Gundam Wing 11" Fashion Dolls

11" Doll Collection

Gundam Wing 11" Fashion Dolls


Here you can find CUSTOM Handmade 11" Anime Dolls of the full main Gundam Wing cast of characters!!

Each doll is painstakingly detailed, using the highest quality anime doll bodies and heads from VOLKS of Japan and feature individually handpainted faces, clothing and beautiful hair! If you would like other outfits for your Gundam Wing doll, please inquire! We can also make any outfit you'd like your doll to wear!!


Please click on the icons below to view the various Gundam Wing dolls available for purchase:


Treize Khushrenada & Lady Une

Heero Yuy & Relena Darlian

Duo Maxwell & Hilde Schbeiker

Trowa Barton & Cathrine Bloom

Quatre R. Winner & Dorothy Catalonia

Chang Wufei & Sally Po

Zechs Merquise & Lucrezia Noin