Chii Blue Bakery


Thanks, Cedric sama!!

Chii Blue Bakery Costume from ChoBits


Adult Sizes:

$195.00 with shoes

$180.00 without shoes



Indigo blue dress with long sleeves, lace trim and white collar

Tulle petticoats with pink edging provided to give added "pouf" to dress

White pleather ears with pink insides, white "balls" on ears, with black lace and pleather dangling down to your waist streaming from headband

White apron with lace trim, with black tie at collar, pockets with lace trim

Pink and gold hair decor (2)

Pink and white lace thighband with black elastic in center

White socks with pink shirred lace at edges

*Indigo blue shoes with criss cross straps up calves


4.5' Long pale blonde wig with upside down shaped "v" trimming in back available for $65


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