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You may contact us at the following email addresses:
SetsunaKou =
HarukaKou =


Please CLICK HERE to review the costumes we have completed, but are not yet posted on the site. Updated 1/18/17

Please CLICK HERE to review the dolls/doll clothing we've completed, but are not yet posted on the site. Updated 1/18/17

If you see something on those pages you'd like to view, please email me and I'll try to get those item(s) posted on the site as soon as possible.

Contact email:

Want to trade?
Items we want that you can trade in for credit on
items on our website:
Please click HERE to view the list. Thank you! Updated 4/7/18

All major Credit/Debit cards or USPS Money Orders accepted!

****If anyone knows html and would like to help create some webpages so the updates can be made faster, please email us. Thank you so much in advance for any help!!****


2024 Updates:

February 4, 2024: Sorry for the incredibly long time in between updates! We have been working nonstop on commissions, and replying to order inquiries, which leaves zero time for updating the site! I apologize again and thank all our friends and customers for their kind understanding and patience.
Today's update is actually just the beginning of starting to get the website back up to working order. I've been having to revamp all the links to be SSL encoded or they don't work! There are hundreds/thousands of 'buy now' links which are currently not redirectng to your shopping cart, so I will be methodically going through every page/item to update and fix their broken 'Buy Now' button links. It's going to be slow to get through it all, so I will be starting with the plush dolls section this week and then the dolls section when I finish the plushies. It's going to be a HUGE undertaking which will take many weeks/months to resolve, especially since we don't have the time to do it! But I need to make the time somehow!! ^^;;

If you are wanting to order an item but the 'Buy Now' button isn't working, please feel free to email the order instead while I am fixing the SSL on the site. You can request an order to either email:

SetsunaKou =
HarukaKou =

Thank you again for all your kind understanding, patience and support through the years!
God bless you!



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