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2020 Updates:


November 9, 2020: Added to Lita Mitchell's UFO Catchers: Added Lucas 7" UFO to Earthbound section; Princess Rosalina Vers 2 2ft UFO to Super Mario Bros section; Zoey 7" UFO to Total Drama Island section; Tristan Taylor Vers 2 7" UFO & Chief Inspector 7" UFO to YGO Boys Section; Gozaburo's Right Hand Man 7" UFO, Kemo 7" UFO, Crump 7" UFO, Gansley 7" UFO, Sozoji 7" UFO, Bob Maguire 7" UFO to YGO Villains Section; Jagger Princeton 7" UFO, Thelonious Viper 7" UFO to Yu-Gi-Oh! GX Section; Sally Acorn Vers 2 7" UFO & Cosmo the Seedrian 12" UFO to Sonic: Girls Section; Battle Sonic the Hedgehog Vers 3 7" UFO to Sonic: Boys Section; Luke Vei the Hedgehog Vers 2 7" UFO to Fan Characters Section. Added to Susan de Venici's Costumes : Weiss Schnee Vol 7 Costume & Wig to Rwby Section; Puffy Ami Costume from Hi Hi Puffy Ami Yumi to Non-Anime Section.

November 8, 2020: Added to Usagi's Custom Dolls & BJD: Fairy Godmother 14" LE Doll; Ariel Golden Dreams 17" LE Doll; Ariel Finale 'Seafoam dress' 17" LE doll; Granny Fa 14" LE Doll; Anna Nightgown 17" LE doll; Queen Anna 17" LE customized Doll; Prince Consort Kristoff 18" LE Doll; King Agnarr & Queen Iduna 17-18" LE Doll Set; Lt Mattias 18" LE Doll; Elsa Nightgown 17" LE doll; Elsa Travel 17" Customized LE doll; Elsa Finale 5rh Spirith 17" LE doll; The Nokk 21" Horse; Alice 17" LE Style Doll to 'Disney Princess & Fairytales 17" Dolls' section.

September 27, 2020: Added to Usagi's Custom Dolls & BJD: Added Yami Yugi Vers, 1, 2, 3, 4 and Pharaoh Atem 11" Volks Dolls; Tea Gardner Vers 1, 2, 3, 4, Magician of Faith and DMG versions 11" Volks dolls; Joey Wheeler vers 1, Mai Valentine Vers 1 11" Volks dolls; Seto Kaiba Vers 1, 2 11" Volks Dolls; Serenity Wheeler Vers 1, 2, Kisara 10" Volks Dolls; Tristan Taylor Vers 1 11" Volks Doll; Ryou Bakura Vers 1, 2, 3, 4 11" Volks Dolls; Rebecca Hawkins Vers 1, 2 10" Volks Dolls; Duke Devlin Vers 1 11" Volks Doll; Marik Ishtar Vers 1, 2 11" Volks Dolls; Ishizu Ishtar Vers 1 11" Volks Doll; Mokuba Kaiba 8" Volks Doll; Maximillion Pegasus Vers 1, 2 11" Volks Dolls; Dark Magician Girl 10" Volks Doll; Supreme King 11" Volks Doll; Alexis Rhodes Vers 1, 2, 3 and Harpy Lady Version 11" Dolls; Jesse Anderson 11" Volks doll; Yusei 11" Volks Doll, Akiza Vers 2 11" Volks Doll; Rio Kastle Vers 1 10" Volks and Rio Kastle Vers 1, Vers 2 , Vers 3 (The Barian), Vers 4 (Marin/Merag) 10" Volks doll to Yu-Gi-Oh! Dolls 11" Section. Added to Lita Mitchell's UFO Catchers: Added Wodime 7" UFO to Fate: Stay Night/Grand Order section; Byleth 5' 6" Giant Plush to Fire Emblem Section; Kirishima School 7" UFO, Suneater 7" UFO, Nejire 7" UFO, Captain Mirio 7" UFO, Skinny All Might 12" UFO to My Hero Academia Section; Midna 7" UFO to Legend of Zelda Section; Silver the Hedgehog Vers 2 7" UFO, Tails the Fox 7" UFO, Devil Chao 4" UFO to Sonic the Hedgehog: Boys Section; Sally Acorn 7" UFO, Sonia the Hedgehog 7" UFO, Julie Su 7" UFO, Fiona the Fox 7" UFO, Nicole the Lynx 7" UFO, Maria Robotnik 7" UFO, Starla the Seedrian 7" UFO to Sonic the Hedgehog: Girls Section.

June 7, 2020: Thank you all for your patience in waiting for this looong overdue update!!!! It's not as much as I would have liked to update but I decided to just update what I can today---and chose the plushie section this time. Next update will be dolls and costumes. This past year has been insane for all of us and we apprecaite your kindness and understanding! God bless you!

Added to Lita Mitchell's UFO Catchers: Added Aku Aku 5" UFO and Uka Uka 5" UFO to Crash Bandicoot section; added Ai Haibara 7" UFO to Detective Conan section; added Alexis 4" UFO to YGO GX section; Added Tea 2' UFO and Serenity Wheeler 7" UFO to YGO Heroines/Girls Section; added Dark Magician Girl 7" UFO to YGO Card Creatures Section; added Sora Vers 4 7" UFO from KH3 & Yozora 7" UFO from KH3 to Kingdom Hearts Heroes Section; added Dark Riku 7" UFO and Ansem 12" UFO to Kingdom Hearts Villains Section; Added Sonic the Hedgehog 7" UFO, Battle Sonic the Hedgehog 7' UFO, Antoine d'Coolette 7" UFO; Tails the Fox 7" UFO, Mighty the Armadillo 7" UFO, Charmy the Bee 7" UFO, Fang the Weasel 7" UFO, Scourge the Hedgehog 7" UFO, Bokkun 7" UFO and Zazz 12" UFO to Sonic: Boys Section; Added Queen Angelica the Anglerfish 7" UFO, Bunnie Rabbott 7" UFO, Breezie the Hedgehog 7' UFO, Blaze the Cat 7" UFO, Vanilla the Rabbit 7" UFO, Shade the Echidna 7" UFO, Cosmo 7", 12" and 2' UFOs, Galaxina 7" UFO, Zeena 7" UFO to Sonic: Girls Section; added Auron 7" UFO to FFX section & Crystal Exarch 7" UFO to FFIV Section; added Beatrice 7" UFO and Beatrice SD Style 7" UFO to Umineko Section; addded Gwen 7" UFO, Carrie 7" UFO, Emma 7" UFO, Skye 7" UFO, Trent 7" UFO, Noah 7" UFO to Total Drama Island Section; added Gladion 12" UFO to Pokemon: Boys Section; added Kari 7" UFO to Digimon Girls Section; added Ifurita 7" UFO to El Hazard Section; added Jedite 7" UFO to Sailor Moon Section; added Sailor Star Maker to Sailor Moon: Stars Section; added Human Idunn 7" UFO, Seiros 7" UFO, Rhea 7" UFO, Severa 7" UFO to Fire Emblem Section: added Lynn 6" Sitting UFO to FIre Emblem Sitting section; added Johnny Test 7" UFO to Johnny Test Section; added Lindsay 2' UFO to Soccer Spirits section; added Usa Mimi 2' UFO to Kodomo no Jikan section; added Mira Nova 7" UFO to Buzz Lightyear of Star Command section; added Tornado 7" UFO to One Punch Man section; added Ushiwakamaru 2' UFO to Fate: Stay Night Section; added Yumi 4' UFO to Ape Escape section; added Trowa Barton 7" UFO and Quatre R Winner 7" UFO to Gundam Wing section; added Noodle 4" UFO to Gorillaz section; added Morgiana 12" UFO to Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic section; added Orphea 7" UFO to Heroes of the Storm section added Brea 2' UFO and Rosalind 18" UFO to Anime-ted World Section; added Betty Stuart Vers2 7" UFO, Tempest the Dragon 7" UFO, Joanna 7" UFO, Jeremy 4" UFO and Rune the Porcupine 7" UFO to Fan Characters section.


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