Harpy Lady

BEAUTIFUL!!!! Exactly like Harpie Lady!!! Sugoi!!!

Last photo courtesy of Jill M.-san!! Doumo arigatou!!!!


Harpy Lady Costume from YuGiOh

Regular Adult Sizes:

$335.00 with boots

$295.00 without boots



Royal blue bodysuit with attached 4 straps and collar, with attached leggings, stirrups and garters, fully lined

Sky powder blue longsleeved tight shirt

Pair of Yellow wrist gloves with white vinyl claw fingers

Royal blue pair of wings, fully lined, with quilted tops, and full set of "feathers" on both fronts and backs, rows upon rows of "feathers"--removable with attached royal blue and sky powder blue straps

Purple tight pants

Sky powder blue pointy ears headband

Royal blue "feather" tail skirt, removable

Yellow huge clawed feet with white vinyl pointed and curled claws, 3 on each front and 1 out each back


Red extra long 3.5' wig available for additional $65.00

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