****Please note: You are paying ONLY for our time and labor for the dolls, not the actual character, and these are intended for personal home use only. E.A.B.****


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Sailor Moon 11" Dolls

VOLKS Sailor Soldiers Series

Takara Neo Sailor Soldiers Series

Royal Family Series

Wedding Bride Artbook Series

Wedding Sailor Moon & Tuxedo Mask VOLKS Doll Set

Darien & Serena's Bridal Party Series

Guardian Cats & Human Forms

Eternal Sailor Soldiers

Sailor Chibi Chibi & Sailor Cosmos

Helios (Pegasus in Human Form)

Asteroid Soldiers

Three Lights & Sailor Starlights

Sailor Saturn

Sailor V


Friends & Family

SeraMyu Style Dolls

PGSM Style Dolls



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