Some customer comments from July 2002 - May 2004

Hi SetsunaKou
       I just wanted to let you know that I received my plushie [Ludwig Von Koopa 2' UFO] today! You totally made my day, because I was having a real crappy morning, then I went outside and saw that he arrived. He's PERFECT! Thank you sooooo much!!! Soon I might ask you to make me a Link, from the Legend of Zelda, plushie. :) Once again, thanks!! I'm going to link your site to my homepage. :::hugs!!::
                    ~Melissa I.

I just wanted to tell you that I received my Yuna costume a few days ago and I wanted to compliment you on your fabulous work. It looks exactly like the real Yuna's costume, and it's very comfortable to wear. Thanks again, Setsuna-san! You'll be expecting to hear more orders from me soon.
~Haley P.

Hey! I got the costume right on time!  The Auron costume exceeded every expectation I had. I still can't believe you made the costume so great in such a small amount of time [3 days turnaround]...  I A LOT of compliments on the costume and tons of camera attention.  I really can't thank you enough!  It turned out to be one of the best weekends of my life.  Thanks again.

Ok! I just want to say that I love the rosebride adolescense [Movie] costume! My boyfriend couldn't stop taking pictures of me in it! I really love the work that you did with it! I will contimue to order costumes from you from now on. Oh! And i will send you the pictures as soon as I can load them onto my computer. Thank you so much! I love it!!! P.S. Do you by any chance make Black mage yuna costumes or Lulu costumes?
~Tyia S.

I got the wig [Human Luna] today! It's wonderful! Thanks! I can't wait until I wear it!
Thanks again for your great work!
~Rebecca C.

HI!   First please let me say you have the most wonderful website I have ever seen.  I spent HOURS (no lie!) in it today and could not get enough of it.  I thoughly enjoyed myself!!!!  But to get on with why I am emailing you.   I am a serious doll collector.  I am not some wide-eyed teenager.  I am 49 years old and absolutely in love with Sailor Moon.  I have an entire ROOM devoted to her.  So, I am very serious about this.  I guess you can say Sailor Moon is my obsession.  But to get to the point, I saw in your custom doll section that you have the Bandai Queen Serenity (Mother of Princess Serenity) doll and you said to email for pricing and other information.  I so very much would like to buy this doll.  PLEASE reply back with the details.
~BJ G.

Hi! Its me again.  I sent you email a few days ago, asking about the Queen Serenity doll.  And here it is three days later and I still can't get enough of your website!  It is marvelous!  The music and the merchandise!  Everything is great. 
~BJ G.

Hiya, Gomen ne for not emaling you sooner, I got the dollies [Sailor Iron Mouse UFO & Bat Mao UFO] a few days ago and KAWAIIIII ! Oh man, Iron mouse is just so cute, I love the fur you used and Mao *dances* My daughter LOVES him ! we hung him up in her room and she's so happy ^^ Arigatou gozaimasu ^-^ If you ever want to trade any other stuffs or need other things, just let me know, I'm glad you liked the zines, it makes me happy. No problem about the references, we seamstressses have to stick together ne ? well I'll go, thankyou again
~Nezumi L.

Actually I received them [2 Plushies] today and they look great!  I'm sooo happy with
them...after otakon I'll have another request for you..thank you sooo much
they're exactly what I wanted ^_^
can't wait to do business again,
~Karissa G.**

That was REALLY FAST! I can't believe my Fujimiya Aya costume came so quickly; and it's PERFECT! I love it! I just gave you a glowing review on Merle-kun's cosplay site under his commissioner section. ^.~   The only real complaint I have is that the earring is incorrect. Is it okay if I send it back and have it replaced? I can send you a photo of what it's supposed to look like; a closeup. I'm such a dork; I actually have specific character deisgns for him. ^_^;   But WOW. I'm SO IMPRESSED. But I SO love the costume. I've already showed it off to all my friends. The
sword was AWESOME and incredibly CUTE, too! Because most cons I go to are in
airports they don't allow real katanas. This is PERFECT! XD
I'm definately ordering from you in the future. x.X   Thanks again,
~Natalie S.

Hi Setsuna, I got both of the costumes[Rabi~en~Rose & Urd] today in the mail and they
look cute.  I'm really impressed on how you did the
Rabi~En~Rose costume as well as the Anthy Himemiya
costume.  Sunday at Otakon I will be in a Di Gi Charat
group and I will make sure to get plenty of pictures
of me as Rabi and as Urd for you site to use.  Thank
you again I have a feeling I might do another order
with you in the future.  Thank you again. Take care,
~Cedric S.

I love you.....I will refer ALL MY FRIENDS TO YOU!! YOU
ROCK!! Arrigato gozaimasu! [Ordered Wig and Ears Cosplay accessories]
~Michelle N.

Setsuna, Monday or Tuesday?  Try today!!!  I came home from shopping and I got the
mail and there was this little thingy that said there was a package between
the doors.  So I got it and instantly realized what it was.  I was sssooooo
excited!  Thank you so much for the [Pluto] wig and Time Rod!  They are so
beautiful!  And yes, I will send pictures as soon as I can.  The finishing
touches are being made on my costume this weekend, so I should have it in my
possession by Monday or Tuesday.  Then I have to add the brooch (making it
out of Fimo, this should be interesting) and then it'll all be done.  I
can't wait for Friday to go to the convention!  I'll send pictures sometime
in the middle of the week hopefully.  Talk to you soon and thanks again!!!
Friendly Goodbyes,
~Brittany L.

Thanx so much! She [Umi 11" VOLKS Doll] looks beautiful! Thank you! I'll be happy to order more from you! Thanx again!
~Hope S.

I just got my dolls [4 Fan Character 4" UFO Plushies] today!! *runs about living room in squeeling
happiness*  WOHOO!! *hugs very-very-very cute dolls and giggles, while
family looks concerned* Wee! I'm so happy with my dolls! I want to thank you so very much for
making them for me! They're awsome, and so very very cute, and I'll keep
them and treasure them forever in an odd obsessive way ^_^**
You're very talented! (I spent most of last night looking at your cosplay
costumes and some more of your new UFO dolls) I'm more than impressed,
and imensly happy that I have the characters me and my friends made up as
very pretty, cute, and well-made UFO plushies!!
Thanks once again, and may you have tons more well-paying business for
the great and very cool stuff you guys make!!
~Sarah B.

Hi! Before I say anything else, I have to compliment you on your wonderful works
on your site!! The dolls, the costumes, just wow! I came to your site
through a link posted on a message board I go to
( I was so impressed when I looked at the
merchandise you have to offer. And I can tell you, there's alot of little
girls that go to the message boards that are swooning over the stuff you
have to offer too! Well... so maybe I'm an older girl and there's also other
older girls swooning too! LOL!
Anyways, to get on with the point and not make myself sound like a kiss-ass,
I have an offer/favour for you. I run a Haruka and Michiru shrine and I'm
always looking for unique content to get more visitors. I was wondering if I
may use some of the pictures of merchendise from your page to post on my
site. I will give you complete credit as well as persuade my visitors to buy
your beautiful merchendise. Just so you know, I'm not a little free hosted
site either - Being a dot com site and
putting your advertisement up where it will be noticed would bring alot of
hits to your site. We would both come out on top in the end. ^_^
I think that's about all I have to say about that! I hope you consider my
offer and accept!
Thank you for your time!
~Candy Z.

Hello ^_^,
I just recieved my order [Sailor Aluminum Siren 11" Volks Doll & Aluminum Siren 7" UFO Plushie] friday, and it is SOOOOOOOOOOO absolutely beautiful. You are right the VOLKS dolls are the best, it looks exactly like Aluminum Siren, and the plushie is Very Very Cute !!!! Oh, everything is WONDERFUL
Thank You Very Much For Everything,
~Christie H. ^_~

Hi, just to let you know I received them [Washu 4" A, B, & C Dolls UFO Plushies] today!!!  That was really fast delivery!!!  They are GREAT!!! Even better than I had hope for thank you so much *in Mihoshi voice* thanks
~Steve M.

Thanks again for all your beautiful work and the fabulous site!  Cheers!
~ Margaret P.

I was looking at the Gundam Wing plushies and was very impressed, particularly in that talking plushies were offered offered.
~Lisa D.

Wow this costume[Mitsuki Costume] rocks my socks! Thanks so much! *hugglies <3

Hello my name is sien r.... and you made that wonderful spike [Spiegel] costume for me last year for otakon.  I was checking to see if you still use this email because i would like you to make another if possible.  I have have my friend trying to contact you as well because he was impressed with your work.  Well let me know if its possible for me to render your services again.  Thank you for your time.
 ~Sien R.

Hi! i just wanted to let you know that sora [7" UFO Plush] arrived here safely and i love him. you guys did a fantastic job and it was well worth the wait! keep up the good work! i will DEFINATELY be ordering from you guys again! thanks bunches!
~joelle M.

Thank you very much, Setsuna-san. I appreciate that you've taken the time to return my e-mails and I look forward to receiving the wigs [Ichigo with ears & Lettuce with ribbons]. You can be sure that I'll come back to you for more of my costume needs in the future.  I certainly enjoy doing business with someone as friendly and reliable as you.   Take care,
~Sarah J.

Thank you SO much!!! I received my Ichigo ears and tail a few days ago and I am so pleased with them ^_^. The craftsmanship on them is great (especially the inside of the ears), in fact they look so real my dog tried to bite me o_O! I can't wait to wear them for Anime North. You've made me so happy. Thank you!-
~Cat D.

Hi!  I got the dress [Card Captor Sakura White Star Costume] on Friday and my computer has been down for a little while so I'm sorry that I couldn't tell you sooner.  I absolutely love it!!  It's so cute, adorable, bouncy, and very very beautiful.  You did an amazing job and for the amount I spent on it I'd consider this an amazing deal.  I was expecting to pay almost 360 dollars for the same dress from another website.  I am definitely going to consider you again first if I need another costume.  I can trust you and your amazing talent.  The only little problem I have with it is the length though.  It's a tad bit short since there isn't much of a middle, just the bust, a few inches and then the first layer of the skirt section.  But when I look at everything else and just how beautiful it is it's only a minor problem.  It's perfect for this year's Otakon and I can't wait to wear it there!  Thank you so much for everything. and if you'd like, I'll gladly send pictures from Otakon once the event is over during the summer.  I'll never forget how you help make a dream become a reality.  ^^  Thanks again and good luck with everything! If I do need anything else though I'll be sure to contact you as soon as I am able!  Thank you so much again, you're really too kind!

Hey Setsuna-san and Haruka-san, I really love your Final Fantasy X and X-2 dolls.
I wanted to make some dolls myself but the parts are hard to get. I am
particularly interested in Azone, Volks and Noix de Rome look nice too.
Here is a suggestion: I think you ought to make Utena dolls and sell
them (custom or whatever) because everyone loves Utena stuff (espcially
on eBay!) I was just curious, (I don't want one...yet...) but how much
would a Juri Arisugawa doll cost? Custom made with parts and rooted
orange hair with curls, custom sewn Seitokai outfit and sword and all in
box? Would you have an estimate for that? I may commission a doll from
you someday because your dolls are so lovely! And I love dolls! :-D
~Kate B

Hi! I just got my Feena costume today (Friday, April 23rd). I tried it on, and I was instantly delighted. It is so cute and fun and fits like a dream! Thank you so so so so much; it was well worth my money. Thank you, thank you, thank you so much for being so courteous and understanding. You're the best seller(s) I've ever worked with, ever :D Thanks again, and I can't wait to tell everyone at the cons what a wonderful
job you did with my costume [Feena from Grandia] ^_^
~Ashley L.

Thank you so much ^_^ IT'S [Duo EW UFO Plushie] ADORABLE! God bless!
~Toshiaki S.

I got my costume [Rabi~en~Rose] today. Thank you so much!! I just love it! It's so cute and
fluffly. Just one thing, and it's not your fault, any suggestions on how to keep the headband on for a long period of time? Thanks again~
~ Molly L.

I got the plushies [Utena & Rosebride Portrait 12" UFO Plushies] today and I HAVE TO THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THEM!!^__^ THEY are the GREATEST things EVER!! My friend Nick is going to be so excited!@!! They came out wonderfully!! i cant tell you how happy i am and how wonderful these are!! im so happy ;_______; you did the best job!! THANK YOU!!!!^_^_^_^__^ ^__^_^
~Allyson D.

I just got the [Muraki] coat yesterday and it is beauitful! Thank you very very much. ^_^ I espically like the celtic lion/gryffon style buttons you put on it. I'll make sure to send you a photograph or two of the entire costume when it's completed!

I just wanted to tell you that I got my CCS (ep. 43) costume today and I absolutely love it! ^_^ Thank you so much!   Each costume I get from you is even better than the previous. ^.^ Maybe you are getting really used to my measurements. ^^;   Anyway...thank you soooo much! ^_^,v,,
~Laura G.

Just got the Ashton [Anchors Costume] outfit in and it's absolutely wonderful. i love it alot and think that it's very nicely done! Thank you!!!

Just wanted to thank you for the Seto Kaiba UFO catcher, which I received today. He's so cute! ^_^ Thanks again!
~Jessica L.

Hey, Setsuna. I was finally able to attend a Sevendust concert, and to give the band
members their respective plush dolls [Sevendust 12" Set of 5 Plushies] backstage (the guys all LOVED the dolls!). But
now I have a problem: I want them all over again...this time for myself.
~Tanya F.

Hey!! Sorry, I would have e-mailed the day it came, but I have been so busy!  You did a wonderful job on the Yuna costume!  I immediately put it on!  It's beautiful!  I look like Yuna! ^^  Thank you again for your time and the wonderful results! I'll make sure to take and send you pictures!
~Yuki F.

Miss Hidi, It's Kim, as you can tell by the headline, my [Pharaoh YuGiOh UFO Plushie] King is here and he's
everything i dreamed he'd be. I wonted to thank you and let you know that
he'll be well cared for. thank you very very much,
~Kimberly C.

IT'S [Sango Kimono Costume] HERE, THANK YOU! I love it, it fits perfectly, thank you so much, i can't wiat to wear it to my up coming anime convention next week. ^^
~Siobhan H.

Hi SetsunaKou!!!! I received the Pikachu feet and ears on friday and
they are wonderful!!! I'll send you pictures once we
get them developed!! thank you so much!!!
~Shara N.

Setsuna-san, We received the [Myu Saturn] boots today!
Thank you so much! They fit her just right!! Yay! You're our hero-ine!
Thanks again, I'll be sure to take pics at the con this weekend!
= )
~Kate B.

Dib [UFO PLushie] came!!! Thank you very much I love him so much!! I will probably order more IZ stuff form your site n the future, so look out!! XD  
*~~Bobbi G.~~*

Arigato Setsuna Kou, I got my [Tidus] costume yesterday afternoon and it's awesome.
:-D Thank you so much.

This thank you is a little late, because I didn't have time to go pick up
the package at the post office 'til yesterday~ But thanks so much for all
your time and effort! It [Siren Robe Costume] arrived to me on time, right before Valentine's
Day, and I'm also really impressed with the quality of your work (again).
The costume fit perfectly and comfortably, and though I was unsure of the
materials that would be used at first, I think it worked out very nicely.
Thanks for everything (including all your blessings, hehe <3), you guys are
so great!
~Sarah K .

It [Mima Costume from Perfect Blue] looks just the way my daughter thought it would.  Thank you~
~Elizabeth K.

Darshia [UFO Plushie] is wonderful ^_^ I love her so much! Thank you so much!
AND my friend in singapore says he definitely wants one
and will have the money sent when he gets a chance.
~Bryan C.

Hi!   I just wanted to let you know the Sora UFO Catcher came today. Thank you so much for making it so fast! You did a wonderful job!  
~Cara B.

Hi Setsuna-san! I received Folken [UFO Plushie] yesterday and he's wonderful! I love the detail on him. Do
you take commissions for the plush dolls? I was interested in getting one of
Dryden Fassa, also from Escaflowne. Let me know what works best for you or
if you need a picture or two of the character. I would be more than happy to
do business with you again.
Thanks again,
~Dawn W.

Dear Heidi and Chloe : Yes I did have a great christmas and a great new year and I did get my dolls
in the mail.  You bet that this is weird, we have so much in common it's
almost like we can read each others mind (like a psychic power, hint, hint).
 I love all of my [plushie] dolls especially Arwen and Pirncess Allura, they both
turned out magnificently and the others were great as well.  Did you know
that my sister also likes Rikku as well as we do.  Speaking of Rikku, I was
just wondering how much would it cost to make a costume of her in her theif
dressphere.  I'm sure you know what outift I'm talking about, I will enclose
a picture and may be sometime soon I'll ask you to make it.  I look forward
to hearing from you soon. Sincerely,
~Sandy P.

Hi Setsuna -
   I have received the package!!  I haven't had a chance to have my wife model it for me yet, but it[Faerie Costume & Wig] looks very much like what I had wanted for her. Please tell Ms. Braga that she has done a great job!! I will send another message, after I have seen the outfit modelled.
~Wayne W.

I recived her [Iron Mouse Petit Soldier] last week! She is soooo cute!!! Thanks soooo much!! As soon as I get the money I will order Sailor Fireball. Thanks sooo much!!!
~Jeremy K.

Hello. Heidi thank you so much the [Sailor Uranus] costume is fantastic I love I love it I love it.It's absolutely wonderful *Crying* Thank you heidi for all of your help believe in the near future you are the one that I will get costumes from now and forever more.   Thanks to you my mother loves it very much and I will send you some pictures from the Katsucon so I can tell you all about it. Thank you very much for the Sailor Uranus Costume I will never forget you.  
Lashanna B.

I just got my [Vash the Stampede] costume today and it looks great! the right arm In the trench is a little bit tight but over all it fits great, so thank you very much and I hope to remain in contact with you.
~Keith K.

CHLOE!!!!! THE [Kos-Mos Giochi Preziosi 11" Doll, Human Luna 11" Bandai Doll, Rikku Thief 11" Giochi Preziosi Doll], DOLLS ARRIVED TODAY AND THEY ARE JUST AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!! Luna is so beautiful!!!! she is just perfect! And Kos-Mos is AMAZING!!!! She looks EXACTLY like her!!!! she is so awsome!!!! and RIKKU!!!!!!!! OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!! RIKKU IS ABSOLUTELY PERFECT IN EVERY WAY!!!!!!!!!!!! SHE IS THE MOST BEAUTIFUL DOLL I HAVE EVER SEEN!!!!!!! SHE IS SO CUTE SHE LOOKS EXACTLY LIKE HER!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you SOOOOOOOOOOOO much!!!!!!!!!! I will be sure to order more from you, even though you know I will already. I love them all sooooooo much!!!!!! they are all just perfect!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
many *HUGS*  
~Hope S.

[Sailor Ceres & Sailor Juno Paper Dolls Set] Item came yesterday and we are very pleased! Thank you!

I'll be placing an order as soon as I get my Christmas money in
(within the next week for sure). Have you considered making a Rikku or Paine
costume? I'm planning to go with my two friends, and while we've found Rikku
and Paine costumes on another cosplay site, it's much more expensive than
the prices you charge. Plus, they don't even have pictures of what the
costume actually looks like!
Is that you modeling your costumes in the pictures on your site?
Did you know that you look a lot like Yuna?
~Samantha V.       

 Thank You so much she [Digimon Kari 12" UFO Plushie] is BEAUTIFUL! I received her today, and she is perfect! If IO ever want another plushie of another character I'm sure I'll let you know. And I'll tell people about you. Bye and Thanks again!
~Stephanie O.

Hi. The [2] plush [2ft] dolls of Cassandra were delivered yesterday. I really like them, they are very nice. They are really soft and huggable too. You excellent at making them. They are just the way I wanted them. If there is anything else that I want made, you will be the one that I will ask. Thank you. Have a relly great day.
~Pam G.

I just wanted to thank you so much for the Horatio Hornblower plushie!!  He's so adorable!  ^__^ His little jacket is so neat - and I love the bucked shoes! ^.^  He makes this year's Thanksgiving so wonderful!! So, thanks again and Happy Thanksgiving to you!!  God bless!Sincerely,
~Megan M.

Hello I just wanted to say I got [Tsukasa UFO Plushie] safely on monday. I just wanted to make
sure to tell you you both did a wonderful job! Thank you very much! I'm
sure if I have any other chars in mind I'll look you up right away! :)
~Thomas R.

Hi, Just wanted to let you know I got the set (Soi, Chichiri, Caldina, Nuriko, Ayeka, and the Nuriko DP 6" Dolls), and I love Chichiri and Soi (thank you so much).  So, I decided to get Tamahome and sent off the money order and the tape, but I don't want you to feel rushed on him, because I want him to be as good as Chichiri and Soi.  So, that's okay if you are not able to send him with the next set (Chii, Belldandy, and Pallas), because I wouldn't mind having to wait a little longer for him if it means he'd be better if I waited.  Just let me know what you think. Thanks for putting up with me again,
~Justin H.

Hello, just wanted to let you know today I received my Aeris [& Kingdom Hearts Aeris] costumes and
all I can say is WOW. Thank you so so much for everything, they are PERFECT!
You are so talented. And both of them fit perfect, too! Thank you so much
again and I will definetely send you some pictures!! XOXO
~Anna S.

Hello Setsuna-san! It is Laura and I received my Utena movie[school uniform]costume yesterday. It is great! I love it. Thank you so much. ^_^
~Laura G.

Hi,   I received the Dark Magician Girl [4" UFO Plushie]. You did such a wonderful job. You are very talented. I love her so much. Thank you. Happy Halloween!  
~ Sean

Hello again! ^.^
Just got my [Summoner Yuna] costume in, and I LOVE it!!
Thank you so much! ^.^

hi :) so you know the plushys [Heero & Duo 7" UFO Plushies] arrived yesterday :) Thanks again! I look
forward to doing buisness with you again in the future. You really made this
transaction an enjoyable one. Yours
~Helen B.

Thank you so much for this awesome [Helios 12" UFO Plushie] doll!  He is so
incredible!  You have such talent in creating dolls
that look so much like the original!  He is absolutely
~Lisa P.

Setsuna-san, Thank you so much! I just got it [Utena Anime School Uniform Jacket] today! ^_^ It's very kawaii and it fits
me too (although I could probably stand to lose a few pounds....)!
I'll make sure to take a picture of it on Halloween to send to you!
Thanks again!
~Kate B.

Hi. I just got my [8 Fan Character Sailor Scout] plushies in the mail today... I knew you were good...but
not THIS good! They are sooooooo cute~I love them! To tell you the truth,
they look A LOT better than the licensed ones.
Thank you!~
~Diana D.

Hello Setsuna, I have to say you did it again, another great [Lilith] costume I can't wait to wear it out it public. It's looks so great with my elf ears. Thank you so much I'll send you PICS as soon as we take some. My sister's [Yuna Gunner] costume is equally amazing. She hasn't taken it off yet. Oh and THANK YOU so much for my little Legolas [UFO plushie]. I love him so much! He hasn't left my side since I got him, I take him everywhere. Everyone complements him. He's coming with me to the great Token Gathering in December, I know he'll be a big hit. Again thank you so much for the wonderful job on the costumes and my new best friend. Samayra   P.S. Sorry I wasn't able to e-mail you sooner. This is the first time in weeks I have had some time to myself. My school is really piling the work on me. Thanks again  
~Samayra R.

Wow that's amazing, can you take pictures of all of them [Tuxedo Mask, Sailor Jupiter, Princess Serenity/Moon Kingdom Murals Oil Paintings], Id love to see them I mean, honestly, they looked Professional!!! Great job!!!!!!! Also do
you do Chobit Costumes?

**squeals happily.** The Marik plushie is here ^___^
And oooh, hesocute! ^^ Thank you so much!!! =3
**cuddles him.**
~Daisy H.:)

i just got in my "seek" [12" UFO] plushie that you made me and i'm absolutely STUNNED.
thank you so much. i LOVE IT! :):):)!!

Hi! Our plushies just arrived today, and we LOVE them!!!!!! My son was delighted by Videl and Baby Trunks, and I LOVE my Chibi Vegeta!!!! Your work is superb , and I will recommend your site to everyone! Of all the hundreds of dollars I have spent on DBZ toys, etc., these three are the best things I ever bought! My son can't stop hugging Baby Trunks! When he dresses as Vegeta for Halloween, maybe I'll take a picture of him with Baby Trunks and send it to you! In any case, i will definitely be ordering more from you as soon as I can afford it. Your work is beautiful!! Can you please tell me the latest I can send in an order for Christmas? Or is it too late? Thanks again,

HI, My Loki pet [Pun Yenn] plushie arrived today. Its sooooo cute! Thank you so much. You did a beautiful job on him. ^_^ Plus he is just in time to go with my halloween costume. Many thanks,

I'm still getting so many wonderful comments from Lunar fans on the Lucia and Hiro costumes you made my boyfriend and I. People adored them so much at Otakon, that I'm getting requests to return again next year. It's really great, I feel so privledged to own such a wonderful piece of work. Again, keep up the great work. I always look forward to your updates to see what new item you've created, it's always a great suprise. :D People adored your costumes too, they felt so great to wear, thank you again so much. ^_^ You've been the fastest, friendliest, and most reliable seamstress I've ever worked with online, I'll be sure to keep you first in mind for any future commissions.^^

Hi!   I got the [Sailor Uranus] skirt about two days ago! Thank you so much! It looks awsome! ^-^

I received my Faye [Valentine] costume this week and it looks fabulous! Thanks for all of your hard work!  I think I might I have received a pair of purple leggings by mistake. Please let me know if they were for another costume and I will send them to you.   Thanks again!
~Keri H.

YAAAAAAAY! *dances* I got my Davey [4" UFO Plushie] doll today! I LUFF HIM! GOOD JOB!
*huggles* n_______n And he's not going to a mall with me ever again!

Hey, I just got Kurt [UFO Plushie from X-Men Movie] in the mail. He looks great! I love the faux velvet you
used for his skin. Very nice touch. The tail is amazing. ^^
Thankies and Hugs!

Hi! ^_^ I just wanted to say thanks for the AWESOME Youko Kurama plush! I am so happy with him! ^.^ I really can't thank you enough, he came out even better than I imagined.  I'll definately be commissioning from you again in the future.  I was wondering if you would accept multiple requests at the same time from one person? I know it would take longer since you'd  have several dolls to make.  Thanks again! I really appreciate it, he was the perfect birthday present!

Hello!I got my Seiryuu no Miko costume in the mail today, and it is absolutely gorgeous!! Thank you so much for all of the work you put into it, and I'll be sure to send a picture from the convention :-)
~Kelly :-)

Hi, just wanted to let you know I got my UFO catchers
(Ewan McGregor and X's Subaru) today and am very
pleased! I'll surely give you more business if I can
ever decide on who I'd like to have made for myself ;)
Thanks a lot and good work!
~Darrell D.

YOU! YOU! You didnt tell me the package was coming! AHHHHHHHH! OMG! what a great surpriseeee thank you soooooo muuuuch. The Yuna [Gunner] costume is amazing! you did such a great job setsuna thank you so much. Ill be sending you a picture as soon as I can. Again Thanks soooo much!   Your friend
~Christina R.

I have received my 2 [Drowtales] plushies and the Chirinide one is awesome! You gave
so much efforts on details on this one
thank you.
~Kern (Yan G.)

Konnichiwa! I received the package on Saturday and it was amazing! The [SeraMyu Mercury and Neo Princess Mercury] doll dresses were awesome and they fit my dolls perfectly! I can't wait to order from you again!   Arigatou!
~Jessica d.R.

I just wanted to drop you a note to let you know that the Paine plushie arrived and to let you know how pleased I am.  She's remarkably done! ^_^  I'd ordered her as a gift for a friend and you've done such a fine job that I'm reluctant to let her go. [laughs at self]  Thank you very much!

Hello Setsuna -
   I wanted to give you some feedback regarding the order, which I had
received late in June.  We are both initially happy with the workmanship
and fit of the clothes [Eternal Sailor Pink Fan Character Costume & Fuu Princess Costume]!!!  Considering that Ms. Braga had never done a "Sailor Pink" outfit before, I think she did a great job!  My wife has
not had a chance to  model her costume yet, but we are hopeful that it will fit
~Wayne W.

My Bakura plushie arrived today!! He's so cuuute!!
**cuddles him!!** Thank you muchly and God bless!!! :)
~Daisy H.^^

Chris has received the costume, and he took pictures of it and it turned out wonderful, and I can't wait to try it on. I will make sure to do that when my boyfriend brings the [Lioness Mascot] costume up. I can't wait to try it on, and I know my boyfriend is excited to snuggle with me, while having it on. Thank you so much for making the costume for me, and I know my b/f thanks you as well. I recommended a friend of mine to your webpage, who will be wanting a fursuit made as well, of what I don't know yet.

Dear Heidi, Received your e-mail, and I will be ordering that Cloud plushie very shortly. Please send me the exact amount including shipping for the "Kingdom Hearts" version of Cloud. Again you have put a huge "SMILE" on my older daughters face with the "KH" Sephiroth [2' UFO plushie]. You are a terrific buisness person and look forward to dealing with you and your company many times. I happen to like your Cowboy Bebop "Spike Speigel" plushie myself !!
God Bless you and your staff. Sincerely

Dear SetsunaKou,
       I would just like to say thank you a great deal for the Ky Kiske costume. I am sure you are constantly bombarded by e-mails and costumes, so if you cannot specifically recall which one that is perfectly understandable. I would just like to say a hearty thank you , and that the costume received a great deal of praise throughout the Otakon Convention.
       Also, on the finer materials such as the jacket and stitched shirt, do these have to be dry cleaned or can they be machine washed? I would presume they have to be dry cleaned, but let me know. Once again, thank you for your hard work. The immense amount of pictures taken during the weekend were possible solely due to your efforts.
~ Bryon K

First off let me thank you again for making my [Spike Spiegel] costume.  When i first got it i was very pleased on the quality of the costume as well as how authentic you got the spike costume to look (especially the jacket, that was my favorite part of the costume).  At the convention i was at, the costume was a huge success.  Everyone really liked the costume and they were taking pictures of me in my costume.  This was the first time i ever went to a con before and i think it will certainly remember it for a long time.  I have already told all my otaku friends about you and seeing my costume are really thinking about doing business again.  We all plan to go next year so i will be coming back to you again for another costume.  Thank you for your excellent costume making skills. P.S.  I'll try to send of picture of the costume when i get it from my friend
~Sien R.

I just wanted to say thank you for the making the Sephiroth Kingdom hearts [11.5" Volks] doll. Its my favorite doll inthe whole world. I just love him, you are wonderful doll artists. Thank you so much
~Holly W.

SQUEEEEEE!!!!! *jumps up and down* She [Sailor Chibi Chibi 3" BanDai Doll] came today and shes WONDERFUL!! I was so excited when the mailman handed me the box that I almost forgot to hand him back the signing slip ^_^ But ooohhh she's sooo much cuter than what I expected! Her hair is so pink and bright!! All of Hotaru's [8" BanDai Doll] outfits are terrific too! I'm going to go get her and try them out right now! Thank you SO SO SO SOOOO much!!
~Sammi S.

Hi! I recieved my [Gothic Kitty] costume today and it was marvelous..Thank you soo much I'll be sure to send you pictures as soon as possible. Thanks again

Dear HarukaKou, I received my [Sora Kingdom Hearts] costume [and KeyStaff]! Thanks so much. My friends and family love it! ^_^ I must compliment you. You do very high-quality work. Thanks again and God
bless! Lapras luck, and lollipops,
~Taric A.

Awwnn, I was on your costume section again >_< god the costumes are so great! I just love it !
Is it in your country so hot, too Oo? In germany its just to terrible >-< I dont like such a heat XD
Well, Ive got to surf on you webpage a little :D Im curious whats new X3 much love and hugs,
~Sabrina S.

Wow ! [Original Sailor Moon Child's Costume and Wig] Arrived today in perfect condition, it looks fantastic !!! She's going to be wrapped. Thank you very much.   Regards
~Fred B.

SetsunaKou, The [SevenDust 12"] plushes arrived yesterday, all in perfect condition. They all look great!
I'm very impressed with your work on them! I'll definitely commission more
plushes from you guys in the future (when I have more money at my disposal, of
course)!Thank you guys so much!
~Tanya F.

Hey there! Just wanted to let you guys know that I got my plushie of my character Honda, and that I ABSOLUTLY LOVE IT!!!! It's so cute, you guys did an excellent job! Thank you so much!! You are miracle workers!    ^_^ Thanks again,
~Carly L.

Hello! I just wanted to let you know that I got the [Portrait 7" & Robin from Batman 7"] plushies yesterday & was
able to send my boyfriend's birthday plush to him yesterday as well. If the
post office does it right, it should make it just in time for his birthday!
THANK YOU SO MUCH! ^_^ I laughed so hard when I saw the plushies of my
boyfriend & I. They're so cute! I especially loved the hair on mine. ^_^ hee
hee The EVA shirt was a nice touch, too! ^_^ And the Robin plush was
ADORABLE! I love the fact that you can remove his mask too! ^_^ Did I tell
you he had blue eyes? I don't remember, but he does & that's what you gave
him so he's perfect! ^_^ THANK you SO SO much for the excellent service as ALWAYS! ^_^ I'll be in
touch with another order as soon as I get more money. ^_^ ha ha Ja!
~Kelly M.

Setsuna-san, I received it [Serena High School Costume] yesterday and it's perfect!  Thank you soooooo very much! :)
~Michelle T

Hello!  I received the costume today!  It is simply amazing!  Thank you so
~Emily T.

I got my [Seiryuu no Miko] costume on Thursday and I really love it! It's wonderful and
fits great. Thank you so much. This con will be the best because of
the beautiful costumes you have made for me (Utena, Seiryuu no Miko).
Thank you again! P.S. Next time I need a costume I will be sure to order much earlier
than I have recently. I promise. ^.^
~Laura G.

I just recieved my Sesshoumaru plushie today in the mail, and am very happy
with it! It took a little longer than I had hoped, but it was well worth the
wait. Thank you so very much again, and I plan on ordering from you again in
the future! Sincerely,
~Traci H.

Hi, Setsuna san.
Thanx so much for my [Taiki Kou School Uniform] costume (kakko ii), [& wig] and the Star Healer [2ft] plush (kawa ii na).
I'll be sure to get all my Sailor Moon Plushes and costumes from you and your sister.
Talk to you later. Ja ne.
~Jay B.

Thank you too ^__^ she got the [Dejiko] costume [and wig] in time and everything was great,
thank you so much ^_^. If we ever need more in the future we will be in
contact. Thanks!

Hey its kassie again-
I just wanted to thank you again--I recieved Haldir, Yue, and Draco [7" UFO Plushies] last monday.  They are absolutely perfect.  I am thinking about ordering a Kujaku in a little while, because they last three were so good.  Thanks so much!
Best wishes-
~Kassie N.

I got the [Psylocke] costume! It looks great! Thanks so much! I definitely plan to order from you again in the future!
~Rebecca C.

Hello! I just wanted to let you know that I received the [Xelloss & Slayers] plushies today!
They are SO CUTE! Thank you SO SO much! I love them! I was curious about one
thing though. If I sent a picture of an American comic book character (like
Batman, Superman, etc.) would you make a plushie of him? Just curious. If
you only do anime, that's fine (I know there's more Anime characters I want
anyway). ^_^ Please let me know! Thanks!
~Kelly M.

OMG WOW! Just got the Kagome [costume] top in. Once again I am SOOO not disappointed! It looks
mega awesome! I just love it! It looks great with the Kagome wig I have.
I'll get a picture at the con next week to show you how great it looks.
I'm MORE than happy with it! Just like the Sailor Moon costume. It looks
better than the costumes you can get from a costume store!
~Andrea M.

Hiyaz SEtsuna, I got my [V1] costume in the mail today, and WOW, you did a REALLY good job I have to say, ^_^. It'll be perfect for akon. As soon as I got it I tried it on, too bad I can't wear it to school, b/c of the dress code, I wanted to but, oh well it probably wouldv'e gotten torn up anyways, if I had worn it there, so I was pretty scared to wear it there anyway, even though I kinda wanted too, lolz. Well, I've gotta jet, I have 5 exams tommorrow, and the next morning I'm leaving for akon. Agriato!!! Your friend,
~Raina H.

i got duo [12" UFO Plushie] today! he is so adorable!!! thanks a million!
~Cherokee R.

Hi! I received my Yuna Songstress 4" UFo a few days ago! Thank you very much!! You did an incredible job on her!(^o^) Will you guys be able to attend Anime Weekend Atlanta? It's from September 26-28. Thanks and keep up the good work!!  
~Robert M.

Well i had gotten rave reviews from people who saw my [Auron] costume at Anime Boston 2003! I'll try to get you a picture when i get a chance =D Thanks again for making this costume!
~Chris P.

Good evening, Setsunakou!!! I just received my [Yuna Summoner] skirt today, and I have to say it's so lovely! There are just a few things that I have to change, like the hem and adding a zipper on the side since I don't want people staring at the high-cut slit!! ^_^ Thank you so much! I love the color too! It's very very pretty.  And what is the material? Is it really cotton? I like it ^_^ When I get to painting the design (or whatever I end up doing), I'll send a picture to you. Thank you again so much.
~Amanda R.

I received my [Alcyone 6" Dream POcket] doll today!!! You did such a great job with her!!!!!!!! I absolutley love it!!!!!!!!! Thank you so much!! I'll talk to you again soon!! Thanks!! ^___^   Your friend,
~Jennifer D.

Also wanted to let you know that I was once again BLOWN AWAY by the last plushie I ordered, Yami Bakura from Yu-gi-oh!  I honestly squealed with delight when I got him!  He couldn't have been more adorable, and he was EXACTLY like I wanted him!  I really appreciated all the extra touches - the highlights in his hair, the incredible detail on his necklace, and his completely removable "silk" shirt!  AMAZING!!!!! Thanks again for providing such beautiful creations.  The dolls I've ordered are really like treasures to me.  I have a pretty big anime and toy collection and these plushies are at the top of my list as far as my favourite items of all that I have.  I definitely consider them "prize possessions", and I just love them!  : )  Thanks again for everything!
~Margaret P.

....Speaking of your new stuff, just checked your update this week, and all I have to say is... WOW... I'm not a fan of the Final Fantasy series all that much. Played the SNES ones and that was it. So, I have no idea who this Yuna character is, really. But I've gotta say, without question that wedding dress is just amazing, AND, just to state for the record, the nicest costume I've ever seen you in. Absolutely beautiful.
~Brian S.

Dear SetsunaKou-san, WAI!  Wow, [Tidus Costume] it looks so good!  Thank you so, so much!  ^_______^  Wow.  That
is just simply amazing!  ^^  I'm at the university now, so when the package
arrives at my home, I will let you know!   ^__________^ I'll have to try it on when I'm home for summer!  That's when I'll probably go to one of the anime cons and wear it!   ^_______^  Wow, it's so cool!!  
^___________^ Thank you so much!  I can't wait to see it for real and try it on!  ^____^  
*HUGS*  Thank you!  Thank you for always being so kind and patient with me.  
^_^ Kaze Ni Naritai,
~Pam A. ^_^

THANK YOU!!!!! Omigosh. I just got home and to my surprise there was a Hobbit [Frodo 7" UFO Plushie] in my
mailbox! Thank you sooooooooo much! He's mucho adorableo. *hug*
Your Friends,
~Mel S. and Frodo ;)

I got the [Sailor Saturn] costume yesterday!  Ohmygosh its so pretty!  Thank you so much!  ^_^

Hi! I just wanted to say that I got Aisha's bell
choker in the mail and it's perfect! It's just what I
needed to complete my costume! You guys do great work!

Thank you so much! I recieved him [Kyle Hebert Portrait Plushie] safely on the 18th, Kyle loved the look
of him when I showed him the pic of it =). He's sent
on his way to him now by ExpresspostUSA. I've never
sent a parcel like that before, I've got it so I can
track it but it only lists the place where I sent it
from o_O;; so I dunno if they've sent it or what, no
other place is listed. They have an on time guarantee
of 3-5 days. So I'm hoping it arrives on time :/.
Thanks again, he's cute =),
~Melissa A.

Hi! I'm Kyle Hebert, an anime voice actor with Funimation.  One of my friends, Melissa Abbott, recently had you guys do a custom plush doll of......ME.......and I wanted to let you know I think you did a FANTASTIC JOB!!!  She sent me a picture over email and will be sending the doll to me soon, but I went ahead and posted it on my website (  I didn't know who to credit the artist as though.  But please pass along my sincere gratitude on creating such a wonderful souvenir that I'll treasure forever!   All my best,
~Kyle Hebert


Hello again!! My [Manga Rose Bride] costume did ship on Monday like you said it would!
Sorry for not responding! I really love the Manga Rose Bride outfit.
It's gorgeous. My parents were also impressed and I look forward to
showing it off during the anime convention this weekend. If I win a
prize I'll let you know, I'll also tell the people at the con. that you
made it for me! ^_^ I shouldn't have to worry about wearing it to our
formal because another boy is dying his hair blue (and wearing a SUIT
If anyone is interested in buying costumes or other custom made stuff
from you I'll gladly give them your URL.

Thanks again!
~Kate B.

Hello! I wanted to let you know I received the Chihaya shirt and I absolutely LOVE
it! Its sooo comfy and very easy to wear the wings through the holes on the
back. I am really suprised and happy to have working pockets on it too!
Thank you sooooo much! I'll send you pictures of it when I get some developed. ^_^
~Lyn C.

I am soooo happy!! I just tried on my Utena costume and it is
absolutely wonderful!!! I love it! Thank you so much. It's a perfect
fit. ^.^ You are great. <happy, happy now> Soon I shall send off my
order...promise. Again....THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH!!
~Laura G.

Hello ^^ I hope you are feeling fine ^^ I just wanted to drop you a note to let
you know, that I really love your Yuna Wedding dress. It's one of the best I've ever seen.

The Eagle Vision UFO catcher came in the mail this afternoon. I am, once
again, impressed with your talents and artistry. Thank you very much for
creating that so quickly on such short notice. I am going to give Eagle to my rather Eagle-obsessed friend for her
birthday. I know that she will be thrilled--putting it lightly, for she
screams every time she sees the words "eagle" or "vision" in any context. I
hope that the doll likes a lot of loving...Thank you once again, very much. Good luck in all of your future projects.
~Lauren C.

About the [Neo Princess Mercury] costume itself, somehow the middle part(including cloak) is a tad
too big.. some odd conversion to inches perhaps? :)
Still it's very pretty! I love it!
~Birgit F.

Anyway, I was wondering if you, being an anime seamtress, ever go to the anime cons? Have you ever gone to one.
There are lots of people who own anime cosplay businesses who are
asked to be guests and I am sure you could be one someday if you
wanted to be. I would be so happy to meet you at one. I'd be
like "Can I have your autograph?" <lol> As far as I can see you are
as popular as the cosplayers in Japan. Lucky for you tho that there
is not a millon ppl takin your pic. Those ppl are nuts. ^.^ Well
thanks for everything. Bai bai for now ^.^
~Laura G.

Hi! I received my Legolas UFO today and I have to say that he is absolutely adorable! I'm completely happy with my order and I would love to do business with you again sometime! Thanks so very much!!  
~Eileen L.

Hihi SetsunaKou! My g/f just received her Hanagata and Kefka plushie from you and she just
loves them to death ^__^  I just wanted to take the time and thank you for
such an excellent job you did on making both of them.  I'll be sure to pass
the good word about you to all my friends and I'm very sure I'll be doing
business with you again in the future. :) Thanks again,
~Glen R.

Hello. I received the three UFO catchers you made today in the mail--Dilandau, Dalet, and Folken. They look amazing. You both are very talented. I know that this email sounds rather formulatic--"Thank you, looks wonderful", but I truely mean this. I am not good with words of gratitude. Good luck with your future endevors. I am sure that your artistic talents will continue to develop.
~Lauren C.

Hello! You probably don't remember your individual customers, but I can't stop raving about the stuffs you've made for me. I have bought 4 UFO catchers (2 Duos, Angel, and Wufei) and my beloved 11" Volks Duo. He has become a member of the family, and to show you I am sending this pic of my new little nephew and his new friend. I am the blonde hair in the foreground. Also, I know it's been a while since I ordered anything so to make up for it, I just ordered 2 new UFO's! And, though it will take a while, I plan to save up to buy Duo and Angel wedding UFO's. So please, don't stop the amazing things you do before I get them. ^^
~Liz T.

Hi,I just wanted to let you know that the Pippin 7" plush arrived
today, and he is absolutely adorable!!!!!  I just love him!!
I also wanted to know if you will be making a 7" plush Frodo
in the future.  I would REALLY be interested in one of those,
since Frodo is my favorite!!!  If you are planning to make a 7" plush Frodo, please let me
know.   :) Thank you so much!!!
~Barri H.

Hello!! I know this is a bit late, but I just had to send you an email thanking you for your work on my Frodo 12" ufo doll!  He is so cute and everyime I look at him I can't help but smile ^_^.  Don't worry - he will be well taken care of!!  I can't let him out of my site!  I was so happy when he came - it felt like so long since I ordered him - but the wait was worth it.  Thanks so much for all your work and time!!  Take care and God Bless!!! Sincerely,
~Megan M.

Setsunakou, We got the [J-rock] wigs today! Thank you so much! They're great!
Now, is there anything specific care-wise we should do?
Can we brush them and if we can, how?
What should we do if some of the hair starts to come out?
Anything else we need to know about the wigs?
Do you want us to send you pictures of us with the wigs on and in costume
from the con?
Thank you so much!!
~Jessica H.

Hi Setsunakou, You know if I was in the area of.... I
would hug you.  The Maid-Zukin costume came today and
you really did a nice job on the costume.  The bow is
so big and soft. I even look cute with the kitty hood
on me which I am wearing right now^^. I will really
make sure that I get some cute pictures of me in the
costume. I am going to continue to order some more costumes
from you.  Thank you so much. Talk to you again soon.
Your friend,
~Cedric S.

Setsuna san: aaaah^o^ ::jumps up and down:: ^.^ its [Serena High School uniform and wig] so beautiful!!i jsut got it now!!:::tries it on:: and it fits PERFECTLY *.* ooooh!! the wig is so great!!!^o^ nice and yellow!! and all my hair fits under it^^ thats one hard thing to do LOL ^____~.  ill send you tons of pictures after katsucon, ill be wearing all my SM costumes^^ its going to be fun^^ hehehee ::hugs::
~Serena E.

The [Yuna Wedding] costume is *gorgeous*! Of course I opened it as soon as I got home
and I couldn't stop squealing and jumping around, I was so happy. :) My roommates are getting a fashion show as soon as they come home from work, that's for sure. Thank you thank you thank you for making the dress. I'm sure it'll be a smash at Megacon this year and I'll have to make doubly sure to take pictures. :)
~Emily H. (a very happy, very grateful, fangirl)

I dropped by just now to see what was new in the costume world, and I saw there was an update today. What shocked me was that you not only finished the Sondra [7" UFO] doll, but put it on the site! I'd say I'm pleased with the results. I trust Robert will be, too. I'll have him buzz you when he gets it. (I'll give it to him, we're due for a visit.) Stay Way Past Cool!
~Brian S.

I received the [Seiya Kou 6" Dream Pocket] doll as a gift on a Christmas! It was so wonderful and adorable!!! You did a really great job!!! Thanks so much for your wonderful service and for being so patient. I will definitely order from you again! Happy Holidays! Love,
~Jennifer D.~

Hello! I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate you getting the [Sesshomaru] plush to me
as quickly as you did! It's a very special Christmas present for my
boyfriend and it's here for Christmas! Thank you SO MUCH! It looks awesome!
I know he'll love it! Happy Holidays and best wishes fr the new year! Sincerely,
~Kelly M.

Hello! I just wanted to let you know that I received my Dragonball Z [12"] Kaioshin plushie yesterday, and he is absolutely ADORABLE! Completely PERFECT!  I am in love!  ( ;  Thanks so much for the phenomenal craftsmanship and attention to detail!   It's obvious that an incredible amount of talent is put into making these dolls and I'm so glad I get to enjoy the end result!  Thanks ever so much once again, you've made me one extremely happy fangirl!  Best wishes, and Happy Holidays~
~Margaret P.

To Haruka-chan and Setsuna-chan, I just received my Inuyasha plushie today, and I adore him! Thank you so very much, you've made my holiday! ^^ I'm very pleased with him, and you can be assured that I will order from you in the future. ~Des/Becca

Hi I receive [Washu 4" UFO] 'C' yesterday thanks!!! I'm going to give it to my friend tomorrow, she'll love it!! thanks again
~Steve M.

Hi! I recieved the [Sailor Ceres 11" Irwin] doll yesterday. My daughter will love her! She is perfect!!!!!!! I was also wondering, I have a friend whose daughter wants Neptune's mirror. Is it possible to buy the mirror by itself? Thank you so much! Marry Christmas!

I got my Lina [Inverse] costume in the mail today, and it's great!  I'm going to make a
fool out of myself and wear it to school during our anime club, but hey, it's
worth it.  It looks great and fits, and on top of that it's justa lot of fun.
Well, thanks again, and I hopwe to be able to order from you again!
~Katie S.

Ever since I came across your sie last week, it has become my
favorite one to visit. I have been visiting the various " shops " and
I'm very impressed by the quality and detail that you have shown
in your work. The resin sculptures are more than statues, you have truly created
works of art that not only capture the very likeness of he characters, but their hearts
and souls as well. Some even look as though they can speak to me. And
your oil paintigs. They were so beautiful to see, you must be very proud of your work
because I can see the time and effort that ou have placed into each item
I have seen. In fact, after visting your site, I finally broke down and
bougt the Sailor Moon RPG, and I'm glad I did. I hope to
be able to aquire some of your wonderful merchandise soon, and please
continue with the excellent job you're doing.
Thank You Again;
- The Mydianthorne

Thank you! I got the costume! Thank you very much! It is very well made! I'll be sure to use your services again. Thanks again!! Your Friend and new loyal costumer.
~ Ryoko   ^_^

THANK YOU SO MUCH!! I just got the plushie today and it looks absolutely
wonderful you guys do a terrific job ^_^! I couldn't have asked for it to be
done beter.Once again THANK YOU :) and happy holidays.
~ JinsokuWolf

Hi Setsuna-chan, Sweetie, you really did an excellent job on the [Ifurita] costume
and I love the staff.  I'm really going to have fun
cosplaying as her when I do get to go to another con.
Lots of detail in the costume and the key staff.  I
have to make sure I get some very nice pictures of me
as Ifurita for you to see.  I'm happy that I'm your friend and I will continue to
support you.  I will definitely be back to order from
you again.  If you can't tell that I'm very happy with
you and the costume.  I really think you are cute too. Take care,
~Cedric S.

I got the package today and I think its all awesome! The [Sailor Moon] Wig is too hilarious! hee... and I like ufo's. The Legolas one is just too adorable, and Spike [Spiegel] is really cool. Thanks much! You can expect repeat business from me. I have an Anime Convention in May, and since I've lost 10 lbs and 7 inches, and hopefully much more by February, I may order a new costume. maybe a more revealing one like Faye Valentine or something. Thanks again!
~Andrea M.

Hi! I just wanted to let you know that I got the box today! I love them! The
plushies of Shishio & Saitoh are ADORABLE!!! They're actually a gift for my
boyfriend! He'll flip when he sees them! The staff is AWESOME! I already
have the PVC pipe so it's all set! I wrote a story where Xelloss had a
daughter so that's who I'm dressing up as for Halloween.
I also wanted to officially order that Sesshoumaru plushie. I will send you
a money order for it immediately, along with a picture. ^_^ It's my
boyfriend's Christmas gift. ^_^ Thanks again and as always, great service!
~Kelly M.

Hello Setsuna Kou
I received my [Legolas] costume two days ago and it's amazing. I love it. I can't stop putting it on. Thank you so much. 
~Samayra R.

I have received [Sailor Jupiter costume and wig] it and I really like it and it is wonderful  
I will let you know how the costume contest goes at my work talk to you soon

We did receive him [Treize 2' UFO Plushie] soon after I sent the email.  And my daughter loves him.
She has sent you an email saying how thrilled she is to have him.  Thank you
for all your hard and well skilled labor in making him.  We will be ordering
from you again in the near future.Thanks again,
~Glenda S.

Hello, Setsuna San,I just wanted to e-mail you and let you know that I have recieved my princess
fireball [11" BanDai] doll and wedding peach [7" UFO] and alec [7" UFO] plushies today!  Thank you so much,
the plushies are so cute!, and the princess fireball doll is gorgeous!  Thanks again, Setsuna San!  =)
~Cassie D. =)

Hi! This is Tracey, the daughter of Glenda who purchased the 2 foot UFO Treize Plush. I just recieved it today. Thank you so much! I love it! Treize-sama is my favorite character. You are so very talented, I'm sure I'll be ordering again in the future. I was so excited about the doll and it is the most detailed and well-crafted doll I've ever seen, way better than anything manufactured in a factory. Also, thank you so much for the CD of Treize and Lady Une songs! That was so sweet of you to think of me like that. I can't wait to start listening to it. Anyway, I better get going. I just wanted to thank you for such a wonderful gift! Thanks Again! I wish good fortune on you in whatever you do! Very happy customer,                                 ~Tracey S.>^..^<

We just got the [Aeris] costume in today and have all ready tried it on. It's
beautiful and fit's great! We thank you so much!! All of your costume's are so pretty, and there's so many we want now..but
it's so hard to choose! Thanks again,
Mary M.

hey,,,, its nicole.......
got my doll.... neo queen serenity 11.5" one///.
thanx shes great!
~Nicole C.

HI!! Oh My God!! I got the [Myu Tuxedo Mask & Myu Galaxia] costumes on Friday, and I nearly had a hernia! I ADORE THEM! Thank you SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much! You did an absolutely beautiful job, and they fit perfectly! I love them so much!! I was particularily impressed with the Galaxia Helmet and boots. The boots are Ali's favourite part too!
I really don't know how to thank you!! They are EXACTLY what I was looking for, and I'm so glad I came across your site!!
If you wouldn't mind I'd love to add your site as a link from mine if that's okay. However, my computer died on me last sunday, so I'm currently using a friend's computer, but I had to thank you!!
Once again thank you VERY VERY much!!
~Jeremy A.

Hi, just to let you know SHadow [UFO Plushie] arrived safely this morning
thankyou for all your hard work , My son loves it.
Hopefully will get back to you for some more plushies in the future .
thank you so much
~Cathy B.

Hello Chloe! I got [Manga Princess Serenity 11" Doll Outfit] today and I must say you have out done yourself!!  I didn't know
the outfit came with earrings!  I do have one question.  There is the cape, the dress, the accessories but then there is this 'tutu' like thing.  What is it for?  Is it for around her neck?  But on a different note the doll
dress it beautiful and just as I wanted it!!  My doll looked so regal!!  Youdid a wonderful job on the poofed sleeves, the cape and the dress in general!!! Thank you soooooo much!!  I can't wait to purchase from you in the future!!!
^^ I am so happy! Keep making customers like me happy (but I bet you could do that blindfolded!!!)
~Emily I.

My daughter and I love the costume.  I'm sure when she goes to the school carnival in October the other parents are going to inquire about how to get one.  For those who don't have internet access, can I give them a telephone number where you can be reached? You did a fantastic job!!  Oh, Bianca wants you to know
that she just got her ears pierced yesterday and that she's in the children's choir this year.  
Thank you so much for everything.
~Melody & Bianca

Hi Setsuna, I got both of the costumes today in the mail and they
look cute.  I'm really impressed on how you did the
Rabi~En~Rose costume as well as the Anthy Himemiya
costume.  Sunday at Otakon I will be in a Di Gi Charat
group and I will make sure to get plenty of pictures
of me as Rabi and as Urd for you site to use.  Thank
you again I have a feeling I might do another order
with you in the future.  Thank you again. Take care,
~Cedric S.

Thank you so much! She [Princess Sally Hedgehog Fan Character Plushie] looks absolutely fantastic. I am officially hooked on your work and am spreading the news of your site to everyone I know. A couple of quick questions though. First, if the plushies I have get dirty, what's the best way to clean them? Also, if I wanted to ask you to make some pokmon characters for me, could I send you something to base your work off of? More specifically, I'm thinking about ordering the Eevee evolutions (all 5 of them!) and want to send you an official Eevee so you can get the general shape that they all would be. Thanks again, and I look forward to doing a whole lot of business with you in the future.
~Robert B.

Thank you very much^^ We received the Mana [UFO Plushie] doll today and my sister couldn't be happier with it!! She thinks it's the cutest thing and hasn't put it down all day. It even got a special seat at the dinner table^_^ Thank you for doing such a great job^^V
~*Krissy S.*

I just received the tama chan ufo plushie. let me tell u.. it's adorable and ur awesome! it looks alot more like tama in the facial expression than the one they had with the dreamcast game =D once again thank u.. i will holdin him very close, and definately recommending you HIGHLY!

Hi,   I received my new ufos a couple of day ago and I had to email you to let you know how much I love them!!! You especially out did yourself on the Frizz doll, he couldn't be more right. I hope he wasn't too much of a nuisance to make (as I have a friend who'd like one as well ^-^).  They're all so cute. I'm very impressed with the amount of detail you add. It was a total surprise that you made Tsugmi's shades detachable and added her cyber eyes! Thanks so much - I'm in love with all of them!  
~Claire G.

Hello! He [Duo Maxwell Plushie] arrived just the other day! He's GORGEOUS, the craftsmanship is absolutely stunning, to say the least. Thank you very much, it has been a pleasure! :D

Thank you so much.  I got the Kenshin plushies in the first week of this month.  I gave them to my friend for her birthday and she loves them to death.  We though they were so cute, that I want a plushie made for me next month that I have question about the Alucard from Hellsing plushie.  I would like to know how much a 8 inch Alucard Plushie with a belt clip that hooks to your belt, how much would it cost for a spear with a little sign on it to be attached to his right hand.  I would also like to know how much a 9 inch plushie would cost. Thank you again.
~Crystal N.

hey ^^ i have recieved the dollie today- thank you SO much! that must be the most adorable doll i have ever seen! :D it's totally awsome! i am sure my friend is going to adore it! ^___^ love,

Thank you so much! I got the Link UFO catcher yesterday. It's beautiful! I'll definitely be ordering from you again.   Thanks for making my day! ^^  
~Marie A.

I thought I would let you known we got the [Kaworu & Shinji 12" Plushies] dolls and my kids just love them. My daughter has not put hers down. Thanks again they look wonderful.
~Paul S.

Hi, I just wanted to say I got my Dracula/Alucard plushie today and I love it. Thank you very much for making him for me. 
~Crystal N.

Malik Plushie Thank you! Thank you! He's so cute!  My friend will be so jealous! I swear I will order again... *Faints at the sight of his cute face* ^^
~Sophie C.

I got the [Zhao Yun UFo and Blue Car Portrait UFO] dolls yesterday. Yun looks so cute! (My car looks bloated, but that's OK, I can use it as a pillow in the car :D ) So thank you!
~Cathy K.

Hello! I just wanted to thank you! I got the [Robin DC Comics] belt today! I always can expect fast & excellent service, thanks so much! ^_^ I'll probably email you in the next month or two with a Christmas gift idea. ^_^ Thanks again & take care!
~Kelly M.

Hi, Set chan and Haru chan.
Infinite Sailor Uranus just arrived. She's beautiful.
Just one question: I thought Uranus's eyes were blue. Why'd you change them?
Anyway, I love her, good job. I'll be ordering another plush around next week sometime, I'm still deciding on who to get. As soon as I make up my mind, I'll let you know. Keep up the good work.
~Jay B.

Hello Setsuna! I just wanted to thank you sooo very much for me and my girlfriend's Sailor Neptune and Sailor Uranus [costumes] outfits. I got them Saturday and they are just perfect! Thank you soooo much! I will be buying many more costumes from you in the near future! Thank you!!!! Your friend, DeathGoddess/
~Vanessa R.

Hehe! Thanks again for all your help. I couldn't thank you enough. I'd never get to see the Stars series without you, get great costumes from you, and cute Three Lights [11" Irwin] dolls. Thank you for all your help. I spent over $500 dollars at your shoppe and I don't regret any bit of it. Thank you with all my heart!!   Love, DeathGoddess ^.^
~Vanessa R.

The [Hiei] plushie came today. It's so cute! Thanks so much!!
~Debbie G.

I got it today. It's just left in front of my door (again), good thing I live in a good neighborhood. The lil one [Raziel 12" UFO Plushie] looks so good! I didn't expect it to be that big, my coffin bag is too small (I need to find a bigger coffin :D ) I'm planning to take him whenever I go out, so I have to find a big backpack now. Anyway, thanks a lot!
~Cathy K.

WWAAAHHH! My Kyo plushie came today and he is absolutely ADORABLE! Thank you SO much, you did a fantastic job!!! Luv,
~War T.

Dear Chloe San, I received the Shadow plush today. Thank you very much! I love it! Sincerely,
~Haley B.

Hiya! I just wanted to let you know I received my plushies in the mail today, and they are absolutely adorable! I loved the attention to detail you made on Runi. ^_^ Thank you very much for making such adorable little plushies!

I just received the three UFO catchers you made about three days ago, so, I guess I will be harassing you once again within such a short time. I know that March 3 is not a realistic deadline, but, if at all possible, I need this UFO catcher somewhat close to that time for a birthday--a friend is obsessed with Eagle. Thank you very much. Your talents are incredible.
~Lauren C.

Hello! Around late November-early December I ordered Camus and Miklotov UFO dolls from Suikoden. I just wanted to say thank you very much! They arrived a few weeks ago and were beautifully done. You're every bit as good as all the recommendations say, and I think it's great that there are people out there who can understand fans' tastes. I hope to do business with you again sometime soon. Thanks muchly, and best wishes! (P.S., Sorry for the late thank you note; I'm one of those people that likes to savor the mystery for weeks on end before opening a package... ^^;)
~Sarah M.

Just writing to let you know that the [Sephiroth] plushie arrived and I love it! Writing this is like the first time he's been out of my arms since I got him. He is very cute and that was forty dollars well spent. It's really special...hand crafted wow... Thankyou very much. You provide a great service.

Dear Heidi and Chloe : I just wanted to let you know that I already received my Nightshade, Zoe, Natsuki, Batanen, DArk Magicina Girl and Olive Wood [Plushie] dolls in the mail and they all looked beautifu once again. I really like the new Natisuki doll because I really like Hyper Police. And by the way thank you so so much for the surprise Phoneix doll that you send me for Christmas. I was so shocked and it's a perfect addition to my collection. I hope that you all are doing welll and I look forward to hearing from you soon. Sincerely,
~Sandy P.

I recently got the [Super Sailor Moon] costume that I ordered and I really like it. I thank you for supplying it in an expedient manner. I'll keep you in mind for any future possible purchases.
~Cap N.

Dear Heidi, Thank you! I recieved the Kakyou plushie just after I opened your email. I'm very pleased with the results! It came out much more beautiful than I could ever have imagined. ( The Kakyou plushie is a lot more professional looking than the factory-made Chii plushie that I got a few weeks ago. ^_^ ) Thank you! Sincerely,
~Laura C.

Hi Chloe, I badgered Parcel Force in to actually delivering the package (nothing new!). I'm 1000% happy! I love them. I can't believe what a great job you did [on the UFO plushies]. You're so talented. Thanks for giving Nadia dark purple hair ^-^. How could you have known that I prefer her that way, in the show? She's my favourite and I 've rarely let her out of my sight. You really out did yourself with the detail on Jean, especially the jacket, and your judgement on converting Lara couldn't be more perfect. The expressions all fitted the characters so well, (including Natsuki!) and your choice of fabric! It's these details which you don't get on the usual UFO doll, that make yours extra special! All of this, of course, can only mean one thing. I want to order more. I hope you won't mind...^-^ Thanks again!
~Claire G.

Thank you! Anyway, I opened the box [of plushies] and I was really happy (I'm still happy). Dante looks good (you even made the pistols), Kain and Raziel look even better. I can't believe you can make them so fast. I do have other ideas in mind, but it'll have to wait until I have some spare money. Thank you!!
~Cathy K.

Hi Chloe,   Just wanted to let you know that I've just seen my UFOs on your site. I love them! Thank you so much!!!!  
~Claire G.


Hello Setsuna San!  =) Just a quick note to let you know that I got the princess fireball [11" BanDai & 6" Dream Pocket] dolls yesterday.  Thanks so much, I love them!  They're so cute!   =)Thanks again and God bless!  =)
~Cassie D.

Hi, I received the Sailor Cosmos Plushie yesterday. It is beautiful. Thanks for making my Christmas. Happy Holidays, ~Kim D.

I received my Legato plushie yesterday and I love it!  Thank you so much.  Thank you and Happy Holidays!
~Linda A.

Wow, ya'll are fast! :) Thanks for the awesome Guido [Anchovy Plush 12" UFO] doll! I took a picture of it so I can show my friends: Thanks again! :)
~Martin S.

I just got him this morning, he's absolutely gorgeous! He even has a little nose, I adore him ^__^ I'll probably order another plushie after Christmas, I'm trying to decide between Kurama, Trance Kuja or many choices! Thank you again, now I have three happy plushies on my comp desk ^^
~Spirit Y.

Some time ago, I received a Xellos plushie I ordered. It was wonderful! Thank you very much! I gave it as a gift, and it was VERY well received :) In fact, there are several people eager to order some of their own, now. The quality was excellent, and I'd love to order two other regular sized plushies, if possible. Unfortunately, I have a bit of trouble using your site, since I lack Internet Explorer, so I can't use the order form. I'd love to have a plushie of Lina, from Slayers, and Vash, from Trigun. Would that be possible?If you could do it, it would be wonderful ^_^ I can send out a money order to the same address as last very quickly if so. Please let me know, and thank you again for the wonderful work on the last one!
~Joshua B.

Dear Chloe : I just wanted to tell you that I got my legolas and rahne dolls in the mail and yet again they were beautiful and now that I have ordered Oliver Wood from Harry Potter I can't wait to see what it will look like. I will be sending out the payment later this week. I look forward to hearing from you soon. Sincerely,
~Sandy P.

Hello again, setsuna-san! I'm so happy for the Ifurita costume that I decided I'll buy from you 1-2 costumes each month!!!
~Jessica R.

hehe, nevermind! he{Plushie] came in the mail today!! i lvoe it soooo much!! you guys are awesome!! definately ordering from you again!!!!!!!! hehehe...

Hi!!! ʹm the girl you maked the Gravitation-plushes for ^^!! I got them today and I just wanna say: HONTO NI ARIGATOU!!!! There really much nicer they look on you homepage!!! and they look great even there ^^) So Im very shure we deal together again!! So long!! Wish you a very nice day! And Thanks!! >_< You saved my life (cant life without my Kumagoro [2' UFO] from now on!!) Mata ne!!
~Nathalie G.

I got the [Van Fanel Movie] coustume ty very much you did a great job on it i hope you do anorther for me soon ^_^ ty again

SetsunaKou, I recieved the beautifully made Shitan [UFO] in the mail a few days ago, and I absolutely love him. Thank you for doing such a great job on him!
~Teresa W.

Hi!!   I just got my Kuja and Roll plushies today and all I can say is WOW! I did not expect something this large or this detailed and to say I'm impressed is an understatement. They're both beautiful!   What would be involved in getting a custom Zero plush? He's a complex character due to his armor - would you need pictures from all angles? I can only send picture via internet (no printer). What would be the cost? I think I'll go with a 12" since they're so much more!   Also - would it be okay if I put pictures of the Kuja plush on my site?
~Spirit Y.

Hi!Just wanted to tell you that I got my Squall plush in the mail! It's so cute! And very well made ^-^ Thanks so much!

Hi SEtsunaKou! We received the [Orig. Moon Child's] costume today, my daughter tried it on, and it's perfect! Thanks. Do you have or make moon crescent earrings? or know a place that has them? Thanks again!
~Jon S.

I recieved the doll today. He's absolutely beautiful! Thank you very much! :D Am considering doing business again with you sometime ^_^

Thank you for the Sailor Jupiter costume which arrived today.  It fits Grace perfectly, and she is absolutely delighted!Many thanks,
~Martha G.

I just have to thank you once again, because Grace really enjoyed being so well dressed [as Sailor Jupiter] at the conference. Your costume was recognized by a girl who had a few of your creations, and she was wearing a Sailor Cosmos costume. And Grace met one of her on-line friends because her costume received so much attention! Sincerely,
~Martha G.

Thank you so much, the [Sailor Jupiter] costume came and it fits perfectly! It's really great....Thank you very much and if I ever get the chance I will recommend you! The beat of Silver Wings,
~Grace G.

We want to thank you for the plush 'Mao' guy.  He is a gift for my daughter and she just loves him!  We will look forward to ordering more items from you in the future.   Thanks again ...  

Hi!  This is Rebecca, the one who ordered the Lime plush with the little
Ponta-kun.As soon as I got the package today, I opened the box so I could see what she
looked like, and I was stunned.  I was so excited, I knew my fiance Matt would
adore her!!  I couldn't believe the quality!  You really outdid yourself! 
Beautiful!  So I was all excited and wrapped it up for him and made him open it as
soon as he got home (even though it got here two days before his birthday!  Thank
you so much for rushing!) - I just couldn't wait that long to see him open it. 
(He was amused - I was more excited than him before he opened the present.)
The look on his face was great - I put her in one of those decorative bags, and
all he had to see was the top of her head before he started going, "Oh my
GOD...  No way!  You--but--it's-- HOW?!"  He was so happy with her, and he was like,
"But they never MADE these!"  I reminded him of the Otaru plushie and said I
found you on the web and commissioned Lime for him.  He was absolutely ecstatic! 
He adored her and he loved the little Ponta-kun (perfect touch, and the elastic
band was very clever!  I wouldn't have thought of that, and I'm glad you were
able to make him detachable!).
I was a little worried that since I was having to have the doll rushed that she
wouldn't be the best quality, though I knew you wouldn't send anything sloppy
out, but I am completely awed.  The materials you used (especially for her shoes
and her hair) are great, the details are spectacular, and her face is so cute! 
Plus the little Ponta is perfect!  I was happy you were able to use the facial
expression!  (Oh, and I loved how you used the pictures I sent as the hang
tags!  I didn't even think that the Lime one would be used when I sent it, but it
looks ADORABLE, especially when she's holding the little Ponta!) 
Anyway, we are both completely awed by your handiwork.  Your custom dolls far
exceeded even my expectations!  I just wanted to thank you!  You really helped
me make his birthday a special one!  He's terribly proud that he is the owner of
his very own Lime and Ponta plushies.  (He said he's going to take pictures of
them and put them on his Saber site, The Heart Of A Marionette when it's back
up.  He's going to link to you as well and recommend you to other Saber fans for
dolls and costumes!)
Once again, thank you guys so very much!  I'll definitely order something from
you again in the future!  I wish you all the best!
Very sincerely,
~Rebecca D. (StarFire)

SetsunaKou -You're most welcome! Your costumes are fantastic! :-)
~Victoria F. (TokyoPop Marketing Dept)