Sora from Kingdom Hearts

Thanks for the terrific photos, Taric san!



Sora from Kingdom Hearts Costume

Regular Adult Sizes:

$350.00 with sneakers

$250.00 without sneakers



Red quilted and puffed bodysuit, tufted and trimmed with metallic zipper in front, with white trimmed pockets on each side, tufted at ends of pantsuit, just like Sora's

Blue, white and dark blue midriff jacket with metal tooth zipper, dual blue and black "hoods" in back, fully lined, with all details

Black, yellow, white and silver, with blue trim puffed gloves with silver designs on each

Blue wide vinyl belt with large metal buckle & with dangling silver "crowns" beads on left side, silver

Large chain necklace with giant silver "crown" pendant in center

*Yellow, black and white high top sneakers. HUGE and tufted, just like Sora's


*Only if ordering the complete costume with boots


4.5 foot keyblade with dangling chain and Mickey Mouse icon not included but available for additional $125.00


Spiked golden brown wig available for additional $65.00 (not shown)