Rei's Custom Doll Outfits

Available in 1/6, 1/4, 1/3 and 6" sizes!

****Please note: You are paying ONLY for our time and labor for the paper dolls, not the actual character, and these are intended for personal home use only. E.A.B.****

Sailor Moon

Sailor Moon/Serena

Tuxedo Mask/Darien

Sailor Mini Moon/Rini

Sailor Mini Mini Moon/RiRi

Sailor Mercury/Amy

Sailor Mars/Rei

Sailor Jupiter/Lita

Sailor Venus/Mina

Sailor Uranus/Alex

Sailor Neptune/Michelle

Sailor Pluto/Susan

Sailor Saturn/Tara

Sailor Star Fighter/Sayer

Sailor Star Maker/Terry

Sailor Star Healer/Robin

Sailor Vesta

Sailor Ceres

Sailor Juno

Sailor Pallas

Guardian Cats

Allies & Friends


Various Anime/Games/Fan Chara

Various Anime

Fan Character Outfits