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Please CLICK HERE to review the costumes we have completed, but are not yet posted on the site. Updated 1/18/17

Please CLICK HERE to review the dolls/doll clothing we've completed, but are not yet posted on the site. Updated 1/18/17

If you see something on those pages you'd like to view, please email me and I'll try to get those item(s) posted on the site as soon as possible.

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We'll trade a 7-9" UFO plushie of almost any human character for any TEN of the Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Game Cards listed
HERE. The cards MUST be ENGLISH language and in good condition. If you have more than 10 of the cards listed for trade, please let us know what you have and we would be glad to trade a 7-10" UFO plush for every 10 cards listed that you can trade with us. (If you'd rather trade the cards in towards a costume, we will give $40 credit for every 10 cards traded. Thanks!)

Want to trade?
Items we want that you can trade in for credit on
items on our website:
Please click HERE to view the list. Thank you! Updated 1/18/17

All major Credit/Debit cards or USPS Money Orders accepted!

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2017 Updates:

February 21, 2017: Added to Minako's Collectibles Section: Added tons of new items---seiyuu posters, anime poster, anime dolls, clothing, cosplay items, household goods, many Disney memorabilia on every page, and a couple dvds. Please check out the deals on rare items!

January 18, 2017: Added to Susan de Venici's Costumes: Shouji Megumi Concert Gown & Wig to La Corda d'Oro Section; Sasuke Battle Costume & Wig; Itachi Battle Costume & Wig to Naruto Section. Added to Lita Mitchell's UFO Section: Kitana Vers 2 7" UFO to Mortal Kombat; Roy 6" Sitting UFO from Fire Emblem; Julie Su 7" UFO; Fiona the Fox 7" UFO; Tikal 7" UFO; Sonia the Hedgehog 7" UFO; Vanilla the Rabbit 7" UFO to Sonic: Girls; Yami Yugi 7" UFO; Yami Yugi Vers 2 7" UFO to Yu-Gi-Oh Section; Mike 7" UFO, Mal 7" UFO, Elody 7" UFO, Mary 7" UFO; Carrie 7" UFO, LeShawna 7" UFO, Kitty 7" UFO, Sky 7" UFO, Crimson 7" UFO, Dakota 7" UFO to Total Drama Island Section; Urushihara 2' UFO to Hataraku Maou-sama Section; Jack Spicer Vs 4 7" UFO to Xaolin Showdown Section; Pochirou 7" UFO to Eto Rangers Section; Ingrid Bergman 'Casablanca' 7" UFO to Portrait Section; Joshua Bright 7" UFO to Radicta Stories Section; Rogue Cheney 12" UFO, Sting Eucliffe 12" UFO to Fairy Tail Section; Snowball 21" Horse Plush to Hunchback of Notre Dame Section; Ruby 12" UFO, Nall 12" UFO to Lunar Blue Star Story Section; Viridi 7" UFO to Kid Icarus Section; Elchi Cargo 7" UFO to Combat Mecha Xabungle Section; Maria Himesato 7" UFO to Aikatsu! Section ; Fuwari Midorikaze 7" UFO to PriPara Section; Princess Shokora 12" UFO to Super Mario Bros Section; Tooty Fruity 7" Bat Pony UFO, Ming Hua 7" UFO, Helena 7" UFO, Mekura 7" UFO, Junko 7" UFO, Iwao 7" UFO, Hail 7" UFO, Yuki 7" UFO, Alaric 7" UFO, Eiko 7" UFO, Matt 7" UFO, Red 7" UFO, Haruka 7" UFO, Nishimoto 7" UFO to Fan Characters Section. Added to Serena Hart's Custom Dolls & BJD: Snow White Blue 16" Singing Doll; Ella Silvery 16" Singing Doll; Aurora 16" Purple Singing Doll; Ariel 16" Aqua Singing Doll; Belle 16" Singing Doll; Jasmine Indigo 16" Singing Doll; Pocahontas Hunt Ball Gown 16" Singing Doll; Mulan 16" Singing Doll; Tiana 16" Singing Doll; Rapunzel Brunette Pale Mauve 16" Singing Doll; Merida 16" Talking Doll; Anna 16" Coronation Singing Doll; Elsa 16" Ice Queen Singing Doll; Elena 16" Doll; Elsa Ice Queen Vers 3 16" Doll; Elsa Ice Queen Vers 2 16" LE Style Doll to Fairytale 16" dolls section.


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