kit second hand on yahoo japan auctions. Maybe the person who owned it before exchanged the heads ? I dunno XD ! But after all, it doesn't matter anyway now because she's darn beautiful thanks to you. Have a nice day and don't forget to tell me about the way you want the photos. Many thanks again, regards,"
~Andrea M.

"Thanks so much!  Yoko [7" UFO] looks absolutely adorable!"
~ Becky S.

"HarukaKou.  I received the [2 Quatre x Dorothy] doujinshi books yesterday and I just had to write back and tell you that I love them!  Thank you so much for all the fantastic work that your and your group do on these books, they are better than I could have ever hoped for.  I wish you the best in all of your efforts.   Thanks so much, God bless,"
~Carolyn W.

"Hi! Just letting you know that I got the [Brother FFX 11" Volks] doll today, and I'm BEYOND pleased... he's gorgeous :)  Thank you SO much!  (I've been sick with the flu for a week so you can imagine how much better my day got when the mail came ^^) Thanks again!"
~Susanna C.

"Yippee!!! Hi! I received my [Sailor Moon wig & cosplay accessories] items yesterday. I am VERY pleased at the work that you've done. The wig is beautiful and the wand is great. i can't believe at the artistry of your work. You've done so much at such a short period of time. Plus you are very fare when it comes to customer service. Not a lot of places offer the repairng of items with out additional charges. I was very surprised about how fast my items came. I just wish I'd ordered a pair of boots, too! Do you have any tips on wig care? How do I keep the ends of the wig from becoming untwirled? Well thank you for taking my order, making my wig, earrings, odongo covers, chockers, ordering my wand and fixing my tiara. You'll might be hearing from me again for some additional sailor senshi stuff (i've been eyeing a Neptune wig and a Dr. Tomoe plushie for a while....) Thank you so much again."
~Danay W.

"Hello, I received the [Tuxedo Mask 7" UFO Plushie] doll today. Thank you so much! Regards,"

"Hey, [SeraMyu Eternal Moon; Hikaru 2nd Armor; Princess Serenity] costumes arrived at my home and my mom is sending them to me so they should get to me next week. My mom was very very impressed by them. I have two small questions. My boyfriend is going to cosplay Tuxedo Mask and we have mostly put the costume together except for some minor details. 1) how does one mount a cape to a tuxedo? 2) how do you make the mask since there are no good versions of this hear. Also, if he just wanted to order a mask from you, what would the cost be for Tuxedo Mask's mask? Thanks again for everything! Pictures of me in my costumes will soon be on there way - kinda. Most of the good quality pictures will come from the aniem convention I am going to in March, but I will send you them when I get them."
~Katherine F.

"By the way I just wanted to let you know that I received my [Super Sailor Uranus] costume, glaive cover, ufo cree [4" UFO] and the [PGSM] bracelets in the mail. They are all just so wonderful. If you need any pictures for the venus belt just let me know okay. I look forward to hearing from you soon."
~Sandy P.

"My d-luxe Zoisite wig arrived today. It's perfect, thank you. I have one more character to add to the 4' plush price request list: Infinite Sailor Venus. Get back to me when you can. Keep up the good work."
~Jay B.

"Thankies!! Wow!! I just got my loverly bunch of joy in the mail yesterday! I'm so happy!! Everything [Koyori Wand, ears, and Komugi 7' UFO Plush] turned out beautiful!! I'm so insanely happy! Thanks so much! You guys are great and some of the most talented people I've ever had the pleasure of meeting! I will be doing business with you again, and when I finish the costume, I'll send you guys some pictures! Also, I'll be telling all my frineds about you, there are a lot of Cosplayers in my hometown who can't sew. >.< The Staff turned out perfect, and I'm wearing the ears everywhere out of cuteness! Potsukichi is adorable, and soon, if you aren't incredibly smashed, I'll be ordering another plushie from you, but I'll contact you again when the time comes. You guys did a beautiful job! Thanks!"
~Tricky G.

"Hi SetsunaKou!!!!!!!!!!!!!   I just recieved my Rogue costime with boots yesterday. I just wanted to tell you that you done an excellent job on my costume, and that you are so good at what you do. I love it so much!!!!!! It fits perfect on me. My mom loved it too. Keep up the good work. I will remember to send you a picture, and that I will tell everyone about your website. Thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!"
~ Jessica S.

"Hi! Thank you so much for comissioning my [Kasumi, Yuna Gunner, and Azuka] costumes! I love them! Great job!! Will it be possible for you to comission a Bloody Roar 3 Uriko? Thank you again for your comissions! <3"
~Jan I.

"Hi! I noticed all the awesome YGO dolls you have up now. ^^ They're so cool. :) If I had a lot of money, I know I'd be getting a lot of them! **laugh.** I was wondering, since the prices seem to vary with each character, what the approximate price might be to make one of Siegfried von Schroider. Not sure if you've been following YGO or not (I'm guessing Yes, from the doll descriptions and such?), but he's from the recent Grand Prix/Championship mini-arc. Thanks, and have a great day! ^^"
~Christina :)

"The [Maximillion] Pegasus [11" VOLKS] doll is so... so... *GODLY* looking!! XD You did an amazing job on him!! X3 [ And, despite generally disliking Bakura, I'm in love with how you did his hair. o.o; I just want to go and pet it.. >_>; lol. ]
~Ashley P.

"Sorry that this took so long...I was on a fall break from the 19th of September to the 10th of October and I just got so busy with school and the computer getting a really nasty virus.   I'm just writing to say that the [Briana & Matt 7" UFO Portrait] dolls arrived on the 7th of October (the day before my birthday ^^ Good timing!) and that we love them to death. I've shown all my friends who now all want dolls of their own ^^" Everyone was very impressed with the amount of detail and how cute they are! Everytime I look at my doll of Matt I have to giggle, it's just that cute -^^-   We took a picture of us with them on the 15th and I figured I'd send it to you!   Thank you SOOOOO much! The dolls are cuter then I ever thought possible! Once I get a job and save up some money I think I'd like to have a few more made if that's alright ^^ Hopefully there's no limit to how many you can make for one person ^^"   Thanks again every so much"
~Briana and Matt!!

"Just want to tell you I got him [Raziel 2' UFO] yesterday. He's cute! Thanks, until next order :D"
~Cathy K.

"Dear Setsuna-san,   Thank you for Odetta-chan [11" Volks of Japan Dollfie Plus doll]! she's even more lovely than I imagined. I can't wait to order some clothes for her and take pictures. Only... I think she's a little lonely. That's why I'm placing an order for another doll ^_^ Since my scanner's down, I'll have to attach a picture of the doll that I modeled this one from.   If it's possible, I'd like this one (I call her Olympe-de-Lune -- she's playful and a little immature ^_^) to look as much as possible like the attachment. Doesn't her shaggy brown hair make her look bratty and adorable? Her eyes are brown, I think.  I'm not sure how tall Odetta is... I think 11". What sizes do you have for doll?   Your work is so excellent! I'm definitely going to order at least five more dolls within the next two years.   Thanks so much!"
~Venus L.