Shizuru School Uniform

She looks EXACTLY like Shizuru! *-* Super nice cosplay of Shizuru!!!

Thanks so much for the great photos, Megan san! Doumo arigatou!!!


Shizuru School Costume from My HIME

Regular Adult Sizes:

$195.00 with shoes

$180.00 without shoes



Beige and khaki grey trimmed zip up school jacket, fully lined, with long sleeves and matching buttons on each cuff

White button up long sleeved blouse

Red 2 tiered premade tie, fully lined, with white trim

Charcoal knee high socks with white trim at tops

Charcoal pleated mini skirt

* Brown loafer style shoes (style may vary slightly)


*Only if ordering complete costume


Ash blonde/tan layered wig available for additional $40.00


Shizuru's 7.5' Staff Cosplay Weapon (in 3 detachable parts for easy transport) available for additional $150.00



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