Marik Ishtar


Terrific cosplayers of Ryou and Marik!!! Great job!!!

Last photo courtesy of Jill and Merry M -san! Kansha no kotoba yo!!!

Malik Ishtar Costume from Yu-Gi-Oh!

Regular Adult Sizes:

$145.00 with boots

$125.00 without boots



Lavender mid-riff shirt with 2 dangling chains and giant eyelets in front and hood draping down back

Black tight hip pants

Dark blue pleather/vinyl belt with "gold" rectangle buckle

2 gold tufted armlets

Tiered gold neckband

Huge gold ball earrings with dangling cones from each

*Black and brown boots (Only if ordering complete costume with boots)


Millennium Rod cosplay accessory available for additional $45.00 US dollars.



Duel Disk accessory available (Shown above) for additional $50.00



Platinum tan blonde spiked and super spiked with front bangs wig available for additional $50.00

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