Rinoa Heartilly from Kingdom Hearts*

*Designed by Dion Rogers

So cool!!!! What a truly lovely Rinoa!!!! What a terrific Rinoa!!!!! Great cosplaying!!! ^^

Latter 2 photos thanks to Siobahn H. san & April S-san (April-san is expecting a baby in the pictures, so she asks you to please excuse her tummy ^^)!!! Doumo arigatou!!!

Rinoa Heartilly from Kingdom Hearts* (*Designed by Dion Rogers) Costume

Regular Adult Sizes:

$195.00 with boots

$155.00 without boots


Periwinkle blue fully lined off the shoulder midriff, tie in front, jacket, with black pleather top edges and black lace in draping on bottom and back, with white "wing" symbols on back

Silver bead necklace with double "ring" pendant

White with lace upper arm band

Periwinkle blue glovelet with black lace at both ends, fully lined, with black pleather band at wrist

Black pleather shorts with dual metal zippers down fronts, with white spaghetti straps at hips and with periwinkle blue side skirts, with white large "wing" emblem on both sides (inside and out) and with black lace trim at bottom, and black trim just above lace

Brown pleather/vinyl hip belt with large buckle and dangling dark blue tassel

*Brown and black calf boots with dual straps, reaching almost to knee, metal buckles and eyelets with tan shoelaces


*Only if ordering the complete costume with boots

Dark brown layered, above shoulder length wig available for additional $40.00