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February 2012 -

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Thank you both for the CD and card! I really mean it, the gift made me smi so much.

"Hi Setsuna, Thank you so much, I recived the [Shido & Cain 11.5"] dolls on Saturday. They came out great."
~Theresa B.

"Hello, I just received Hatsune Miku [9" Obitsu/Volks doll] today. You guys did a great job; thankyou so much. Just one question, where can you purchase Volks heads from (without pre-rooted hair)? I have looked everywhere, but it seems you can only buy them this way. Thanks again"
~Aaron M.

"Thanks so much!! Hello Setsuna Kou! Just seen the updates on your site - OMG Morpheus [7-10" plush] looks awesome, you made him look great!  I can't wait to receive him!!! :-D I have made a fanpage dedicated to him on facebook, but still have a lot to add. Thanks again!!! ~Nicola B.

"Hey again! Thanks alot for your previous [custom doll] commissions from before! Me and my friends really did enjoy the Vega [11" Volks] custom you all put together before :). I have another commission if you dont mind taking this one. It is a request for Ibuki from Street Fighter 3rd Strike series. An 11" fem. fig. body should be perfect for her, please email me if this request isn't do-able or if you have any questions about the commission. I attached a few photos of her and a link to her capcom profile (hopefully those will help!), Thanks again for your time and effort! Take care! -Best regards,"
~Jere T.

"Setsuna san, My son would like to express his profound appreciation.
We got it [Gadget 12-15" Plush] today. Thank you again. We will try to order more toys from you. Regards,"
~Alfonso san

"Thank you. Hi, I just wanted to say thank you for the beautiful [7-10"] plush dolls you made for me (Rogue Vers 6, 2010 John Watson, and 2010 Sherlock Holmes). They look wonderful. I know they took a lot of work, and I really appreciate how much detail was put into them. Thank you so much."
~Melissa S.

"Hey Setsu! I wanted to let you know i got my plushie in the mail today and I love him! My girlfriend is going to be so excited she adores fai!! And finding collectables are so hard! Aywyas thankk you agian !! and I hope we can do more bussiness in the future!"

"Hi Setsuna Kou! Just wanted to let you know that Morpheus [7-10" plush] arrived safely and he is awesome!  I have attached a photo for you. ^^ Thanks again!"
~Nicola B.

"Hi Setsuna! Hope you're doing well, I wanted to let you know I received Hanon's DD Mermaid costume and Shirahoshi [11" Volks Doll] .Shirahoshi came out so beautiful :) Hanon's DD Mermaid costume came out really well except I don't really like the fins :( They're very thin and just flop down. I was wondering if I could send the tail and have fabric added to the fins to make them thicker/fuller(like the last DD mermaid tail fins you made me)? Let me know and thanks again :)"
~Oscar D.

"Gomen nasai for not replying with a reference picture of Zhivago. I have included
one as an attachment. ^^; I just wanted to add that the two other dolls I own that you crafted (Professor Hojo
and Sailor Nemesis) are still loved and have received many compliments. May God bless you in all you do."
~Leigh H. 'Hugs make life more bearable but God makes life wonderful.'

"Hi Chloe-chan ^^ I saw the update yesterday and i saw the completed C.C black gown.   It does look really pretty ^^     I really cant wait to receive it ^^"
~David L.

"Hi ^^ The [C.C. Black Gown] costume finally arrived today just before i was about to leave my workplace ^^   The costume look gourgeous.  I really cant wait to wear it at Anime North in may ^^    But, what i didnt expected to be in the box was the CD.   I will definitly gonna send you pictures when i gonna have an occasion to have some taken ^^    Thanks again for the wonderful costume and the CD ^^ Your friend and happy customer"
~David L.

"Hi just letting you know the [Centaurette Fantasia 11", Arista 11" Mermaid, Gaston's 3 Silly Girls 11"] dolls came in today!!!! And as always very super job the are amazing and the centaurette AMAZING!!!!! Lol she turned out even better the I could have imagined thank you sooo soooo much I can't wait to have more commissioned but I don't want to over load you guys let me know when you can take on another commission ? in the mean time I'm going to show off these to everyone I know lol *hugs* and God bless <3"
~Britney T.

"Greetings Ms Setsuna! I would like to let you know that the items got here all complete. Althought the mail person threw my package and in so broke the glaive >:(.... but super glue heals all wounds lol. I would love to thank you as well!!! I LOVE THE [Hanon/Noel DD]OUTFIT AND ALL THE ITEMS [Sailor Neptune Aqua Mirror, Sailor Saturn Glaive, Glinda Wand for DD/60cm dolls]!!!! They are perfect, you are such a talented seamstress! I always love your work Ms setsuna thank you so much. Also I am going to try the cap on my dollie as soon as i get it back from my little cousin who is using it in show and tell for a week lol ( i lent it to her 3 weeks ago.. i sure hope i get it back 0-0). In this email i will also be including the long overdue pictures of the wonderful creations you have made for me. Maybe as a sample if anyone would like to see one? Plus id love for you to see how happy you have made my lovely daughters :). THank you so much Ms setsuna I hope all is well. Jose P.S. I should probably mention the costume you designed is not of Hannon but another character from pichi pichi pitch whose name is Noel. I am sorry i forgot to mention it before. >_<.... and i will send pictures of her once i get her eyes i ordered :)"
~Jose B.

"hey i got my shora [11" Volks] doll. i just want to say that i totally love her!! she is way more beautifull than i could have imagined. i totally love her eyes, i am wondering how you made that (what kind of material you used for her eyes) they sparkle sooo beautifull :D thanks soooo much !! i definately am gonna buy more of you when i get the money. oh and soon a friend of mine will buy the yami doll for me :D i am really happy of all the nice things your making. thanks and much hugs xxx"
~Samantha G.

"I Love My Doll Outfit!!! Hi! Thank you so much for the Sailor Mars [60cm BJD] outfit! It looks amazing! Here's a picture of
my Mars [doll] showing off your handiwork."
Lauren K.

"Hi, I got the Larxene [11" Fashion] Doll. She is excellent. Her hair and facial appearance are perfect. Love the gown and beads you used. Very happy, thank you very much. Is it possible a little later this year, I could ask for another custom doll request? Thanks again for your services."
~John O.




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