Skull Girls Plushies!!!!!!

(Please note: These characters were created in a special style according to the original commissioner's request. If you order these plush/characters, please be assured we will make them more like their designs from the game and not as shown below. Thank you!)

Filia 7" UFO




Filia 4" UFO





Cerebella 7" UFO (Additional $10 for this item)


Ms. Fortune 7" UFO



Ms Fortune Chibi 4" UFO




Peacock 7" UFO (Additional $10 for this item)



Peacock Chibi 4" UFO (Additional $10 for this item)



Squigley 7" UFO (Additional $15 for this item)



Squigley Chibi 4" UFO (Additional $10 for this item)



Painwheel 7" UFO (Additional $25 for this item)


Fukua 7" UFO (Additional $20 for this item)



Double 7" UFO


Marie 7" UFO



Valentine 7" UFO




Parasoul 7" UFO



You may also place orders for Skull Girls character plushies not shown above, or different sizes of any of the characters above. Please specify in your order form what size doll you are ordering. Thank you!


These are just a sampling of what can be made, just for you!!


7" Regular Sized UFO plush : $60.00
4" UFO Plush: $55.00 (with Keychain Ring $60.00)
12" UFO plush : $115.00
2' UFO plush: $195.00
3' UFO Plush: $395.00
4' UFO Plush: $495.00
5' UFO Floppy Plush: $795.00 + additional for costume
5' 5" UFO Poseable Plush: $795.00 +
(If you want the plush with wired arms, fingers and legs, there is additional cost of $295; plus additional $? for costume, & plus $500 if you want an internal skeleton so it will stand.)

Animal/Machine/Creature UFO 7-9" Plush: $95.00 + Up
Animal/Machine/Creature UFO 12-15" Plush: $195.00 + Up
Animal/Machine/Creature 2' UFO plush $395.00 + Up

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