Dark Chii

So pretty!!! What a lovely cosplaying job!! Excellent!!!

Last photo courtesy of Sherry san! Doumo arigatou!!!!


Dark Chii Costume from Cho-Bits

Adult Sizes:

$245.00 with boots

$210.00 without boots



Black bodysuit, with black bodice top with black chiffon/organza chest top, black choker with black lace and silver trim collar, rolled pleated circle skirt that flares down and floorlength at back, but becomes mini skirt in front, 2 pleather belts with metal buckles at waist and black stuffed "waist belt" in v-shape around front and back

Long draping sleeves, black pvc fully lined upper arm tops with 2 pleather belts with metal buckles and straps at top of sleeves, along with black pleather lace around tops

White pleather ears with pink insides, white flat "circles" on ears, with black lace dangling down to your waist streaming from headband

Pink and gold hair decor (2)

*Thigh high pleather/PVC black boots, with black organza/chiffon at top and elasticized straps around and vertical down tops; boot has 3 straps and metal buckles down each leg and with black lace at tops of pvc/pleather sections


4.5' Long pale blonde wig with upside down shaped "v" trimming in back available for $75


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