Pharaoh Atem

Wow!?! Isn't she amazing?!!?

Last photo courtesy of Dana C. Doumo arigatou!!! :hug:

Pharaoh Atem Costume from Yu-Gi-Oh!

Regular Adult Sizes:

$275.00 with shoes

$260.00 without shoes



White sleeveless dress

Gold wide belt with blue and white front and back panels

Gold quilted huge choker and collar 'necklace'

Gold left upper shoulder 'winged' armor

Purple full flowing cape

2 gold upper arm bands

2 tiered gold ankle/calf bands

Black and gold tufted and designed wrist bands

Large golden headdress with faux blue jewels

Giant earrings - clip or pierced

Headband with 'eye' and faux gold jewel in center

3 golden rings

Millennium Puzzle Accessory on golden rope

*White slippers with gold trim


Black, crimson and golden yellow FUR wig available for additional $70.00


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