Cloud From Kingdom Hearts Costume

Cloud Strife Costume From Kingdom Hearts

Regular Adult Sizes:

$495.00 with boots

$465.00 without boots



Navy blue sleeveless top/shirt

Navy blue "baggy" pants

Dark red, ragged at bottom, cape, goes around neck/jaw

Grey criss cross vinyl belts around calves with metal eyelets and buckles

Grey left thigh band belt with metal eyelets and buckles

2 black vinyl hip belts with metal eyelets and buckles

2 brown vinyl hip belts with metal eyelets and buckles, with attached pewter wired tricot formed "claw" for right thigh

Brown vinyl chest belts/straps with metal buckles, eyelets and silver "decor"

Black pleather elbow band(1)

Brown fingerless glove (1)

Brown glove with black pleather fingers, attached to gold wired and formed "claws" glove (1)

Black pleather arm band with 2 silver tufted "bands" and metal silver "spikes" all around

Removable pewter tricot left shoulder armor with grey "spikes", attached to black pleather straps, coming down to upper arm, with silver tufted and formed bands with buttons

Removable black left side only "bat" style wing, wired and formed

*Brown zip up front ankle boots with straps

*Only if ordering complete costume with boots

Yellow spiked wig available for additional $75.00



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