Sango Battle Demon Costume

Sango Battle Demon Costume from Inu Yasha

Regular Adult Sizes:

$225.00 with boots

$205.00 without boots


Black full bodysuit with long sleeves and Mandarin style collar, with red and gold handpainted design on upper left chest

Fuschia wristbands

Fuschia hand bands (2)

Red or Pink (your choice) elbow "armor" with silver trim (2)

Red or Pink (your choice) pvc/pleather knee armor and calf armor with silver trim and maroon rope "bows" on each (2)

Red or Pink (your choice) pvc/pleather padded and tufted shoulder armor with criss cross fuschia straps in back and silver trim

Fuschia sash with back and front Red or Pink pvc/pleather armor (your choice) with silver trim

Katana cosplay sword with sheath

Fuschia hairtie

*Black knee high boots with flaps at tops and fuschia trim on fronts/sides

*Only if ordering the complete ensemble are boots included


Battle Demon Sango High Ponytail Black-brown wig available for additional $85



Battle Demon Sango In Scale Boomerang (Approximately 4.5 feet high) available for additional $135

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