Dark Magician Girl

Wow!! What a beautiful DMG!! Excellent cosplay!!!!

Last photo courtesy of Merry M.-san!! Doumo arigatou!!!!

Dark Magician Girl Costume from YuGiOh

Regular Adult Sizes:

$295.00 with boots

$265.00 without boots



Cerulean blue and hot pink dress/leotard with "arrow" fully lined panel down front and back, off the shoulder sleeves, "v" shaped skirt panel front, pleated attached hot pink skirt cape, gold lined and quilted angular belt, attached upper hot pink cape, with red and gold "faux" jewel in center of bodice with 6 pointed star painted on brooch

Cerulean blue and hot pink puffed trim magician's hat, with front forehead piece and swirly quilted hot pink metallic ovals at sides

Cerulean blue arm bands, with red and gold "faux" jewels, trimmed with pink and triangular shapes at wrists with additional red and gold "faux" jewels

Gold neckband with faux jewel in center

Cerulean blue with hot pink puffed trim all around boots, with flaring tops and red/gold "faux" jewels at ankles

Gold/blue swirled top 2.5' cosplay accessory wand


Yellow spiked wig available for additional $55.00




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