Customer Comments
November 2010 - January 2012

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"[Super Sailor Saturn 8" Volks dolls] was AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!! you are a very artistic person. I realize that I have had my doll for like probably a couple of months and everything but I LOVE her. I am 
unsure if you remember me or not but I ordered Sailor Saturn from you. She is beautiful. I showed her to 
everyone. I recently purchased an Irwin doll of Sailor Saturn for only $44. I have no idea how I manage to 
get her for that price. She was well worth $100 espeically in the condition that she was in. But you know 
sometimes you luck out on things like that. I went around to everyone and showed them your doll and compared 
them to the Irwin doll. A lot of people stated that they like your doll better. It was more like the animation 
and the comic book then the Irwin doll was. I would agree to that statement. She is really a beautiful doll. A 
lot of your dolls are beautiful.   I just wanted to tell you that. How much I liked it."
~Christine S.
"Hi Setsuna-San! However the package is arrived yesterday. I love all [Masaru 7" Plush, Joey 11" Volks, Mai 11" Volks dolls].
Like always are perfect. I love like you have realized the Masaru's short ponytail, just like I wanted *_* not to mention the details *_* SUPERB. And the dolls? I have no words 
to describe, they are fantastic, you're really good at realizing. Thank you very much for this articles. I 
have a question, I loved how you made the doll and I'm thinking ahead also to make you do Masaru, maybe after 
the christmas holidays, is possible although it is not yu-gi-oh? how much cost the doll and the shipping? 
Thanks Again and like always sorry for my very bad english." 
"my Kellyn [6" action] figure came. very wonderful. He is so cute. When i go to North carolina i may become a regular 
~Johnathan A.
"Hey Setsuna! I got my  plushie of [7-10"] cosmo but she was 12 in. instead of 7 in. I thought she looked a 
little big so i meased her. If it is possible can i send her back and you get me the right size? Also just 
to let you know my mom's name is Leah Dupre. I am to young to order with a credit card so it is under my 
mom's name. Thank you for your time,"
~Celine D.
"Setsuna, thank you for telling me. On secound thought i will keep cosmo. Also today i will be uploading 
how happy i was to open cosmo on youtube! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!" 
~Celine D. ;3 
"Setsuna, Thanks again, I just sent payment via paypal. For some reason each time I had clinked the purchase 
link for Seras, I kept getting to Kino no Tabi. Probably a little glitch but I'm glad it's fixed now. I loved 
the last costume [Rogue from X-Men] so much I had to buy from you again. There's no rush on the costume as I'm sure you're 
probably gonna be busy with the holidays approaching. Let me know if you need my measurements again. Thanks 
again and take care!" 
~Krystal C. 
"Thank you so much for your beautiful work! I meant to send this to you last week, I am so sorry it took so 
long. My daughter is SO happy with her Yu Kanda [12" plush] doll - he is a work of art. The craftmanship is amazing and 
I also appreciate that any time I had a question you very promptly got back to us and were so kind while we 
waited to receive him - definitely worth the wait. We will certainly visit you again - thank you so much!!" 
~Christine P.
"Thank you so much for the Yugi & [Yami] Bakura [7"] plushies!"
~Sarah G. 
"I got one of your Nack the weasel [7"] plushes and i love it. I wanted to play
with it but it was more of a work of art than a toy. So may you please do a
plush that looks exactly like this one?    And
also approximately 10" tall. So how much will it be?
Sincerely, Aaron P.S. Aaron's dad says it's Ok for him to check on this."
~Aaron K.
"That is fantastic!!!! Thank you very much! No worries about the mix-up, I am very thankful you were able to 
complete the order [of Rouge the Bat & Sabrina the Hedgehog 7" Plushies]... I can only imagine how busy you 
must be! Thank you again and I really look forward to receiving my order and seeing the plushies. I'm certain 
they will thrill my daughter on Christmas morning! 
~Debora S.
"Setsuna, I got the Ceres [Victoria] costume yesterday(I meant to email you yestrday but the weekend was so busy). I tried it on and it's beautiful. It fits perfectly and it looks amazing! Thanks so much! I can't wait to wear it to my next convention.
Thanks again for another wonderful costume!"
~Krystal C.
"Hi, Setsuna... I am literally crying with gratitude right now. You have no idea how much this means to me, 
as my daughter is questioning the existence of Santa. Through your generosity you have proven that Santa 
lives! Love," 
~Brandy P.
"Hi, Setsuna... THANK YOU for your kindness and generosity. I left a message for you on my PayPal invoice 
with more information [see message above this]. You are most certainly on Santa's NICE list, and I will be forever grateful. I wish 
you a Merry Christmas, and appreciate your help more than you can know. Take good care, and please let me 
know if you have any questions... xoxoxo"
~Brandy P.
"xoxoxoxoxox! Hello, Setsuna...You live very far away from Portland, but if you ever come to town, I do hope you
will let me know so that I can give you the very biggest hug! 
Hatoko [7-10" plush] arrived yesterday, and she is BEAUTIFUL. When Avery receives her, I will be
sure to take a photo and send it to you. I hope that Santa also makes your Christmas wishes come true, and that you feel my
true gratitude for the joy you and your sister elf will bring to my daughter. Merry Christmas to you and your family, Setsuna, and may you have the best new year
ever! Love,"
~Brandy P.
"AWESOME!!! I will send pics [of my son on Christmas with his new Espio 7" Plush], he will be thrilled!!! Thank you!!!"
"Hello, I wanted to thank you for the [Wolf O'Donnell 7"] Plushie, i love it so much you did a wonderful job on him."
~Grace H.
"Hello I have received my order [Saya Otonashii Costume] and its very nicely made and fits perfect. Thank you 
very much. I will tell my friends about you guys. Thanks again and have a great new year. Sincerely,"
~Bailey L.
"Hi, thanks they {Rogue 1/6 Models x2] arrived today. As for the pink one, she looks great, but I had no idea you 
thought the drapes in the background were part of her outfit. Guess I will have to live with that, I can't do anything 
about it now. Still love her even with the drapes as part of her outfit O_o They look fine, I just was not expecting 
that.   Main thing is they did not break, and they look great, thanks. I think I will glue the pink one to the base, 
because of the way she stands, she could tip over easily (backwards).   The green one is great too. Thankyou so much. 
Are you getting either of the new statues coming out later this year, or the new heroclix?   I've finally got domes 
for all my Rogue statues except one, it's on back order. Now I need to get a couple for these. Just got a curio cabinet 
too, just set it up so nothing in it yet. Might put these in there for now. Great job once again. Let me know if you get 
any more potential Rogue statue kits, or anything else Rogue. 
Keep in touch, I have to think of what to order next from you :)"
~Mark L.
"Hello Ms Setsuna :) Just wanted to let u know that i received the [dark blue] wig in the mail today :) thank you so 
much it is so pretty!!!! i just need a dollfie dream lol. Thank you so much." 
~Jose B. 
"Hi ^^ I really love your plush dolls (recently got a Valgaav [7"] plushie from you, though my mom ordered it 
^^;), and I have a question on ordering a plushie that was not listed on your site."
~Sabrina  N. 

"I ordered a 4'' Fang the Weasel plush from you and it's awesome!"

"Hi. I was wondering if you could make me a custom plush of Katy, the little cat from Unico. If possible, I would like her to be 6-7". I've included a picture of her from the show. Please let me know if this is possible and how much it might cost. I've bought a Unico and Beezal plush from you in the past and they are amazing. This is the best picture I could find. Thank you so much"
~Mike B.

"~Setsuna, Today on my Birthday, I opened up the box you sent me and everyone was very excited and surprised with Charlie [30" plush dog] when I pulled him out. This really made my birthday special and it was worth the wait. Thank you for making him so perfect for me and he looks just like Charlie Barkin. ^-^ You guys are great!! Thanks"
~Brandon V.

"Hello there! The Rockman X [7-10"] plushie I commissioned from you arrived with me yesterday morning, and I just wanted to send a quick thank you e-mail. He is wonderful, and I'm very happy with him! Thanks so much, and I hope to do business with you again sometime. :) Best regards,"
~Samantha B.

"Hi, I just wanted to let you guys know I got the Joanna [4-6" lizard] plush and love her! You guys did a fabulous job!....Anyways wonderful work as always and have a happy New Year! ^^ Sincerely"
~Kathryn S.

"It [Piximon 15" plush] came a day early! I just now opened it and I am thoroughly amazed. Jaw dropped and everything! It's soooooo detailed and it looks like it came straight out of the TV show! Actually, I started this e-mail about ten minutes ago, but took a break because my roommates and I are still so amazed. It's a like a dream from over ten years ago come true--I have a digimon! XD
...Still getting distracted by all the details. *.* This is so totally amazing, thank you so, so much! It's perfect, and once we finish oogle-ing at him I'm showing one of my roommates your website. Thank you soooo much, and I'm glad this exchange worked out so well for both of us!"

"You are such a gift to the Sailor Moon (and anime and beyond) community with your custom merchandise. There’s always been a void out there for diversity of characters, and also accurate interpretations of the characters. Even with the revival of Sailor Moon now in Italy, and possibly worldwide, there still won’t be as many beautiful items as you have available here! Thank you SO much!* I totally want to buy a lot more but kind of broke right now, but I hope to order some Volks dolls in the near future! Sincerely,"
~Craig M. H.

"I was really hoping to get one made for my friend's birthday which is in June. If I could get it by June 15th that would be amazing. I am willing to pay more than the suggested price. Also, I recently received a Kiwamu [7-10"] plushie from you guys and I just wanted to say, thank you! I absolutely love it :)"
~Marika B.

"The Charlie Barkin [2'] plushie from "All Dogs Go to Heaven" was so awesome
that I was wondering if you chould make a 1 foot sitting Itchy dog
plush? I've included some pictures of Itchy. Hope to hear from you. THANKS! ^-^"

"Thank you so much for my Portgas D. Ace [7"] plush! I begged my dad to buy it for me and I am so happy I did. You guys did an AMAZING JOB and got all the details I wanted right!"
~Sackda K.

"I just got Gadget [12" plush] in the mail today, and I am satisfied with the plushie. Thank you."

"Hello there! I wanted to let you know that my 2 ft. posable Pia plushie arrived yesterday on Tuesday, May 10th....YAYS! She looks extremely cute & very pretty. Pia is making very good friends with my other plushies you've made for me in the past few years & has become good "mermaid sisters" with my 2 ft. poseable Marina plushie. lol! Just wanted to send you a sincere "thank you" for another job well done, but also with providing me yet another cuddly friend to love & care for when I need a friend the very most....God bless you & your business/Shoppe for all your hard work as well as for your dedication to making each day a happier one when I hold each plushie in my arms to talk to or hug when it seems all hope is lost. I'm planning on doing more business with you in the near future(maybe sooner than you think) so keep up the good work! PS My Facebook image is of me holding & hugging the Marina & Pia plushies while I'm smiling because now I've got 2 mermaids to make good friends with. I'm also using the image on my Facebook to show how awesome of a job you do with your hard work so please think of it as a "thank you" for everything. Not to mention I've had people ask me where I get such adorable plushies from so I've mentioned your website on Facebook, YouTube,etc. to help promote you as a company who is deserving of much credit. Just wanted to mention that to you so I'm sure you'd be pleased to hear it so thanks again! Cheers.^^
Your Friend & Loyal Customer,"
~Jaime A.

"Hello there! I want to thank you once again for the awesome job you did on my 2 ft. poseable Pia plushie that I received a few weeks ago. I absolutely love her so much! I'm only up early in the morning since I couldn't sleep very well as-is. I've got another plushie question to ask from you so here goes..... Thanks & God bless! Cheers.^^ Your Friend & Loyal Customer, "
~Jaime A.

"He arrived! Hi there, Just a quick email to let you know that the Folken [7"] plush arrived safely yesterday and I love him!!!!!! Could you let me know when you will be taking commissions again as there are a few more plushes that I would like to request from you. Thanks again Kindest Regards"
~Kayleigh V.

"Hi Setsuna! I recieved the Legend of Zelda cap and [7"] UFO doll. They came out perfect and were worth the wait. Here are pics of me with the customs. Arigato and God Bless,"
~Michelle I.

"Thank you! My daugher just received her custom "Makalov" [6" sitting plush] and she is THRILLED!  We are continually amazed at how perfect your custom plushies come out! Your attention to detail is incredible!  And Makalov came just in time for her birthday.  Thank you thank you!!!! Are you taking anymore custom orders? thank you,"
~Cathy B.

"Hello there i am just send this email to say thank you so much for your hard work on
the [Felicia Hardy; Natalie Poole; Dixie Clements; Juri Han 11" Volks/Obitsu] dolls i got in the post today and i really like them they are so wonderful. take care"
~Frederick F,

"Dear Setsuna, The PGSM Sailor Moon [11" Volks/Obitsu] doll arrived today and it's beautiful!!! Thank you so much for making it specific to my request for PGSM doll-styled eyes but painted with anime eye colors. I love how it looks! I'm also very impressed with how you made the dress and accessories. I'm very happy with it and hope to save up enough to order more dolls from you soon! I'd love to finish the whole team of Inner Senshi and am seriously considering selling my official PGSM dolls since I find your custom doll far more enjoyable to display. Thank you again! I hope to be ordering from you again soon. Best,"
~Vincent C.

"The [13 x 7"] plushies and [4] resin models arrived in top form! Thank you so much! thing is missing, the Sailor Moon - Sailor Pluto Main Doujinshi - "Diminishing Happiness 2" - 20 pages, 6 x 8" It was part of the order as I always wanted a new Setsuna doujinshi.
Sorry for the inconvenience! >_<"
~Luis O.

"THANK YOU!!!! Hi haven't been on but i got such a lovely surprise [Yuna 11" Doll] today in the mail THANK YOU SO MUCH! i effin love her, and i deff will be ordering more from you in the future. i love to order from the best artists online. God Bless<3"
~Nikki M.

"Thank you! Thank you so much for the [plush] doll and for all the detail you put into it. :) I may revisit your site in the future, and I'll definitely let people know of your fantastic skills. Have a wonderful day"
~Rachel H.

"Blaze and Cosmo [7" plush] arrived today and they are beautiful!  My girls are delighted with them.  Thank you for all your hard work!  I will be getting back to you for Maria and Rouge!  I am so happy with these and so tickled they arrived in time for birthdays.  Thanks again"
~Laura B.

"Thank you so much...I got Buffy [12" plush] yesterday and she's awesome!!"
~Erin H.

"Hello Setsuna! I recieved the [Rogue Vers 2] wig today! Just in time for my show!!! ^o^ And it's so beautiful i love it!
Thank you very much for your cooperation. Best regards,"
~Julie D.

"Hi Setsuna, Just emailing to tell you that the [Team Rocket James & Jesse 7"] plushies have arrived and our daughters are so delighted they have taken them back to university with them! Thanks again"
~Barry D.

"It [Yami Yugi 2' plush with duel disk] arrived today! Thank you for such a beautiful doll!"
~Donna L.

"Hi, thanks they [2 x Rogue 1/6 Resin models and 1 Rogue 4" figure] arrived today. As for the pink one, she looks great, but I had no idea you thought the drapes in the background were part of her outfit. Guess I will have to live with that, I can't do anything about it now. Still love her even with the drapes as part of her outfit O_o They look fine, I just was not expecting that.   Main thing is they did not break, and they look great, thanks. I think I will glue the pink one to the base, because of the way she stands, she could tip over easily (backwards).   The green one is great too. Thank you so much. Are you getting either of the new statues coming out later this year, or the new heroclix?   I've finally got domes for all my Rogue statues except one, it's on back order. Now I need to get a couple for these. Just got a curio cabinet too, just set it up so nothing in it yet. Might put these in there for now. Great job once again. Let me know if you get any more potential Rogue statue kits, or anything else Rogue. Keep in touch, I have to think of what to order next from you :) "Stay Frosty"
~Mark L.

"Hi Setsuna! :D Thank you so much for everything, the [4 11" Volks/Obitsu] mermaids came out so gorgeous! Lori and Eliza are especially amazing! I hope you girls are doing well and are not too overwhelmed with work! I had a question. I was wondering if commissions were reopened? Also I was wondering about getting two mermaid tails for my DDs(one normal body and other Dynamite body) however I would like them to have actual scale-like pieces on the tails. Something similar to the attached image? Do you think that would be possible to make? I don't mind the colors of the tails but I would like them to be  different from each other and both with large pretty fins :)
Let me know, thank you so much!"
~Omar D.

"Thank you for the Rouge the bat [7" Plush] doll. My daughter loves her and she hasn't put her down yet. Thank you again."
~Vernice T.

"I just wanted to let you know that I got the [Sylphiel 7"] plushie in and it looks wonderful! My bestie will adore it! :D I'll send another email with her reaction to it."
~Rebecca B.

"Hi Chloe-chan ^^ Oh thank you! I have saw the update i saw that you and Heidi have finished my [Eternal Sailor Jupiter and Neo Princess Jupiter] costumes ^_^ They really look awesome and of course, Heidi does a wonderful job modeling the costume ^_^    While i am at it, check the previous email i sended, i just need to know how much you gonna charge for this costume so i know much i will need to get for it ^^ Your friend and very happy customer"
~David L.

"The package has arrived. Hi Chloe-chan ^^ Just to let you know that the package with the costumes arrived today and i was able to pick it up at the post office when i arrive from work.  The costumes look really nice and everything fit ^^   I cant wait to wear them at Anime North ^^ Your friend and good customer"
~David L.

"Hello i have received your parcel and your [Galaxia & Mistress 9 11" Volks] dolls, thank you very much
if i want 2 others dolls for Jully, when i ll make a new order ? Best regards"
~Maxime F.

"Red [9" Obitsu Doll] has been received! Thanks alot! I was shocked that the job you did was very accurate! I hope you dont mind accepting more requests in the future, I really appreciate your hard work! Thanks again and God bless! ^^"
~Jere T.

"THANKS YOU SO........MUCH. It [Tsukimi 6" DP Doll and 2 bonus Fushigi Yuugi Dolls] made my week and yawl did such a wonderful
job on all of them. It did cheer me up thank you so much for the gifts and your prayers :D. You two are so wonderful and I hope the Lord brings you even more success in the New Year. Merry Christmas,
~Justin H.

"Dear Setsuna kou and Haruka Kou: Konnichiwa! My name is Tracey S. I've ordered 3 beautiful 2 foot plush dolls from you in the past -- Treize, Kakashi, and Darth Vader. I love my dolls and appreciate the artistry and hard work you do. I'd like to order a new doll if you don't mind. I'd like a 2 foot plush doll of Vegeta from Dragonball Z. I have a letter with pictures of what I want that I want to send you. Also, I wouldn't mind using PayPal to pay. Could you give me the address to mail the letter to? Thanks! Your friend in Christ always,"
~Tracey S.

""i got the [Etou & Ousaki] figures today thank you"
~Cindia L.

"Hello.The [Mio, Yui, Reimu, Marisa, Amulet Heart and Amulet Spade costumes and wigs, Deidara leggings and wig] costume boxes were received this past Thursday. We didn't get a chance to check them out as we were out of state at Sakuracon, and we're catching up on homework this week. We'll check them out on Friday, and email you letting you know how everything fits :D"
~Jill & Merry M.

"Hello ^__^ We just wanted to say how happy we are with all our cosplays that you made for us this year. Both Mio's and Yui's dresses are beautiful and we love the way they fan out. Yui's shoes and Mio's hat are also super cute!
We love the ruffles at the bottoms of Marisa's and Reimu's dresses and the wigs are perfect colors. 
Amulet Heart and Spade are so adorable! We both love the fabrics and the colors that you chose. The shoes for Amulet Heart are so cute!
You guys really out did yourselves on all the cosplays. The detailing on everyone is amazing!
We'll definitely send you pictures! Thanks again for making these awesome cosplays :hug:
~Jill & Merry M.

"Dear Setsuna, Charlotte [7" Plushie] Arrived Today! and I love her!!! she's so cute!!
thankyou so much! Hugs,"
~Rod D.

"hi hun did you get the pics of [the] Odette [11" Doll] Isent? i absoluetly love her and cant wait to get more done. lol is it possible to ge the attached characters commissioned? if so i will get you more info on details along with more pics ^_^ thanks<3"
~Britney T.

"Hi there! So long, no speak! My most recent plushie, 2 ft. poseable Manaka Takane(from Love Plus) is getting lots of love....not to mention I posted images of her on Facebook which got lots of good comments & several people clicking the "Like" button. Do you have a Facebook or no? Just curious....Cheers.^^ Your Friend & Loyal Customer,"
~Jaime A.

"Thanks so much for the wonderful job you did on the Melinas, Estruses and Knaves and Sailor Phi and Chi [Figures, Dolls and Plush]! They look so great! And thank you for taking so much care on the character Knave. Everything turned out perfectly! Question: I also ordered a Marvel Legends Estrus,  but she did not come with the others. I just wanted to make sure she was not forgotten about. Recently I have been ill and I am supposed to get out of the hospital today. It was a great surprise to open up the box of Knaves before my surgery. They really cheered me up. Best wishes and thank you so much for your incredible work!!!"
~Steven I.

"Love the Joanna [4"] Plush from [Rescuers Down Under]! Hi, I just wanted to let you guys know I got the Joanna plush and love her! You guys did a fabulous job! Sorry if you don't reconize this email, I got rid of my old email. Anyways wonderful work as always and have a happy New Year! ^^ Sincerely" ~Kathryn S.

"Hello there! The Rockman X [7-10"] plushie I commissioned from you arrived with me yesterday morning, and I just wanted to send a quick thankyou e-mail. He is wonderful, and I'm very happy with him! Thanks so much, and I hope to do business with you again sometime. :)
Best regards,"
~S. Bennett

"Thank u very much!! the [Kagura] fan arrived safely!! thank u! ^_^"
~Rachel G.

"hey it's sandy san I just wanted to tell you that I got my order in the mail today and I don't know where to start.  well first of all I really truly just absolutely love deidre [11" Obitsu doll] , she turned out better than expected.  of course I expected nothing better from you, the plushies all turned out so beautiful as well.  I just did a count on my wall and I came to a total of 108 dolls that I have on my wall,  WOW!!! I couldn't even believe it myself.  I just wasnt to let you know that you don't have to worry about the kill bill props, because I think that I will wait on those for now and but I did place an order for a paw paw bear doll but I would like to change that to a 7 inch plush of cheetara from thundercats instead, could you send me an updated invoice.  I don't know if you know but cartoon network is doing a new version of thundercats, it's like anime meets the thundercats, it looks really cool and it starts in july, might want to keep an eye out for that. well hear from you soon.."
 ~Sandy P.  "thunder cats HO!!!"

"hiya setsuna =D : thank you so much for the [Blaze the Cat 7-10" and Sophia the Hedgehog 7-10"] plushies X3 ,there amazing =D , i love sophia the hedgehog very much X3 , n blaze looks sweet =D , thank you so for making them X3 , n have nice day girl X3 , =D.
from ur costumer :"
~Sophia A.

"Setsuna, Today on my Birthday, I opened up the box you sent me and everyone was very excited and surprised with Charlie [2' plush dog from All Dogs Go To Heaven'] when I pulled him out. This really made my birthday special and it was worth the wait. Thank you for making him so perfect for me and he looks just like Charlie Barkin. ^-^ You guys are great!! Thanks"
~Brandon V.

"Hi, just wanted to let you know that my [Saturn 6" Irwin Canada] doll arrived and she's adorable! Her hair and eyes are especially impressive! She's a perfect addition to my collection, so happy to have a 6'' Sailor Saturn at last! :D She really is a great piece of work, thanks so much!"
~Rebecca D.

"Hi Setsuna, Thank you. I just received the [Walter Bernhard & Leon Belmont 11" Volks/Obitsu] dolls today they came out beautifully. I wanted to ask you if you could also make Trevor Belmont from Castlevania curse of darkness as well as Isaac if so could you please let me know. Thanks again for the beautiful dolls you made. Many Blessings,"
~Theresa B.

"The plushies and resin models arrived in top form! Thank you so much! thing is missing, the Sailor Moon - Sailor Pluto Main Doujinshi - "Diminishing Happiness 2" - 20 pages, 6 x 8" It was part of the order as I always wanted a new Setsuna doujinshi. Sorry for the inconvenience! >_<"
~ Luis O.

"Hi girls, thanks again for all the Rogues [Statues and Dolls]. FINALY got my dome for my pink custom Rogue. Will send pictures soon. Still want a Rogue statue or Doll in her red uniform. Will order more someday :)   Remember keep me posted on anything new of Rogue. And thanks again for the Rogues, I love them.   "Stay Frosty""
~Mark L.

"Good evening dear Setsuna,  I hope you're find. I'm really proud to my different [11" Volks] dolls [of] Sailor moon [characters] and thank you for your wonderful work... You are a great artist.  I have a new work for you, if you accept this one :) i would like during forever a Vanessa Doll from "The Little Mermaid". The form of Ursula when she goes to the earth (you are different pictures in this mail). I would like the same dress like the picture.  Do you think it's possible ? If yes i would like 2 vanessa dolls. I wait you're respond,  Have a wonderful day,  Best Regards dear Setsuna,"
~Raphael L. 

"Hi.... ^^ Euphemia [Ivory Gown Costume] arrived at work this afternoon as i write this.    Like you said previously, the costume is really wonderful to see in person.   I really cant wait to wear at Otakuthon this year ^^"
~David L.

"It [Vampire Princess Miyu costume] came~~~!!! ^___^ I barely put my purse down and tried it on right over my work clothes when I got home. My 5-year-old sister hugged me and squealed about how pretty it was. XD Thanks for getting it to me so soon, and I'll make sure to take pictures in it at at the con in September! Thank you~~~!"
~Brittany P.

"Heeeey, Setsuna! ^^ Thanks again for the wonderful [Vampire Princess Miyu] costume, I wore it all day last Saturday at the con. Unfortunately I was in a hurry every time I posed for my own pictures so I don't have that many, but I did want to share a couple links with you! Feel free to use them. Geez, I just hope I was smiling in the ones I posed for for other people! ^^; Anyway, it looked great! Thanks again!!"
~Brittany P.

"Hi, Blaze [7-10" Plush] arrived today. My daughter Nina is absolutely thrilled. Thanks"
~Alison W.

"Dear Setsuna, today i have get your [Eternal Sailor Neptune] cosplay. It is so beautiful! I love it! Could you tell me your internet site because i donīt find it. ^^
Iīve send you a few pictures about me and your cosplay. Thank you verry much God bless you"
~Susanne G.

"I just wanted to say thank you for the three Rogue plush dolls. They're gorgeous, and I love the detail that went into them. The costumes and the faces are beautiful. I appreciate all of the work you put into them. Thank you again."
~Melissa S.

"Thank you for the [Moonlight Knight] costume.  Got it a few days ago and it fits great and it's all around awesome.  Thank you again for everything."
~Corey L.

"Thanks [Setsuna], we just got Courage [12-15" Plush] and we love it! Ciao!"
~Elisabetta M.

"Hi Setsuna-san! I jsut wanted to say thanks so much for the Kagome Firerat Dress costume :D it looks great, fits perfect and I'm really looking forward to using it for my convention this weekend. Since you seem to like pictures of your costumes, I included one of me in the dress,  with my own wig, if you care to use them:) Thanks again, you do awesome work!"
~Catherine A.

"Aisha [2' plushie] arrived!!! And she has got to be the cutest thing /ever/. The box was opened and rubber-banded shut for some reason, but it was here with no damage. I sent photos to all of my friends and they are so jealous. But they can just get their own! Thanks again!"
~Luke C.

"Hey Setsuna-san,
 I was on vacation for a while, so I just received the latest shipment! The Sandman [2" SD, 5" Action Figure] and Estrus [6" Action Figure] are absolutely wonderful. Great job! Question:When do you think the Sailor Theta Gashapon figure I purchased will be ready to send out? Could you also send me an invoice for Sandman 7-10" Plush? Thank you again"
~Steven I.

"Yo Setsuna! Masaru's [11" Volks] doll and Joey's [7-10" plush doll] are here today. As always there are no words to describe your items. Masterpieces!!! The plush is adorable, the dress was beautifully made, the lines of shirt are perfect , you're a genius ** not to mention the doll of Masaru, splendid, magnificent, beautiful, indescribable, thanks for bringing his punch, he seems the real What else can I say? you are always the best and I am always fully satisfied and disbelief in the face of these works definitely come back to shop from you as soon as I put aside other pennies thank you again Byeee *_* "
~Pamela J.

"Dear Setsuna, WOW! I just got my 12" Seto Kaiba plush today, and he looks AMAZING. I love him so much, and you made him so well! My sister hopes to save up enough to buy a Yugi plush from you in the future. Thanks so much, he was well worth the wait!"

"Dear Setsuna, Thank you for your prompt responce to our E-mail, our Bakura [6" action] figure arrived Thursday. He is beautiful!"

"I sent off the last payment for the Storm [vers 2] cosplay. Thanks so much for working with me. The costume was great and was a really big hit at the con. However, I was wondering if I could commission you to make the headband smaller? It was just a bit too big for my tastes, and was too heavy to stay on, so I had a bit of trouble wearing it, haha. It looked *incredible*, but the size just wasn't very practical. Is there a way to make it shorter and make each of the parts... maybe half an inch thinner?"
~Chavon C.

"Hi, My order [Super Sailor Mars costume] have be arrived the last week. I am very happy. Thanks! See you."
~Clement B.

"Hello there! This is Jaime Allen here wanting to let you know that I got the 2 ft. poseable Marina plushie today! She is so beautiful & is receiving plenty of hugs along with lots of love. I really adore how you made the bottom of her tail kinda thin & flexible-like so I decided to get a bit on the playful side of things by pretending to have her swim with only to find that the thin fabric at the end of her tail kinda "swooshed" as if she were actually swimming to me!(Good,I mean,good mermaid! lol.) Now awaiting on 2 ft. poseable Pia plushie to arrive as I don't know how far along you got with her as of yet. Can you let me know how much longer of a wait I have with Pia,by any chance? Just curious. Anyways,I just wanted to let you know that Marina has arrived into my loving arms & is getting along with all my other plushie friends you made/sold to me within the last few years. *giggles* I look forward to your response,but if you're too busy then that's okay too. Thanks & God Bless! Cheers.^^ Your Friend & Loyal Plushies Collector,"
~Jaime A.

"Hi my dear Setsuna, Thanks a lot. I wanted to confirm I received her [Queen Badianyu 60cm Obitsu Dollfie BJD] today, yes I had custom taxes, but I was prepared for pay it. Oh she is GORGEOUS. Some of my friends said it is the most beautiful custom dolls they have ever seen and yes... SHE IS ! She is a masterpiece doll, what ever if one day I don't keep my collection I will always keep her . Thanks very much for this beauty and wonderful doll. I love her very much! Like I said for some reasons she is became my favorite character despite I love Galaxia very much. Thanks again for everything I'm gonna contact you probably around May/ June for an order I've 2 characters in my mind since some months they are'nt related to Sailor Moon. So I'm gonna give your the details when it will be the right moment, ok your works is awesome and more and more great each time, thanks again my dear friend have a special thought to you and your family, sincerely"
~Rachel F.

"Hi Setsuna, Thank you so much for sending my [Vampire Princess Miyu] costume in time for my event! It looks fantastic! What an awesome job! I hope you get caught up with your orders soon, so your life is back to normal and not as stressful. Although blooming business is a beautiful thing, so I bet you can't complain haha Thanks again! Sincerely,"
~ Leia W.

I just wanted to let you know that I received my Rogue costume earlier this week and it is AMAZING.  I really cannot even put into words how much I love it.  It is absolutely beautiful and you did a wonderful job.  Thank you so much!!!  I know it sounds silly but I have been wearing it around the house because it's too awesome not to get use out of it.  I can't wait to show it off at parties.  I will send pictures closer to Halloween.  You are extremely talented and I will always go back to you for more costumes.  I don't know what I will do though if you ever stop making them.  It is made very well and so I do not mind spending a little more money on a costume from you.  I will make sure everyone knows who made it.  Thanks again!  Take care."
~Michelle M.

"Hi, Just wanted to send an email to say thankyou ever so much for the Espeon [7-10" plush], it just arrived today and was exactly what I wanted. I really appreciate it :)"
~Francesca G.

"Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!I got my Finn & Kurt [11" Obitsu] dolls just now! They are soooo beautiful!! HOW DO YOU ALWAYS DO THIS?! You are AMAZING! Please never stop making dolls. They are all so beautiful. But thank you THANK YOU soooooooooo much for making these!! I love them!! You did such a wonderful job!! :D  Thank you thank you thank you THANK YOU Setsuna-san!!! *hugs* "
~Tiffany I. (Now everyone's gonna be jealous that I have the only Finn & Kurt dolls in existance. HAHAHAHA)

"YOU'LL NEVER STOP HEARING FROM ME.  Lol Anyway, I was just curious but how much would it cost if I were to ask you to make dolls of Kaname Madoka & Tomoe Mami? They're both wonderful characters from the recent Puella Magi Madoka Magica anime that ended a while ago. And I just started thinking that they would look absolutely beautiful in doll form. Thanks again for the Finn & Kurt dolls. Setsuna-san!! I love them so much! ^_^"
~Tiffany I.

"Setsunakou, I recently received the Shikimi/Shauntal Pokemon Black & White costume, and I have a few concerns. *Shikimi's shoes are red/pink. The shoes that were shipped with the costume are brown. *Shikimi's glasses are very round with a pink bridge, but the glasses that came with the costume are neither. *The dress is thick and not very breathable. Is there a way to take out one layer of the polyester material and replace it with a cotton-blend material? *The cut of the dress makes it difficult to keep the shoulders up and my chest from falling out. Could you put a strap on the back, under the shoulder blades to keep it from moving (the cape will cover it)? *Shikimi's shoulder cape stands up while this one droops. Is there a way to "poof" it out (like adding a hanger to the inside or stuffing it with material)? I would still love to wear the costume to a convention; is there any way to salvage the areas of concern that I mentioned above if I sent it back to you? If not, I would like to discuss a refund. I've been a long time customer and have adored every costume I commissioned and would like to continue to do business with you. Thank you for your consideration, I look forward to hearing from you."
~Alyssa B.

"Setsunakou-san, Yes! It's [Shikimi/Shauntal Black & White costume] wonderful! I can't thank you enough for going out of your way to make a whole new dress!  Thank you so much,"
~Alyssa B.

"Thank you so very much! hello setsuna. first I want to say thank you so very much for the tomoyo custom [10" Pure Neemo Doll]. second , while originally I asked for the episode 53 version , you really surprised me with a much superior alternative from an earlier request. I must say you did such a fantastic job in making her in the edit I did. and because of that its much , much better then my original request. you did such a wonderful job on her and I could be more proud. ^-^ the blue dress version of tomoyo really made me happy , and it doesnt hurt a single thing from the episode 53 request at all and to be honest , it was far superior then I hoped. ^-^ I truly and deeply thank you so very much for making her and for this absolutely gorgeous custom. since this custom turned out far better than I expected and since the older request made her look 10 times more gorgeous then what I asked for and as to why this was such a high rated custom and by far the best custom you have ever made me , I shall be your loyal yearly customer and shall ask for a custom at least once or twice a year. you have made yourself my highly recommended custom maker of the year and you have made the best custom for me ever. out of all 3 customs , I truly cherish them and still keep very good care of them. so , I hope you have a very good summer , and I shall see you once again sometime in 2012. you take a good long rest , and I truly thank you so very much for the tomoyo custom. hope to see you again in 2012 for more custom requests to come. have a great summer, and may god bless you, from many thanks and more,"
~Jason S.

"ahhhhh!!!!! oh my goodness she [Odette 11.5" Doll] is sooooo beautifull i love her you guys did such a good job on her than you so much i can wait for to add her to my collecton ^_^ i just bought prince derck off ebay, now he will have his princess (the odette they made originally isnt like the one in the movie but then again i dont think they ever are lol) would it be ok if when she arrives i take a pic. of the and send it to you as an appriciation photo?   thanks again so so much ^_^ i cant hardly wait to commission another from you guys please let me know if you are able for another order ^_^   much love and god bless<3"
~Britney T.

"You do beautiful work! I received my Jay [7-10"] plush in the mail yesterday and he's just perfect! Thank you again!!!!"

"Great news from an old friend! Hello Setsuna!! I know it's been way too long since I last emailed you.. I'm Amanda and I commissioned you a long time ago to make me Ranka's Lion dress from Macross Frontier!! And boy do I have wonderful news, your dress was published in Otaku USA!!! I wore it to this year's Katsucon for my birthday, and it was so loved by everyone I was asked to pose for their magazine with my best friend. I just had to let you know, since it's your wonderful work and talent that made my favorite cosplay, and you really deserve credit. Plus I must say, I've been missing working with you in the worst way. I caved in last year and started working with a close friend on some new cosplay, but I severely regret not going back to you instead. I spent a fortune and I've been taken advantage of, and I don't have anything of worth to show for all the work and money I put into those costumes. I even had a falling out with her, since she took so much money from me and never gave me a costume in return. (Over 500 dollars worth!!! Can you believe it?) So it goes without saying, I miss your talented and professional way of going about business. I would absolutely love to commission you again for next winter if you're free. I can't believe I let myself get taken advantage of and stopped working with someone I'm so comfortable with. I trust your work so much! I never had any problems with finishing on time with you. I never want to go through that again. So thank you from the bottom of my heart for making me costumes that I've loved so much through the years. I hope you'll be open to working with me again soon! And I also hope you enjoy the picture I'm sending you lol. It's not everyday a person can say they've been published in a magazine! Best of luck to you, and I wish you a lovely and safe summer :3"
~Amanda R.

"Hello a few years ago I purchased an Aayla secura costume from you. Im curious if your still making costumes as im looking to do one for my daughter. I was wondering if you offer other star wars costumes like barriss offee . Your craftmanship is awesome and my wife has never had a problem with her costume we LOVE your work! Thank you"
~James N.

"Hi Setsunakou! I received my Odette costume, its looks wonderful!!! [I included] some photos, and i want to share with you my Princess Odile costume (the black Odette)from the same anime,that i've made. Thank you so much for the [Princess Odette] costume! You did a wonderful job.Hope to see a new update on your page.^^ Take care!"
~Stefani V.

"Dear Setsuna-san, Thank you SO MUCH for making Princess Houou [7-10" plush] for me! I waited all day for the package to come, and it finally did this afternoon! I rushed out to the mailbox to get it, and I was so excited! When I opened the box, the first thing I said was, "She's perfect!" My mother came home shortly after, and I showed Houou off to her. She agreed with me that the detail is amazing! I immediately took pictures to show my friends. One of my friends said, "...that is scary good! I love it! The details are so perfect! It looks like it's been done by a real toy company!" My thoughts exactly. To be honest, I think you ARE a real toy/costume company with all the hard work you do. I hope you stay in business for a long time. You help to realize the dreams of anime fans everywhere, and that is a wonderful thing. As with all of my other plushies, she will be well cared for and much loved. You have made my dream come true by making her, and I will be eternally grateful. I feel like my birthday came early (it's in December) and that I received one of the best presents of my life. You are a very talented person, and I will be ordering from you again in the future! Sincerely,"
~Lauren S.

"I just received my Capt. Falcon [7-10"] plush and it looks FANTASTIC!!! Thank you so much!!! I would like to purchase more from you in the future. Is there a way I can access your website, because I can't find it! :( "
~Adrian P.

"Hello Setsuna! Thank you very much for you excellent work, I have got all my orders [Neo Queen Serenity 11" BanDai Doll; Queen Serenity 11" BanDai Doll; Tuxedo Mask 11.5" Volks Doll]. And yes, I still want several items from my previous letters. But I'd like to oder them not at once. I meen, I'll do 3 orders (1 oder once a month): 1. Neo Princess Mini Moon 8" BanDai Asia/Japan Doll (but I need all details like in anime (earrings and pins for hair, dress), 2. Princess Serenity earrings (two pairs, because of my Neo Queen Serenity has come with wrong earrings) and pins for hair, King Endimion walking stick and medals (all items for doll size), 3. Wedding Tuxedo Mask and Wedding Sailor Moon (I'll choose later). Will be wait for your answer or/and invoice for the first point. Thank you!"
~Elena C.

"hello Ms Setsuna! Thank you so much for your recommendation! ^_^ I thought i was the only one that thought the L bust was a little weird shaped. :D I just got them [Dark Magician Girl DD outfit & Wig; Miku Hatsune DD outfit & Wig] today because i had been busy with work and bartender school. I LOVED THEM BOTH!!! they are so gorgeous! I love your work ^_^ thank you so much. I will send pics as soon as my digicam arrives :)"
~Jose B.

"Hello there, Miss Setsuna and Miss Haruka! :D This is Chantelle, a long-time fan of your adorable custom plushies. ^__^ If you remember, I was the first commissioner for many of the Sonic the Hedgehog characters the two of you have made (Maria Robotnik, Vector, Charmy, Espio, Jet the Hawk, Silver, Blaze, and Marine), as well as eight of my own original human characters (Matlee, Abra, Buzzbe, Seath, Trinket, Ziph, Emmie, and Sukoe). ^_^ Thanks to you, I've been able to include many favorite characters in an online kids' show I've been working on for the last three years on YouTube. Out of the 7,661 subscribers, fans, and friends I've made from the show, I know that many of them have discovered your work through me and decided to order from you as well. ^__^ That makes me really happy, because I know the two of you do very cute work and we're all really lucky to have found you! I would love to show you an episode of my online kids' show someday, so you can see what your adorable plushies have been up to, two years after you crafted them for me. ^__^ If you're interested and have a few minutes of spare time, please have a look at these YouTube videos to see what kind of adventures your custom plushies have been on! Many, many children really adore these little guys, and I'd like to show you my appreciation. ^_^ "Silver's Neverending Story" [TRAILER] - Length: 1:44 (Silver and Marine used!) Sonic Chefs: Chaotix Sugar Cookies" - Length: 11:23 (Vector, Charmy, and Espio) Thank you so much for all your hard work! ^__^"
~Chantelle S.

"THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! <3 I LOVE IT!! ^____^ The [Tasuki] costume [and tessen accessory] turned out PERFECTLY! Thank you VERY much for making it for me in such a short time. I know this costume is going to get me a lot of photo's at con! <3 Everything is just WOW!! <3 LOVE IT thank you, thank you, thank you! ^.^ My GF and I REALLY appreciate it!"
~Anya/Michelle L.

"Thank you. I received the package, and we all sooooo loved the item [Gabrielle Wig]!!! God bless,"
~Lily O.

"Hi, I'm interested in the following, as listed in the Update:
* Sailor Vesta 6" Irwin Canada Doll
* Sailor Ceres 6" Irwin Canada Doll
* Sailor Juno 6" Irwin Canada Doll
* Sailor Pallas 6" Irwin Canada Doll.
Would you have pictures to share? Also, how much are they each? I also must apologize for not getting back to you; the Sailor Starfighter 6" Irwin Canada doll was PERFECT! Thank you so much! With sincerity,"
~Craig M. H.

"I GOT HER!!!!!!!!! Hello there, this is Jaime Allen speaking. I wanted to share my happiness & excitement with you by letting you know that my Manaka Takane [2'] plushie has finally arrived! She's adorable yet very pretty! I thank you once again on a job well done. No hard feelings about slowness of the delivery since many Post Offices closed so I feared this would happen to say the very least. Did you take a look at the images I attached on a previous email? If so, what do you think you'd ask for the 3 plushie ideas? They would be separate orders, mind you. Anyways, thank you so much for making my day a special one! Take care & God bless! Cheers.^^ Your Friend & Loyal Customer,"
~Jaime A.

"Hello! My daughter and I just received our custom SHINON [6" sitting plush] and he is FABULOUS!!!! Thank you again for your creations and attention to detail!!!  We will AGAIN be placing another order VERY SOON!!!"
~Samantha & Cathy

"Hello! They've {Cyclops, Dark Phoenix & Colossus costumes] ARRIVED safe and sound! (they arrived last weekend! :) ) They look GREAT! Our Dark Phoenix actually squealed! Haha! Expect photos by next weekend! Thank you SO much! I love the fabric and colours! I'll keep in touch! Yay! Happy Halloween!!!!"
~Dominic B.

"Aw! o.o Ashie and Sai-cha [2' plush] look the best out of them! and Jake's gonna be so surprised when he finds out that they're coming in with the other two orders. You girls really did great to get them out even earlier! o.o The bell on Raz [12" and 2' plushies] fits her really cute! And Holly [12" plush] looks just like her picture! Drew even saw the Fae [7-10"] plush he's giving as a gift, and he was amazed at how he looked.
There were only a few extremely minor things I was wondering about. Does Magnyam [2' plush] have her tail sock? If not it's totally fine ^^ I think I can sew together something like that for her. Is Evellee's [12-15" plush] face a little wide, or is that just the photo? I think it'll look better when I see her in person ^^. And finally. I might've mentioned that Blackberry [2' Plush] has a necktie, but if not I can add a small piece of felt to her collar. It's no trouble at all ^_^
I know one important thing with us art people is that little minor changes get annoying, and I don't want to be like that. And also I don't want to delay you girls from your other works too! o.o;. Anyway, amazing work as always ^_^  We'll be in touch later!"
~Bryan, Jake, and Drew

"thank you so much for making  my [Code Geass C.C.] anime doll clothes. they come out great."
~Kenya D.

"I LOVE IT!!!!!!! Just letting you know I received my Eternal Sailor Mercury costume today. It fits great!!! I love it!!! Great job!!! I cannot wait to wear it on Halloween. I will definitely send pictures. Thank you!! ^_^"
~Ivory S.

"Hi Setsuna-san, My Clara costume arrived today and I love it! The only problem is that the
wand was broken. Is there anything we can about this? The Convention is October 21. Maybe more bubble wrap? Thanks! I'm attaching a photo of me in the costume too, I especially like how you did the shoes! I will send back to the wand tomorrow. I really like the un-broken parts (so pretty!) so I look forward to getting it back intact! Thank you again so much for the beautiful costume! "
~Michelle S.

"Hello! I just got the Uranus boots, Ami choker, and Ami vest in the mail. They look fantastic! I do have a tiny problem though - I can't get the boots on. :-p I can see they are a size 10, which is what I wear, but because of the boot part I can't seem to get them on. Would you be willing to do an exchange, or do you think there is something I can do, like maybe put zippers in them? What do you suggest? I am very happy with everything and I thank you very much. :) If I can get these boots to fit everything will be perfect! Thanks again for excellent work!"
~Katelyn B.

"Hello, Setsuna-san! Sorry for not getting back to you. I was waiting for a time that I could really sit down and take my time getting them on, because I was afraid they would not fit. It turned out that I just needed to put on some slipper socks and pull really hard. Once I get them on, they look great and are very comfortable. Thank you so much, and sorry for the confusion. ^_^ Have a great day, and thanks again!"
~Katelyn B. ^^

"hello setsuna! i'm a italian boy! i looove your site, me is a customer doll like you! have see your beautiful website and see your amazing dolls! you is soo talent! you have inspiered me and now me make a custom doll! i love custom and i love sewing! you is a very talent, i wish become like you one day! i hope to received a comment from my custom by you!! ^____^
thanks again and good job!!!! ^-^"

"Dear Setsuna-kou, Hi! You made me a wonderful Saya costume from Blood+ about 2 years ago, and I am
looking to have another costume made. You did a wonderful job on a Skuld costume from Oh! My Goddess on your website. I was wondering how much it would cost for JUST the dress, the large belt, and the skirt (without any accessories, boots,
gloves, or wig). Just a quote for a general size large for someone 5'4'' that I would need by the very beginning of January. Thanks so much! Looking to hear from you soon.

"Hi Setsuna-san, I want to thank you again for making me my Clara costume. I wore it both
to BlizzCon and Long Beach Comic Con, and got lots of compliments--
including from the creator of The Guild, Felicia Day! Here are two links to my photos!
Long Beach Comic Con:
God Bless,"
~Michelle S

".Hi there! Very happy with Gadget [plush doll], and thank you very much for your hard work. :) Here's a question I had. Do you think you might be able to take a shot at making a plush from the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic cartoon? I could send reference pictures if you need them, I just wanted to see if it might be something you could do. Thanks much!"

"I got my [Ryou Bakura Vers 5 2foot] plushie today thank you so much for it I am very happy with it"

"Thank you! Dear Setsuna-san: After the wonderful job you did making the Princess Houou custom plushie for me, I decided to order a Sapphire 7" UFO plushie. For many years, I had wanted a Sapphire doll or plushie, but could not find one anywhere. Then I found your shop. I was so excited at finally having one at long last. The Sapphire plushie arrived today. When I opened the package, my joy was indescribable. My eyes lit up, and I immediately hugged it. It was like a dream. I had waited so many years for this moment. I've been wanting something like this since I was in middle school. I am 23 years old now (24 soon, as my birthday is coming up on December 14th), and it made me feel like a kid again, remembering how I used to watch the show. His death was the one I cried over; he was (and still is) my favorite male character of the Sailor Moon series. The Houou character you made for me is actually his and Jupiter's daughter (an odd pairing, I know, but I made a back story that explained it all). I actually wrote a fanfiction in which he lived, and it led to a huge project! He started it all. If he was a real person, I'd thank him for inspiring me! XD Once again, you amazed me with your amazing attention to detail. "Perfect" is the only word I can think of to describe it! Thank you so much for making my dream of having a Sapphire doll come true. I will definitely be ordering more from you in the future! I just have to figure out what I want next! Sincerely,"
~Lauren S.

"Hi there. You may not remember me, but last year I ordered a Ruby Carbuncle UFO plushy from
your site and I want to start off by saying I love it! It’s gone down really well in cons and cosplays. I am emailing however to ask are you still taking UFO 12” plushy requests of fan characters? If so, then I would like to give you a request. (I will give you a
character reference when I get a reply). Also, I’m also wanting to purchase a Yusei Fudo (YGO 5Ds) 12” UFO plushy from your
site and am wondering, if I order both together, can the shipping costs be merged?
Thanks alot!"
~Sam H.

"Hi Setsunakou! I just wanted to wish you a happy birthday and thanks again for all the gorgeous costumes and dolls you make for me!^^ Take care!"
~Stefani V.

"Hello , I have received my order [Sailor Mars wig] today. I am very happy. Thank you."
~Clemente B.

"I recieved rouge the bat [7-10" plush doll], I cant believe how beautiful she is. Excellent work !! My daughter will love it for christmas. I cant wait to see sally acorn later, thanks again,"
~Lori H.

"[13 Eto Rangers 7-10" plush] arived on 12/13/11 at 4:00pm. I think you did a good job on them. may contact you for another bizaro project."
~Joel S.

"1st things 1st....ahhhhh!!!!!omg I love the [Vanessa 11" Doll from the Little Mermaid; Eilonwy 10" doll from the Black Cauldron] dolls they are wonderfull I got them in yesterday and wow I absolutely adore them I can't wait to do some photos with vannesa with eric and ariel lol thanks soooooo sooooo much <3 <3 Ok I figured out why I was so confused I saved all our emails so it was a lot to ho through but I figured out what happend... I haven't paid for the centaur girl yet the $110 was half the payment for arista and the other girls because they came up to $220 and for the centaur you were going to tell me how much she was then if I was still interested we were going to add her to the last payment later. I don't see an emial though that said how much the centuar girl would be. So I still owe $110 for the girls pluss whatever the centuar girl is. I can send you the emials I have if that would help I don't want y'all to think I'm trying to cheat you or anything because I'm not that kind of person. Sorry for any confusion I may have caused please let me know if this solved anything As always *hugs* and God bless and if I don't hear from you before hand MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR :-) "
~Britney T.

"Domo arigatou! Hi there, BETTLEJUICE [12-15" Plush] just got home and he's perfact, great job! Thanks again for everything,"
~Kimberly C.

"Dear Setsuna and Haruka I just wanted to let you two know that I received your package today!  My goodness!!! Such AWESOME goodies! Thank you sooooooo so much! Wow! I don't even know where to begin! I was so incredibly surprised to see the little Teana [2" SD] figurine! Did you make that???!  If so, you did a great job! I'm SO going to put it next to the others of the set, and in particular next time Pharaoh Yami/Atemu! XD  If it's all right with you, I wanted to post a picture of it online on DA.  Is that ok?? Please let me know! Thank you so much, I mean really! Teana is still so very precious to me, and to think that you got me such a thoughtful present means more than I could ever express into words.  Saying thank you seems so inadequate, but I mean it from the bottom of my heart! Thank you, my friends! The other goodies were awesome too though! I love the pillow! It's so lovely with the image and the crisp design and colors! I'm going to put it in my guest room of my new home with all my other anime related things! It's sure to be an inspiration to look at! XD  I've never seen this anime/game of which you speak of but it does look very interesting! And if you like it, I'm sure that it'll be well worth looking into! You have good taste after all! ^_- Seriously though, thanks so much for the disks and for suggesting it to me!
That reminds me, have you ever seen a series called Saiunkoku Monogatari?  It's called Tale or Story of Sauinkoku in America.  It's a few years old now, but I've been watching that lately and I think that's pretty good! I could share it with you if you haven't already seen it! I think you might like it! :) Anyways, once more I TRULY thank you both! I know you were concerned about these gifts being "late" but let me say that they were completely worth it in every sense of the word! Just that you thought of me and were so generous and kind is gift enough.  And I'm happy to have your friendships too! It really has been a pleasure knowing you two for all of these years and I hope that we continue staying in touch! That would be the greatest gift of all! :)  Happy Holidays to you, and your loved ones! You deserve all the happiness in the world and so much more! God bless you, dears! Your friend, always,"
~Kathie S.
P.S.  I'm going to send something your way too, though it may take a bit.  Can you send me your mailing address one more time please? I think I already have it, but just in case......

"Setsuna & Haruka , Thank you so much! You don't know how much this means to my husband and me. My daughter's eyes are going to light up with unspeakable joy [when she sees the Cosmo plush]! You have truly blessed us with your compassion and understanding. I look forward to ordering more products from you in the future! God bless you and I wish you much success with your business!"
~Sharonda L.

"I wanted to thank you again for the Christmas present [Blaze the Cat 7-10" plush] for my niece...  I have attached a picture to show you how much she liked it!     Thanks,"
~Mike D.

"I love the Kit Fisto 12- 15" plushie I got.  I got it on Christmas eve and have it
sitting on my bed all the time. I will be ordering from you again."

"Have a merry Christmas and thank you for everything this year and every year before! You both are wonderful and I am eternally grateful to know you! God Bless!"
~Luis O.

"Dear Setsuna, I don't know how you did it, but THANK YOU for sending us the Selina [7-10" plush] doll.
We received it on December 23. We had tried to prepare our daughter for the fact that she would not be
receiving Selina for Christmas.  That made it extra special for her to open Christmas morning.
Our daughter, Kate has autism.  Although she will be 22 in January, she functions at about seven years of age.  That is why these dolls are so
special to her. Thank you from the bottom of my heart and may you have the very best in the new Year, 2012. Sincerely,"
~Elizabeth H.






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