Latter photo above courtesy of Amber D. Thanks, Amber san!

Jakotsu Costume from Inu Yasha

Regular Adult Sizes:

$250.00 with sandals

$245.00 without sandals


Lavender kimono with large teal/aqua "leaves" designs all throughout it, fully lined in orchid, with long draping sleeves and snap in back to lift front end, as Jakotsu wears it

Fuschia belt/sash, with black diagonal lines

Purple pleather/shiny armband with black netting and puffed trim all around edge, fully lined

Purple pleather/shiny with black netting inner bodice with left silver tufted strap with snap button

Smoky purple long long scarf, to put around neck and dangle down

Japanese style hair pin with blue ball



Black upswept wig available for additional $65.00



In scale 4' foot REAL WOODEN and highly detailed cosplay Sword and fully lined purple and light orange straps sheath available for additional $125


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