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We'll trade a 7-9" UFO plushie of almost any human character for any TEN of the Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Game Cards listed
HERE. The cards MUST be ENGLISH language and in good condition. If you have more than 10 of the cards listed for trade, please let us know what you have and we would be glad to trade a 7-10" UFO plush for every 10 cards listed that you can trade with us. (If you'd rather trade the cards in towards a costume, we will give $40 credit for every 10 cards traded. Thanks!)

Other items wanted for trade/credit:
Please click HERE to view the list. Thank you!

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            Thanks everyone, for being so patient in waiting for updates. We have many, many costumes, plush and dolls waiting to be posted, so I hope to resume regular updates every other weekend now that our busy season is complete and we can hopefully get back to 'normal.'   

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2014 Updates:

May 18, 2014: I apologize for the long delay in updating this website. In early January, I sustained a bad shoulder injury to my rotator cuff and have been in excruciating pain since then, causing us to lose time in our commission work and having to neglect the updating of this site entirely to try to compensate. HarukaKou has had to take up most of the slack on everything and she's been amazing, carrying most of the burden alone, to which I'll be forever grateful and indebted! Finally, just these past two weeks, I've started feeling better---still not up to what I was---but getting there! I appreciate all of your kind words, prayers and understanding during this incredibly trying time. THANK YOU to all our customers! Added to Susan de Venici's Costumes: C.C. Red Butterfly Costume to Code Geass Section. (Thank you for the wonderful photo, David-san!) Added Sailor V Costume & Wig to Sailor Moon: Venus Section. Added to Lita Mitchell's UFOs: Freeza 7" UFO to Dragonball Z section; Charmy the Bee 7" UFO; Espio the Chameleon 7" UFO; Metal Sonic 7" UFO to Sonic: Boys Section; Tikal the Echidna 7' UFO; Cream the Rabbit 7" UFO; Vanilla the Rabbit 7" UFO; Galaxina 7" UFO to Sonic: Girls Section; Ash 7" UFO, Misty 7" UFO, Brock 7" UFO, Team Rocket James 7" UFO; Team Rocket Jessie 7" UFO; Sabrina 12" UFO to Pokemon Heroes Section; Silphymon 7" UFO to Digimon Creatures Section; Mia 6" Sitting UFO to Fire Emblem Section; Jack Russell 7" UFO, Joshua Bright 7" UFO, Estelle Bright 7" UFO to Radiata Stories Section; Envy 7" UFO to Full Metal Alchemist Section; Dante Vers 3 7" UFO & Vergil 7" UFO to Devil May Cry Section; Crimson Viper 7" UFO to Street Fighter Section; Felicia 7" UFO to Darkstalkers Section; Fish Eye 7" UFO to Sailor Moon: SuperS Section; Jak 7" UFO to Jak & Daxter Section; Kaori Yae 2' UFO to Tokimeki Memorial Section; Kitana Vers 2 7" UFO to Mortal Kombat Section; Viridi 7" UFO to Kid Icarus Section; Zant 7" UFO to Legend of Zelda Section; Lucas 7" UFO to Earthbound Section; Rezo 7" UFO to Slayers Section; Shredder 7" UFO to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Section; Leon 7" UFO, Princess Frey 2' UFO, Vishnal 2' UFO to Rune Factory Section; Hajime Hinata 7" UFO to Dangan Ronpa Section; Izumi Konata 7" UFO to Lucky Star Section; Findor Carias 7" UFO to Bleach Section; Tasuki 7" UFO Fushigi Yuugi section; Frodo 12" UFO to Lord of the Rings Section; Gadget 12" UFO to Rescue Rangers Section; Gwen 7" UFO to Total Drama Island Section; Gerard Way 7" UFO and Mikey Way 7" UFO to Portrait Section; Tao Lien 7" UFO, Leigh the Cat 7" UFO to Fan Characters Section. Added to Tara Tomoe's Custom Dolls: Prince Endymion 11" BanDai Doll to Sailor Moon: Royals Section; Vanessa 11" Doll from the Little Mermaid to Fairy tale dolls section; Sesshoumaru 11", Rin 8", Jakotsu 11", Bankotsu 11" Volks Dolls from Inu Yasha to Misc Various Dolls section.

February 21, 2014: Added to Lita Mitchell's UFOs: Android 18 7" UFO & Kid Buu 7" UFO to Dragonball Z section; Vector the Crocodile 10" UFO; Storm the Albatross 10" UFO, Bean the Duck 7" UFO to Sonic: Boys Section; Julie Su 7" UFO to Sonic: Girls Section; Cammy 7" UFO and Cammy Vers 2 12" UFO to Street Fighter Section; Faust 7" UFO and Yoh Asakura 7" UFO to Shaman King Section; Hanyuu 7" UFO to Higurashi no Koko ni Section; Serenity Wheeler Vers 4 7" UFO, Kisara Vers 2 7" UFO, Ishizu Vers 2 7" UFO to YuGiOh Heroes section; Kuriboh 7" UFO and Ruby Carbuncle 7" UFO to YuGiOh Card Creatures section; Scorpion 7" UFO to Mortal Kombat Section; Luxord 7" UFO to Kingdom Hearts Villains section; N 7" UFO to Pokemon Section; Princess Rosalina 7" UFO to Super Mario Bros section; Rollchan 7" UFO to Megaman X Section; Absinthe 7" UFO, Psyche 7" UFO, Rachel 7" UFO to Fan Characters Section. Added to Tara Tomoe's Custom Dolls: Queen Elsa 11" Doll from The Snow Queen to Fairy tale dolls section.

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