BJD 60-70cm 24-29" Custom Dolls

Fukuyama Jun Portrait BJD! Taniyama Kisho Portrait BJD! Miyata Kouki Portrait BJD!


"Gretel" Aerik! "Haruka"

Yugi Motou!!! Duo Maxwell!!

Seto Kaiba!!! Serenity Wheeler! Ryou Bakura! Rebecca Hawkins!

These beautiful, HUGE, handmade, custom dolls are very rare and delightful. They are super poseable and can do any pose! They can even stand on their own without a stand, but even so, some models come with a metal stand.

You can choose from:

Anime Style faces
Realistic Style faces

Please click on the series/type you'd like to view:

Anime Style:


Amnesia 60cm Anime/Game BJD Dolls

Gundam Wing 60cm Anime BJD Dolls

Harukanaru Toki no Naka De 60cm Anime BJD Dolls

La Corda d'oro Dollfie Dream 60cm Anime BJD Dolls

Sailor Moon Dollfie Dream 60cm Anime BJD Dolls

Yu-Gi-Oh! Dollfie Dream 60cm Anime BJD Dolls

Various Anime 50-60cm Anime BJD Dolls

Disney/Fairytale 72cm CGI Animated BJD Dolls


Realistic Style:

Various Anime Characters Realistic Face 60cm Anime BJD Dolls

Realistic Face 60-70cm BJD Dolls


Tonner Dolls:

Various Characters Tonner 22" Dolls

Others available upon request. Please just ask! ^_^


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